Friday, March 26, 2021

The Power to Change how we Think and Live

 "I am greater than the I that I created"

Without question, we have the power to change our current awareness-of-being to another one. For us to accomplish this feat, we need greater power.  And this power must come from a different source other than the one we're currently using to victimize ourselves.

When we travel on the road to Enlightenism, we experience many doubts about relying on consciousness. It's easy for us to sometimes forget that the inner-mind search is the power source for us to overcome what others taught us. 

Similarly, it's during these moments of forgetfulness that we doubt if we can ever free ourselves from self-victimization. These are the moments of self-doubt when we are afraid to trust Consciousness as a viable power. 

On the other hand, if we're not mindful of our commitment to Consciousness, we might insist on asking others to tell us what to do. During these doubtful moments, we are apt to give-up on inner power and seek succor from others. 

Whenever we believe in the existence of Unconditioned Consciousness, we can no longer believe we are powerless or helpless to change our own lives. We know that Empowerment and Enlightenism are synonymous with Unconditioned Consciousness. 

The affirmation of this Consciousness as a living power, existing within us independently of our current Awareness-of-Being, is all we need to free ourselves from the world of illusions. We must remain resolute in knowing that what we think of ourselves determines what we think of Consciousness as the greater  power

Nevertheless, when we devalue ourselves with illusory beliefs and values, we cannot perceive life from a colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being. Unfortunately, these are the illusions that victimize us.

Meanwhile, the power to change your life is something you must do for yourself. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Anti-Racist Philosophy on Achieving Empowerment

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

We're always greater than our current awareness-of-being. We have the power to help ourselves. When we stop thinking of ourselves as powerless victims, we can discover how to use a new system of thought to create a new way to think and live.

I am sharing insights on a new system of thought (beliefs and values) that empowers you to overcome victimization. The liberation from victimization originates in a clean, clear, and usable Consciousness. 

This type of Consciousness requires work on our part. We must be willing to let go of the system of thought imprisoning us into a way of life that condones and supports our racial identities. 

The message of the New African-African is to adopt this new system of thought to overcome racism. Empowerment comes from a change of midset where victim-free thinking can envision power and clarity initiating a consciousness that creates a new way to think and live.

In my new book, I share insights that deal with anti-racist elements that act as an eye-opener for African-Americans and those who are interested in overcoming racism with 21st--Century insights and positive thinking. 

I know that it's important to focus our vision on discovering and using the greater power of unconditioned consciousness to change how we think and live.

So, as I travel on the Empowerment and Enlightenism path, I keep these thoughts etched in my consciousness:

"Set your thoughts on the Vision and think of nothing else. Relax your Consciousness to accept that you were born colorless, faceless, and formless.  Accept that you are the Greater Power and when your vision is manifested into the world, it will be the new you the world sees."