Friday, September 24, 2021

Power Over Illusions

 "I am greater than the I that I created." 

We can choose power or powerless. The choice is determined by our beliefs and values. 

For those who seek power, we must understand where it comes from. Power comes from within our minds. 

The mind is the source of our power. A cleansed mind can solve its own problems. 

Our problems are merely interpretations of the doubts we have about who we are. When we focus on solutions, we stop focusing on our fears and doubts.

Beyond all of our problems are the solutions to solve them. 

"When you continue to work on cleansing your mind of societal definitions, you will reach the point where you can accept the Greater Power of Enlightenism as being you. 

"Your awareness of being one with this power is all you need to know about your work for unlearning societal definitions.  

"While you're working on your mind to unlearn toxicity, you stop judging the progress of your work by relying on toxic interpretations."

Whenever I think about power, I remember that power comes from my mind.  This awareness  expresses itself  in my life as the dictum "I am greater than the I that I created." 

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Friday, September 17, 2021

The Cure of Victimization

 "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Enlightenism is the cure of victimization. You no longer have to think and believe in a system that creates people who accept less in a world of plenty. 

The power of one determined person with an Enlightenism mindset can change an entire community. The Enlightenism way of life is proven to be greater than victimization. 

One person who is willing to accept Enlightenism as the greater power overcomes poverty, racism, religious dependency, and other beliefs responsible for creating a victim mindset.

The process for change begins with a single desire to cleanse your mind of its proclivities to accept the victim's way of life. This single desire is all you need to create a victim-free mindset. 

One person with an Enlightenism mindset has the power of thousands. This means you can change an entire neighborhood with this mindset. 

Enlightenism is this new mindset. It's the cure of victimization. 

Similarly, if you cannot see clearly what's causing your victimization, then you must continue relying on others for the cure. 

Unfortunately, others lead you on a journey where you're blinded by illusions. These illusions prevent you from discovering a new philosophy that's contrary to the victim's mindset.

The Enlightenism mind is all the power you need to confirm you were born to be free and powerful. 

The Enlightenism insights provide you with the confidence to continue even when your beliefs tell you it's impossible to do so. 

"There are times when you instinctively doubt your commitment to continuing unmasking toxicity and seeking to become one with Enlighenism. 

"Whenever you feel this way, you will forget who you are by seeking refuge in past memories and giving them greater power than they possess or deserve. You begin to wish for the 'good old days,' because you're feeling dissatisfied with your current life. 

"Nothing seems to be working the way you want it. Now you blame yourself for having trusted Enlightenism.

"This momentary distrust is when you're most vulnerable to try to resurrect dead beliefs and values and restore their powers over you.

"Whenever you have these feelings, remember they are in your life because of the doubts you have about the Greater Power of Enlightenism within you."

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Never Give Up on Yourself

 "You have the power to take care of yourself." 

It's important to remind yourself again and again that you were born to be free and powerful.  Every new problem is an opportunity for you to affirm that Consciousness is the power to take care of yourself. 

The power to take care of yourself comes from a free mind. A free mind is your gateway to Enlightenism Consciousness. 

Enlightenism is a 21st-century clean, clear, and usable new system of thought. This new system of thought comes from a cleansed mind. One that's free of the sense-certainty of others' beliefs and values.

Whenever I think about power and freedom, I  accept that "I am greater than the I that I created." This new dictum affirms that you are always greater than your accomplishments.

Similarly, I accept Enlightenism insights are the source of my inspiration and power. You can use them daily to self-motivate yourself to never give up on yourself.

"I affirm today that I am the creator of everything in my life.  I am greater than my results.

"I affirm that I am aware of myself as being whole, perfect, and complete.  I am committed to removing everything causing me to doubt this awareness of being.

"I acknowledge I am greater than the conditions in my life.  I am enlightened with the clarity of the Greater Power of Enlightenism. I see clearly without toxic distortions of lack, limitation, and struggle.

"I accept that my Awasrenessof-Being was created by me from a colorless, faceless, and formless consciousness.

"I affirm that before I enter into a temporal state of sleep that my thoughts will be fully focused on the Greater Power of Enlightenism within me.

"I end my day accepting that I am the Greater Power."

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Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Free Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

The power to be free is your birthright. You were born to be free and powerful. This freedom comes from Unconditioned Consciousness.

The power of Consciousness is limitless. You can transform your life in a moment. All that's required of you is to live freely in that moment.

Unfortunately, it's difficult for many to live in the moment. They feel powerless by the events.

Similarly, the source of powerlessness is your belief system. When you understand your belief system, you can do something about it. 

No one is born a powerless victim. You are powerless because of your belief system. 

Nevertheless, the path to freedom is discovered in the deep realms of your Consciousness. For you to discover and travel on this path, you must search within your Consciousness.

During your search, you will discover Enlightenism. Enlightenism exists within the deepest realm of your Consciousness. 

To discover Enlightenism you must go beneath the pain. When you go deep enough, you will reach a place where you feel colorless, faceless, and formless. This is the place where you have the power to accept that you're greater than your results. 

"While you're working on your mind to unlearn toxic societal definitions, and relearn how to accept yourself as being whole, perfect, and complete, you stop judging the progress of your work by relying on toxic interpretations of success and failure.

"When you stop judging yourself, you move closer to Enlightenism.  This will guide you through the necessary time interval.  The time interval is where you face the most judgments and criticism from yourself and others, including those close to you.

"The necessary time interval is where you encounter arguments and oppositions to your work to create a new person. Most of the opposition usually comes from parents, spouses, friends, co-workers, and others who, in most instances, want you to succeed.

"Unfortunately, what they desire is not what you have envisioned for yourself. You are the only one who can know what you have envisioned as a new person.  Others will only know after you have completed your work."

Insights from the book Enlightenism.