Thursday, October 1, 2015

What is Enlightenism?

 "Enlightenism is a holistic philosophy for creating a spiritually healthy life."

Whenever we decide to search for inner-power, we inevitably discover Enlightenism. This is the unconditioned consciousness that provides us with limitless opportunities to overcome what others have taught us.

Many of us don't believe this power exists within us. We continue to believe that it's something that exists outside of us.

We have been taught to believe that we're powerless to overcome our current beliefs and values. And this powerlessness is responsible for us seeking refuge in others' beliefs and values.

Similarly, regardless of how many times we deny that our beliefs and values came from our parents, society, and experience, we cannot deny that we're now claiming them as our own. And we're also unable to deny that we were born into an already created world with its own beliefs and values.

So before we were born, the people here had their own beliefs about God, religion, philosophy, language, science, history, and so on. They simply passed this information on to us. Unfortunately, it was all the information they had to give us.

Nevertheless, this is the information we have used to create our own current awareness-of-being. This is also the information that's preventing us from discovering an alternative perspective to the one taught us by others.

Meanwhile, this unknown alternative perspective is available to us only in our unconditioned consciousness. We discover this perspective within our Enlightenism consciousness.

For us to discover another perspective in Enlightenism, we must first understand the one we're currently using to interpret ourselves and others. This understanding alone is sufficient enough for us to understand consciousness-of-itself.

Nevertheless, when we become clear about the origins of our current beliefs and values, we also become clear about the power we have within us. This power precedes our existence into our current awareness-of-being. This power is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the goal of Powers of Mind. It is our awareness-of-being colorless, faceless, and formless. Or as many refer to as being Spirit.

When we accept that our consciousness is colorless, faceless, and formless, then we understand and know that we have the power to become whomever we choose. This is the awareness-of-being that remains unchanged regardless of our beliefs and values.

Enlightenism liberates us from being victimized by societal labels on race, gender, class, religion, and so on. It is all the power we need to overcome the illusions in our lives.

"Enlightenism is a holistic philosophy for creating a spiritually healthy life."

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