Saturday, November 24, 2018

Power to Overcome Self-Victimization

Today, I affirm: "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Many of us don't believe we have self-victimized ourselves by depending on others' beliefs and values. We're in denial that a victim epitomizes  societal labels of race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

To free ourselves from self-victimization, we first must understand that it begins with our awareness-of-being. We are aware of being such and such a person, however, we forget how we became this person.

Our work in Enlightenism is focused on unlearning and unmasking the beliefs and values we used to create our awareness-of-being. We are reconditioning our minds to free ourselves from the beliefs and values taught by our parents and society.

Similarly, we are debunking the sense-certainty of their beliefs and values. And as we do, we are discovering a new perspective on power and clarity. This new perspective unravels the puzzle of overcoming victimization.

The more we remain dependent on others for our power and clarity, the more we search for freedom within the sense-certainty of societal beliefs and values. This blind search, with flickering lights of toxic interpretations, moves us deeper into the abyss of toxicity: A place where victims live.

Nevertheless, the victimization process is as effortless as learning the ABC's. This means we're too busy learning the information to think about its impact on our lives. In other words, we don't concern ourselves with the origin of the language or that it was created by others, because we're happy with our mastery of the information.

Meanwhile, this mastery of the information has conditioned our minds to believe we are of such and such race, color, and so forth. We are now immersed in a toxic illusion devoid of light and clear consciousness. The darkness from the illusion prevents us from overcoming what others have taught us.  This makes it seem impossible  to discover a new perspective of ourselves existing without dependency on others' beliefs and values.

When we discover that we have self-victimized ourselves, we're now ready to accept Enlightenism as the power we need to create a new awareness-of-being.

       "It's important to know that you cannot transform toxicity into power without first desiring it to happen. You must constantly remind yourself over and over again that Enlightenism is real and it exist within you. And you are the only deterrence to its expression in your life. 
     "Whenever you forget that you're whole, perfect, and complete you also doubt the existence of Enlightenism within you. It's your doubts that keep you imprisoned in toxicity. They come forth in your life whenever you forget you're the creator of your awareness-of-being. When this happens, you must constantly self-motivate to continue your work, regardless of sensory interpretations." 
                                                          "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly