Thursday, November 2, 2017

Freedom of Mind

"I am greater than the I that I created."

There are times in our lives when we want to give up. These are the doubtful times. The ones when we cannot seem to overcome difficult problems.

Nevertheless, it is during the difficult and challenging times that we get glimpses  of a place where we're free. This place is in another realm of awareness within our minds. And if we're willing to trust ourselves, this is where our strong and clear desires for freedom  will guide us.

Whenever we feel powerless, it comes from  distrust in our power to overcome the conditions in our lives. This distrust in the Greater Power creates dependency on others for solving our problems..

Many of us desire freedom from the social and spiritual emasculation endured for years by accepting toxicity as the Greater Power. Although we have tried all our lives to free ourselves from the pain and suffering in toxicity, we haven't found the answers to our powerlessness.

Similarly, the more we search for answers within toxicity, the more miserable we feel accepting that there isn't a way out of this self-created nightmare. We tell ourselves over and over again that we have enlightened our minds and awakened to the truth, only to discover that our minds are playing tricks with us.

The illusions in toxicity are constantly changing their appearances and duping us into believing they are what they appear to be. We can never fully grasp their purpose, or where they come from, because we're too busy accepting everything as the truth.

Meanwhile, after years of struggling to free ourselves from the illusions, some of us discovered that our freedom already exists within our minds. And if we are willing to let go of our dependency on toxicity to define the  truth, we can create a new truth.

We discovered this new truth as Enlightenism:: The unconditioned consciousness within us that's greater than the illusions. We also confirmed and accepted that everything -- beliefs and values -- begins and ends within us.

Enlightenism provides us with the clarity to understand that the Greater Power exists in the acceptance of ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. It is from this awareness-of-being that we free ourselves by perceiving ourselves from a colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being.

"The victimized mind is unable to free itself from the effects of toxicity (powerlessness). To overcome victim beliefs and values, you must first overcome the beliefs and values that cause you to think you are a victim and live a victim's lifestyle. This means that everyone living in a neighborhood must first empower (enlighten) their minds to think and live beyond the self-imposed victim beliefs of lack, limitation, and struggle, It also means that one person can begin this process of enlightenment . That one person's actions will have an immediate impact on his or her family members, which will have an impact on those who interact with each of the family members.

"While all change begins with an individual, changes takes on a greater meaning and significance when it involves other people, particularly other people who seek to change the way they think and live. The whole purpose of changing your life is for you to interact with others with an enlightened mind."                                                          ---Seeds From the Ashes