Friday, August 30, 2013

Powers of Mind is Light

I am that person I believe I am as long as I believe I am.

I am capable of being many things, however, I can exist without being any of them.

Today, many of us are searching for answers about who we are. We want to know, metaphorically speaking, if we're an apple or orange tree. And in most instances, we desire to be whatever tree that's  popular with the masses.

When we claim an identity for ourselves, we live with it. We then connect with others who have similar identities and join them to search for the missing power in our lives. Unfortunately, by joining with others who are also searching for power outside of their minds, we create more darkness in our own lives.

Nevertheless, the darkness in our lives prevents us from discovering the true nature of our existence. Our darkness imprisons us in a psychological cesspool of toxic beliefs and values. And it is within this toxicity that we struggle for power.

Many of us have become acclimated to living in darkness. We believe it's the way we should live. After all, we were taught from childhood to emulate others, and to accept struggle as part of the natural obstacles we have to live with.  

Powers of Mind illumines us with the clarity to see that our power exists in our minds. We already have it, which means we don't have to struggle for something we already possess.

The seeds of clarity (Powers of Mind) were planted in our minds from birth. Our problems began with our ignorance of the existence of this power and how to access and use it to overcome our toxic beliefs and values..

As we develop our minds to create images of ourselves according to societal beliefs and values, we move further away from who we are.  And it's only when we begin to question or doubt our current beliefs and values that we access the light to our Powers of Mind.

It's important for us to remain mindful that everything in the world is seen from the prism of our minds. And in our minds are the beliefs and values preventing the light from our Powers of Mind from shining brightly

I am capable of being many things, however, I can exist without being any of them.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Powers of Mind is Greater than Victimization

I am powerful as long as I believe I am. 

When I stop believing I am powerful, then I become whatever I am now believing myself to be.

We do all types of work on ourselves. We try to change our lives without having clear minds. We even believe others can teach us how to achieve authentic enlightenment.

Many of us have succumbed to toxic beliefs and values causing us to believe others can actually oppress us. We must remain mindful that only we can oppress ourselves according to our beliefs and values. And, unfortunately for most of us, we have embodied beliefs and values that give powers to others.

If we spend too much time empowering our toxic beliefs and values, we will inevitably begin to feel like victims or powerless. It's a natural consequent of our thinking that causes us to abdicate our powers to others.

I am powerful as long as I believe I am. 

Similarly, it's important to remember that if our goal is to conquer this world's  illusions, we must have the Powers of Mind to liberate our minds of the beliefs and values causing the illusions. In other words, we must stop believing others have powers greater than our own.

Many of us are unwilling to let go of what others have taught us. We are proud of the toxic educations, unfulfilled jobs, circular searches for happiness, and so forth, that shape us into the victimized persons we are seeking to change.

For us to go beyond the illusions, we must be willing to let go of what we currently know about ourselves. In other words, we must lose ourselves. And by losing ourselves, we reach the point where we are unrecognizable to ourselves and others. This is when our Powers of Mind begin to reveal itself to us more clearly. 

Powers of Mind exist in all of us. It is the part of our consciousness that remains unconditioned or protected from the illusions of the world.

Nevertheless, Powers of Mind remains with us as the source of our essence, which will always protect us from those outside of our minds. Unfortunately, many of us don't know how this power actually works in our lives.

Powers of Mind gives us everything that we're aware of being. It doesn't judge or discriminate against toxic or enlightened beliefs and values. It merely express who we are conscious of being at any given moment. However, it can exist by just being, without being something.

When I stop believing I am powerful, then I become whatever I am now believing myself to be.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Powers Over our Beliefs and Values

I am in this moment a product of my beliefs and values.

I am in all future moments a product of my beliefs and values.

We try to change our beliefs and values, but frequently we're unsuccessful. This is partly due to our lack of understanding about how to unlearn what we have been taught by others.

Our main problem with understanding how to liberate our minds of toxic beliefs and values is that we're constantly searching  outside of ourselves for the solutions. Unfortunately, it's our search outside for information that maintains our dependency on others for power and solutions.

Many of us rely on things outside of us because we believe they can bring us the clarity to know why we are in the world or our purpose. We have been taught that all the great information is found in the books and teachers of those who purport to know how to achieve happiness in our lives.

It's easy for us to forget that the search for authentic power is an inner one. It begins with doubt, or the willingness on our part to doubt our existing beliefs and values.

When we gain the courage to doubt what others have taught us, we are able to see that all power exists in our Powers of Mind. This discovery is the faith we need to guide us on our inner-mind journey.

For us to doubt, or at least question what we have been taught, is only the beginning of our work. We still must be willing to challenge all of our beliefs and values. And we must continue to  maintain our strong faith in our Powers of Mind to provide us with the clarity to perceive ourselves without toxic distortions.

Nevertheless, many of us are afraid to doubt what we have been taught because we feel we're inadequate to question the great minds of our society. We have self-devalued our existence to the point where we believe power can only exist in the things --people, institutions, language, and symbols --  established before we were born.

I am in this moment a product of my beliefs and values. 

This means I am limited by my awareness of what's happening in my life. We live and act according to the way our beliefs and values dictate that we do.

Whenever we embrace our Powers of Mind, we have the imagination and power to perceive ourselves existing without our toxic beliefs and values. This new awareness frees us from the teachings that created the suffering and self-imposed images of victimization or powerlessness in our lives.

I am in this moment aware that my Powers of Mind are greater than my beliefs and values.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Creating a Powers of Mind Vision

I am whatever my beliefs and values tell me that I am.

For us to change from one awareness to another we must first create the new awareness. This is the Powers of Mind process of imagining or visualizing ourselves with qualities we currently do not possess. In other words, this is the process of being reborn while still in our existing bodies.

To go from one awareness to another requires imagination. We must condition or free our minds of the toxic beliefs responsible for the awareness we are seeking to free ourselves from.

This process of imagining or visualizing is done in four basic steps:

1.  Create a clear vision or yourself existing without the powerlessness created by the toxic beliefs and values you were taught by society, parents, and confirmed by your life experiences. This new vision is created by imagining that you are now that person who has the power to do what you cannot currently do because of the self-imposed limitations on your power.

This process of visualizing or imagining takes time. It takes solitude time. It takes a commitment from you to working each day on understanding how you acquired the beliefs and values you currently possess.

You must be willing to doubt the beliefs and values you currently possess so that you can acquire the faith to trust your Powers of Mind. In other words by doubting your current beliefs and values, you gain a deeper faith in your undiscovered inner-mind power.

I am whatever my beliefs and values tell me that I am.

2.  Embody this new vision of yourself in the present moment. You must remain with the vision until you feel comfortable with it. In other words, it becomes believable to you, and there are no doubts about you being this new person.

3.  Acceptance of Powers of Mind as the source of your new vision. This is a requirement for change. It is necessary to sustain your commitment to the vision while you go about your daily work.

There is a necessary time interval between conception and expression. And in this time interval you come face-to-face with your toxic beliefs and values in the  images of parents, spouses, friends, children, and so forth.

4. You must commit to a daily action on your vision without becoming victimized by the toxic beliefs and values prompting you to stop and return to the illusory comforts of your former self. In other words, you must do the work without constantly checking for results.

We can use the four steps for a period of time and see for ourselves if they work. There's no price for admission; only our desires to go from one awareness of ourselves powerless, by what others have taught us, or to another one where we are free of these teachings.

You can read more about the four steps in the book, Seeds from the Ashes. This book challenges the mind to doubt our existing beliefs and values, which allows us to acquire a deeper, more genuine faith in the unknown or invisible Powers of Mind within us.

I am whatever my beliefs and values tell me that I am.