Saturday, April 3, 2021

Become Who You Were Created to Be

 "I am greater than the I that I created"

Beyond our pain and suffering is the greater power of Enlightenism.  This is all the power we need to express our divine purpose.

When we accept that we have everything we need for the journey, then we know we are the greater power. The following is a great quote from Sister Carolyn that illustrates this point:

        "I accept that I have everything I will ever need for the journey. My journey is Enlightenism and that is the journey home."   

When we embody a victim mindset, we can change by letting go of this system of thought. The key to change is to simply use a new system of thought. This new system of thought must be created by you. 

So, now it's time for those seeking change to let go of the victim system of thought. This process begins with unlearning what others taught us. It includes trust in Consciousness to provide the clarity and power we need to create a new way to think and live.

Enlightenism is the Unconditioned Consciousness that exists within as whole, perfect, and complete. The core elements of this philosophy are self-responsibility, unlearning, understanding, and changing our Awareness-of-Being. 

When we change our Awareness-of-Being from a toxic victim to an enlightened sage, we become divine creators. This seemingly miraculous transformation is accomplished by using a new system of thought. 

Consciousness is where the new system of thought is created. This is the Awareness-of-Being that precedes human beliefs and values. 

Similarly, to become the person we were created to be, we must rely on Consciousness. This means we must learn how to use  Consciousness to create a new system of thought. 

Many desire freedom, but few ever achieve it. The victimized mind knows only that it's powerless. On the other hand, Enlightenism Consciousness knows that it's colorless, faceless, and formless. 

We must remain resolute in knowing that we have the power to change how we think and live. Regardless of the current conditions in our lives, we created them. We used a toxic system of thought to produce what's currently happening in our lives.   

When we use a new system of thought, we have the power of imagination and visualization. This is the clarity we need to perceive ourselves as greater than our current Awareness- of- Being.

Meanwhile, remember with Enlightenism, we have the power to help ourselves. We can overcome any problem by changing our Awareness-of-Being.