Sunday, March 27, 2022

Unmasking Illusions

 The way to clarity is the inward journey. The inward journey leads you to Enlightenism: The limitless power that's colorless, faceless, and formless.

Regardless of what you think of yourself, you're not a powerless victim. You have the power to overcome the problems you create. You have the power of transcendence. 

When you stop thinking like a victim, you start acting from a position of power. Those who lack power claim it with Enlightenism. 

You are greater than the problems. Problems are expressions of your mindset. 

When you have an illusory mindset, you are a prisoner of illusions. Illusions are created from a toxic system of thought.

When you choose Enlightenism, the mind is freed of its toxic proclivities. You claim freedom with Enlightenism. 

Many choose to suffer. Suffering is part of the victim's mindset. It's part of the illusory way of life.

When you have Enlightenism, you don't have to suffer. Enlightenism is clarity and power.  

There's no doubt the greater power is in you.   Search within the mind for this great power.  

The fruitless search in external illusions reveals illusory interpretations of you. This is the search made by those blinded with toxicity. 

You have the opportunity to travel on a different path. 

You discover heaven on the Enlightenism path. Heaven is the clarity and power you need to unmask illusions. 

Enlightenism illumines the mind to see beyond illusions.

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Authentic Power

 There is a greater power in you. It is Enlightenism.

The power you seek is in the mind. Contrary to traditional beliefs about external power, Enlightenism is inner-mind power.  

The power to be free comes from Consciousness. Consciousness is the authentic power of colorless, faceless, and formless. 

Whenever you desire Enlightenism, you will discover the limitless power of transcendence. Transcendence is the birthplace of Consciousness.

Enlightenism transcends powerlessness.  It is free of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Enlightenism is the power to stop doubting yourself.  It frees you from the gloom and doom crowd.    

Enlightenism transforms toxicity into freedom. It is the birth of power and clarity.

Enlightenism is a clean, clear, and usable philosophy. The clearer the Consciousness, the greater the power. 

When the Consciousness is clear of toxicity, you have limitless power. Limitless power is authentic power. Authentic power is expressed by a creator.   

The truth about you is you're whole, perfect, and complete. You have limitless power.  You are a creator. 

When you're a creator, you express authentic power.  

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Self-Healing and Liberation

 You have the power to heal the mind of toxicity. This great power is Enlightenism.

Many desire to heal the mind, but few have the know-how. Those who seek the know-how you find it within you. 

The healing process begins with Enlightenism. When you search within, you discover Enlightenism. When you do, you restore the mind to its authentic wholeness.

Many desire liberation, but few attain it. You can become one of the few. 

The liberation of the mind begins with removing toxicity. Toxicity is removed with a new system of thought. This new beliefs system is available to those who seek it. 

The dark and dreary days of victimization seem to disappear magically with Enlightenism. You become a beacon of life shining brightly in the abyss of pain and suffering.  

There are no obstacles preventing liberation. You freely express the birth of a new mindset. 

Everywhere you turn, Enlightenism is present. You see clearly. You feel liberated. 

When you do the work to heal the mind, you see new results.  

The time to change is now. If you desire new results, you must begin with self-healing. 

Are you ready to use Enlightenism? 

Purchase my book Enlightenism and learn how to change how you think and live.