Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Power to Create our own Mind

Consciousness precedes spirituality, which produces this: "I am Greater than the I that I created."

During moments of great doubt, and feelings of intense powerlessness, we are in the best position  to change. Whenever we reach the low moments in our lives, the ones where we seek the greater power, this is when we're willing to listen to our thoughts.

Most of our problems are created from our unwillingness to listen to or trust our inner-mind powers. The realness of our problems overwhelm us to believe our problems created themselves. We trick ourselves into believing that we didn't create our own problems, and then give them power over us,

Similarly, during moments of great doubts, we understand how vulnerable we are to the powers of toxicity. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with the toxic beliefs and values from others as our guide.

Regardless of how much pain we're in, we always return to the rational-thinking beliefs and values for assistance. Whether we're confronted with mountainous debts, failing health, unemployment, spousal problems, and so on, we have no other perspective on power except what we have been taught.

We can do something about this type of toxic behavior. We can embrace our inner-mind power of Enlightenism and discover a new perspective on power.

Meanwhile, before we are able to claim this great power, we must first cleanse our minds of the toxic beliefs and values causing us to feel powerless to our creations. Our beliefs and values are the barriers blocking our clarity to perceive ourselves from the perspective of being whole, perfect, and complete.

Nevertheless, when we stop fighting to defend our complacency, we're better equipped to understand that our inner-mind is consciousness. Our consciousness contains within it the colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being, which empowers us with the greater power to overcome our problems.

Enlightenism is unconditioned consciousness. It is the faceless, formless, and colorless consciousness of clarity. This clarity shines light on the darkness imprisoning our minds in an illusion of intense pain and suffering.

The light from Enlightenism continues to shine brightly with each step we take on the Enlightenism road. And it is on this road where we wake-up and accept that the greater power is within our minds.

Whenever we can see life clearly, our journey in  Enlightenism takes on a new meaning of power. Our interactions with others change. This means we stop worshipping others and understand they are sharing information because of having travelled further on the Enlightenism road.

These enlightened travelers are in our lives to offer us insights, encouragement, and to reinforce our commitment to accepting ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

"Whenever you hear someone say something about inner-mind power, do you really understand what it means or what it feels like beyond the sound of the words? The search for inner power is a continuous process that involves you working to overcome the problems in your life. This involvement requires you to go beyond the meaningless words and learn how to embody the greatness within you.

"One way to begin this process is to free your mind to communicate with your higher consciousness (Enlightenism). This method of communicating will allow you to ascribe voices and attributes  to your thoughts. You can illustrate this practice by creating a dialogue between your lower self (victim consciousness) and your higher self (Enlightenism) or your Sage).
                                                                                                --- Seeds From the Ashes

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Powers of the Mind

"I am greater than the I that I created."  "Everything begins and ends with me."

When we reach the point in our lives where we  accept ourselves as  whole, perfect, and complete, we will have found the clarity to free our minds of toxicity. This is the level of awareness where the greater power of Enlightenism exists. .

Unfortunately, the Enlightenism awareness-of-being is elusive for many of us. We live our entire lives in the darkness of toxicity, never able to achieve clarity  Our fate is predetermined by our willingness to accept what others teach us as being the only clarity possible for our use.

Similarly, the vast powers within our mind remain dormant in a state of secrecy and detachment.  And unbeknownst to us, the only way for us to ever partake of this great power within us is to release our attachment to others' beliefs and values.

Regardless to what we think of our power, it's always greater than the conditions in our lives. We remain the creators of the thoughts and actions that produce the conditions. So our creative powers are always greater than whatever we create.

Unfortunately, we frequently forget how our actions -- small and large -- create mosaic expressions of our seemingly unique actions functioning as separate entities completely disconnected from the ultimate results of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Nevertheless, whether we can accept it or not, we are the creators of the pleasant  and unpleasant conditions in our lives. Some of which appear in the forms of a nightmare.

 Even though we find it difficult to accept that we created our own nightmares, unfortunately that's what we did and continue to do whenever we're depending on toxicity to free us from toxicity.

Many of us cannot wake-up from our nightmares so we continue to live in a cycle of brief moments of inspiration that's followed by longer moments of feeling trapped in the pain of an unrelenting nightmare, which we cannot seem to wake-up from on our own.

Whenever we believe we're in a nightmare, imprisoned in a hopeless situation, we must remember that it's just an illusion. This means it's something we can change with our powers of mind.

Some of us have discovered a way to wake-up. We have found that the power to wake-up exists outside of the beliefs and values causing to have nightmares.

Meanwhile, whenever we feel dissatisfied with our lives, this is the time for us to reflect on the causes for how we feel. I recall a powerful and poignant expression from the book, "Seeds From the Ashes," that I believe will enhance the clarity of the words here:
  • "The victimized mind is unable to free itself from the effects of powerlessness. To overcome victim beliefs, you must first overcome the beliefs that cause you to think you are a victim and live a victim's lifestyle. This means that everyone living in a neighborhood must first empower (enlighten) their minds to think and live beyond the self-imposed victim beliefs of lack, limitation, and struggle. It also means that one person can begin this process of empowerment (enlightenment).That one person's actions will have an immediate impact on his or her family members, which will have an impact on those who interact with each of the family members."   --- "Seeds From the Ashes"