Friday, September 4, 2020

A New System of Thought

"We have the power to help ourselves"

Many seek change, but few are able to change. Change is dependent on the interpreter. And if our interpretation comes from a victimized mind, then the change is an illusory expression of powerlessness masquerading as change.  

On the road to Enlightenism, we must use a new system of thought to create a new way to think and live. For this to happen, we must let go of the system of thought responsible for our victimization. This means we must enter into an unlearning process: One where we unlearn what others taught us about power and clarity. 

The Enlightenism system of thought is the unconditioned consciousness we were born with. This is the power and clarity to accept that we are born as a whole, perfect, and complete person with all the power and clarity  that "we will ever need for the journey." 

Regardless of what we believe about the current conditions impacting what we think of ourselves, we can remain confident knowing that we have the power and clarity to overcome whatever system of thought we're using to victimize ourselves. In other words, we know with certainty that we have the power to help ourselves. 

Nevertheless, even with all this information, we still find all sorts of ways to become victims. We seek rational solutions to intuitive insights.  We further compare ourselves to others by highlighting the illusory imperfections responsible for our self-interpretation of what it means to be a powerless victim. 

Unfortunately, our comparisons to others keep us striving to be like them.  And when we focus on our comparative limitations, we then try to change ourselves by using a system of thought that's responsible for the comparisons.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is a new system of thought. This system of thought is diametrically different than the one used to victimize us.  The new system of thought is free of victim beliefs and values. It is one we use to unlearn and overcome victimization.  

Similarly, when you think of yourself as a victim, you do so because of the lack of power to perceive or envision something else.  You lack the clarity and power to not only envision yourself as a whole, perfect, and complete person, but to imagine a system of thought that can provide you with clarity and power. 

Enlightenism is the 21st-century system of thought for those who seek freedom from victimization and powerlessness. With this philosophy, you not only have the power to help yourself but the power to create a new way to think and live.