Sunday, February 4, 2024

Letting go of our Dependency on the Past

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

The power of creation begins with imagination and visualization. We need both to overcome the hearsay knowledge of others. It is only when we decide to trust ourselves that we stop relying on dead people's beliefs to free us of their illusions.  

Many of us know more about those in the past than we know about ourselves. Society teaches us about the achievements of people we don't know and can never know.

It's unfortunate, but most of us lack the power and clarity to let go of these beliefs. This lack of clarity is the darkness that blinds us in a mindset that uses past beliefs to live in the present. 

Meanwhile, there is a way for us to achieve power and clarity without relying on the past achievements of others. However, for this to happen, we must be willing to unlearn what we learned about the past. We must also be willing to enter self-discovery. It is in self-discovery that we free our minds to search for the Consciousness of Truth within.  

The Consciousness of Truth is the greater power within that's free of toxic illusions. Illusions distort and disable our power to imagine ourselves free of them. They prevent us from searching within for the Consciousness of Truth. 

When we understand the immutable truth that the Consciousness within is the greater power, we can let go of our dependency on others. And when we let go of our dependency on others, we open a portal in our minds to see the light shining brightly in the Consciousness of Truth. This light is the source of self-acquired intuitive knowledge,

The self-acquired intuitive knowledge of the Consciousness of Truth is all the power and clarity we need to free our minds of illusions.  The Consciousness of Truth illumines our minds with Enlightenism.  

Enlightenism clears the mind for us to see what's victimizing us. We see the illusions trying to lead us from the Consciousness of Truth and back into toxicity. 

When we achieve this level of clarity, we will see the light shining brightly on the four principles of Enlightenism. 

The first principle:  "I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life." Personal responsibility allows us to focus on solving our problems rather than solving someone else's problems.   It is important to understand that our solutions must come from the Consciousness of Truth.

The second principle: "I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life." This principle focuses on understanding the origins of our beliefs and values in toxicity.

The third principle of Enlightenism; "I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values," This principle opens our minds to know that whatever our minds create, we can uncreate. 

The fourth principle: "I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and values, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery." This principle requires our complete trust that the Consciousness of Truth exists in us.  

Enlightenism clears our minds to know the truth that we are divinely created with powerful minds. When we clearly know this about ourselves, others cannot deceive us with hearsay information about the past.

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