Monday, July 28, 2014

Transformation of the Wage Slave Mind

Many of us cannot face or imagine that we are wage slaves. Slavery has such a vile, despicable, pernicious stigma attached to it. Unfortunately, wage slavery is not any different than facing drug and alcohol addictions, unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, illness or death of a loved one.

Similarly, some of us believe  enlightenment is found in the tithes or donations we give to charitable organizations. We perceive life from  a toxic  veil of ignorance that distorts our vision of enlightenment. And in this blurred state of awareness, we believe enlightenment and wage slavery are spiritually congruent.

In our vain attempts to define money and enlightenment spiritually congruent, we have created prosperity theology (spirituality) to address our problems.  Prosperity theology (spirituality) allows us to live as wage slaves and believe we are also expressing our enlightenment.

Nevertheless, there are too many of us who are willing to be wage slaves. This concept of our awareness of being is expressing itself in our willingness to do anything for money. And like any slave who seeks freedom from deplorable conditions, we believe enough money will solve most, if not all, of our problems.

Many of us believe wage slaves only apply to poor people. We believe that the well-to-do are immune from its power. So when we discuss wage slaves, it's always with someone other than ourselves in mind.

When we live as wage slaves, our  addictions to avarice and personal aggrandizement represent our core toxic beliefs and values. And at this level of awareness, we are willing to be humiliated, embarrassed, and devalued by others, if it means we can keep our jobs or careers. All we really want is to get paid for it.

Unfortunately, for us to function as wage slaves, we must devalue ourselves. This means we are powerless to our own slavery. It also means that we have restricted our Powers of Mind from presenting us with other options in  liberating our minds from the illusions of wage slavery.

Meanwhile, as wage slaves, our search for enlightenment has been reduced to societal symbolism and vague utterances of religious tenets. We believe we have found enlightenment in the blessings we receive from the money earned as wage slaves.

Most of us are in denial about being wage slaves. Perhaps we feel this way because we're afraid to do something about it. When we accept responsibility for creating the current conditions in our lives, then we also know that we must awaken our minds to overcome the conditions.

 When we embrace and use our Powers of Mind, we have the power to change the conditions in our lives. We also become aware of the other options available to us that will free us from wage slavery.

"I am always one with that person I am aware of being."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Commitment to Imagination

Many of us are spiritual  failures. In our quest for success, we have moved so far away from our Powers of Mind that Enlightenment is no longer something we seek to achieve. For us, Enlightenment is not attainable in this world. 

Regardless of what we think about ourselves today, we have the power to change. We can transform our lives by using our imagination or image-in the end results we desire to see in our lives.

We can transform our lives beyond the toxic beliefs telling us that we cannot get ahead in life. We can stop believing that it's divine fate responsible for our constantly living from paycheck to paycheck, mired in debts, and desiring more but unable to achieve it. We are responsible for our own decisions of choosing hope over Powers of Mind.

For us to access power, we must first make a commitment to the Powers of Mind already existing in our consciousness. This commitment is made to an invisible colorless, faceless, and formless presence awaiting our discovery.

Some of us are unwilling to make this commitment to Powers of Mind, because we believe we already have achieved success in our lives. While there are others who believe it's a fable. It's unfortunate, but both groups have restricted their spiritual imagination to the illusions confirming their success or failure.

Similarly, our desires for change are distorted by our own commitments to toxic beliefs and values. This means we seek clarity from those who cannot give it to us.

This spiritual dependency on others eventually expands into all aspects of our lives.  After awhile, we become dependent on society to solve all of our problems. In this weakened consciousness, we are  powerless to access power from any source of beliefs and values other than the one taught by others.

In other words, we are socially and spiritually dependent on others because of the toxic beliefs and values restricting our imagination. This self-restricted imagination prevents us from becoming one with our unconditioned awareness of being.

Meanwhile, the invisible Powers of Mind has its own reward of clarity:  The ability to perceive life without the distortions from our toxic beliefs and values. This is the clarity we need to understand the temporal nature of materialism, egoism, and dependency on societal exaltation from others.

When we decide to make a commitment to our Powers of Mind, we begin to make clearer decisions. Our choices are made by an awakened consciousness.

This consciousness is not responsible for poverty, illness, confusion, greed, materialism, ignorance, and powerlessness. This is the consciousness that's responsible for our clarity, sagacity, and freedom.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Price of Enlightenment is Free

Today many of us stand at the door of change. This change burning feverishly within us is the desire to  express our Powers of Mind.

For us to release this great power in us, we must be willing to close the door to powerless and open the one to enlightenment.  Far too many of us have restricted our consciousness to believe we are powerless to overcome our toxic beliefs and values without the aid of others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most of our struggles come from ignorance or the lack of awareness to understand all of our options. For many of us, mired deeply in confusion about our identities, we are unaware that ignorance is the whore of powerlessness,

Many of us choose to live in suffering because we are unaware of the existence of Powers of Mind. We have been taught by others to believe Heaven exists outside of us. We forget that earlier definitions of the word Heaven meant "expansion."

We have the power in us to expand beyond the toxic beliefs and values causing us to suffer. It's unfortunate, but in many situations, we have become accustomed to asking others for permission to expand our consciousness. We frequently pay others for this information.

It is important for all of us to remember that we are not powerless. We have the price for admission into enlightened consciousness. It is paid for with our Powers of Mind.

The cry made thousands of years ago, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," is as relevant today as it was then. We have the Powers of Mind to create an expansive consciousness with many mansions of limitless consciousness.

The path to enlightenment is free. There is no charge for being who we were created to be. Similarly, there's a significant price to pay to travel on the path to suffering. For this trip, we must abdicate our Powers of Mind and follow the teachings of others. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Overcoming the Struggles of Powerless Beliefs

"The idea of struggle begins with the acceptance of human limitations."

When we desire to go beyond our limitations, we discover that we possess the Powers of Mind to express  enlightenment. This enlightenment is free from struggle and the illusions causing us to believe we need to struggle for something we already possess.

It's unfortunate that many of us have embodied beliefs and values that require us to struggle for survival in a world that is actually struggle-free. The illusions from our toxic beliefs and values have distorted our minds to believe that to struggle for civil rights or equality will produce freedom.

Whenever we struggle, it is because we lack the clarity to understand how to use our Powers of Mind. This means that our awareness of struggle is commensurate with our awareness of being powerless. It is powerless individuals that unite in struggle for something others have claimed as their own illusions.

Similarly, when we awaken our minds to understand we are powerless because of our beliefs and values, then we will understand the relationship between our awareness of being powerless to our need to struggle. This is the clarity we need to understand why we believe we are powerless.

We cannot overcome struggle without first understanding we are responsible for the beliefs and values causing us to struggle. Regardless to the merits of our reasons for struggling, we remain victims of the beliefs and values causing us to seek something we already possess.

Whenever we choose to change our beliefs and values, and stop devaluing our power, we will understand that struggle is a distortion preventing us from discovering enlightenment. This is the understanding we need to know that enlightenment is the clarity to perceive life without illusions.

Some of us are willing to express enlightenment while others are not. Nevertheless, all of us have the choice to use our Powers of Mind to open the doors of enlightenment or continue struggling with the illusions for equality and civil rights.

This is a choice we all must make during our time in the world. For those of us who have chosen to use our Powers of Mind, we understand that our enlightenment comes from  our unconditioned, intuitive consciousness that's free of struggle.