Saturday, June 18, 2022

How to Determine an Illusion from Reality

 We were born into a man-made illusion. This illusion prepared us to live dependent lives. Our Guides taught us to trust the sense-certainty of the beliefs supporting the illusion. 

Whenever we trust sense-certainty, we become dependent on others. We condition the mind to believe our beliefs and values are consistent with reality. 

Regardless of our desires not to think this way, we remain convinced the illusion is reality. 

The primary difference between an illusion and reality is authentic clarity. Illusions change with our perspective or awareness of being. On the other hand, the reality remains as it is with or without observers or participants.

The independent mind is free of dependency on others for clarity. We must discover clarity in consciousness.  

The clarity to transcend illusions comes from a toxic-free mind. One that has been cleansed of sense-certainty. 

Illusions imprisoned the mind with distortions of reality. We struggle to find the light when the mind is filled with illusions.   

Enlightenism is the light. 

What's really happening in our lives is unknown to us. We think one thing is happening when it's something else. 

Illusions are distortions.

Let's make a commitment to overcome illusions. Let's create a new reality. One with the clarity to know how to determine an illusion from reality.

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

How to Recondition the Mind

What is the condition of your mind? Are your beliefs working for you? Are you willing to try Enlightenism?

 The cornerstone of the Enlightenism philosophy is clarity. The clarity to recreate a new, toxic-free mind. 

Clarity comes from unlearning what others taught us. We also must understand how the mind was created with toxic beliefs and values. 

The birth of the mind begins with our parents. They teach us how to think and act like them. 

We imitate how they talk, walk, behave, and so on. We respond to the names given to us. 

When we condition the mind to think and live like our parents, we become like them. We embody their pain. We affirm a similar mindset. 

They teach us how to protect ourselves from others. Sometimes they teach hate, racism, victimization, and dependency.  

These illusory beliefs are mind-altering. They lack authentic clarity.  

Clarity is in the unconditioned mind.    

Many are unwilling to let go of their childhood beliefs. They defend these beliefs as if they created them. 

When we're introduced to clarity, it's difficult to understand or believe. We are fully vested in our upbringing and unwilling to change.  

There is a way to overcome this defensive mindset. Enlightenism is the way. 

Enlightenism changes how we think and live. 

We must be open to new ideas and beliefs. 

We must be willing to let go of sense-certainty. We must also decide how to recondition the mind. 

Enlightenism is the clarity to recondition the mind. The clarity of transcendence.  

Purchase my books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism" and learn how to change how you think and live.

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