Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tne Greatness Within You

Do you believe you are greater than the way others have defined you?

When we go beyond the excuses and misinformation on our power, we will have reached the point in our lives that we're willing to commit ourselves to working on unlearning toxicity. The process of unlearning what we have been taught begins with the desire to accept ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

Within each of us is the power to believe or not to believe in people and things outside of us. This awareness-of-being is awaken in us when we accept responsibility for our beliefs and values. We discover this new perspective on power when we decide to search beneath the layers of toxic beliefs and values distorting our awareness-of-being powerful.

Similarly, we have the power to imagine and create from our imagination a person with power. This acceptance of our creative power translates into knowing that we are greater than what others have taught us about our power. 

Nevertheless, after years of living in toxicity, we become accustomed to accepting mediocrity and   powerlessness. Whenever we feel this way, we don't question that our beliefs and values are responsible for our feeling this way.  Unfortunately this lack of awareness of what's responsible for our suffering keep us dependent upon others for answers.

Meanwhile, in the darkness of toxicity there is little light for us to see ourselves with inner-power. The faint images flickering in the darkness of our consciousness only confirm our acceptance of powerlessness. We are totally unaware of any other perspective on power other than the one we have used to conditioned ourselves into accepting powerlessness.

Some of us have become aroused from our toxic sleep enough to seek another perspective on power. During our search within for the light of clarity, we have followed the path that leads out of toxicity.  This path led us to Enlightenism.

We discovered Enlightenism to be the power of clarity.  Enlightenism is the colorless, faceless, and formless unconditioned consciousness that has the power for us to be born again without conditioning our consciousness with toxicity.

This new awareness-of-being exists in a realm of consciousness that's far removed from toxicity. The newly discovered realm of consciousness is within us. It is the greatest power the toxic world has ever seen.

When we recognize that our consciousness is the only authentic power that we will ever possess, we end our search for power in toxicity. Then we clearly know that  at the Enlightenism level our power is limitless. This discovery of Enlightenism confirms the existence of power outside of toxicity.

Similarly, we know that the light shining brightly, deep within the depths of our desires, is the one we use to guide us on the less-traveled road out of toxicity. It is on this  road that we learn how to trust and depend on our  invisible consciousness.

We know that as long as we trust ourselves, remain committed to Enlightenism as our goal, and refuse to return to toxicity, we will continue to receive more and more insights on how to achieve and use our limitless power.

For us to accept the greatness within our consciousness, we must remain resolute in our work to overcome toxicity.  When we do, then we will clearly know that Enlightenism is greater than all the power in toxicity.