Friday, January 16, 2015

Power to Stop Blaming Others for our Problems

Someone else is responsible for creating the current conditions in my life, because I don't remember creating this mess. Although I occasionally acknowledge a modicum of  some responsibility,  this feeling usually quickly dissolves into me blaming others.

Many of us find it difficult to blame ourselves for the conditions in our lives. It seems so unnatural to blame ourselves for our own unemployment, debt, illiteracy, dead-end jobs, obesity, addictions, home foreclosures, imprisonment, and so forth.

Yet we are responsible for all of this and more. We are the ones making the toxic decisions to create suffering and unhappiness in our lives. 

It's our beliefs and values that are responsible for our current awareness-of-being. And whomever we believe we are in the current moment are the ones creating the actions that, over time, produce problems. .

Our problems exist in a toxic time continuum of lack, limitation, and struggle. They follow a predictable pattern of behavior from childhood, and through the various stages of our lives.

For us to solve our problems, we must first understand how to overcome the toxic time continuum that's limiting our perspective on other awareness-of-being. This pattern change begins with acceptance of our current awareness-of-being and what we're producing in our lives.

In other words, we cannot truly solve our current problems until we change our beliefs and values. We need to create another perspective to assist us with understanding the creative process used to produce the problems.

This new perspective is free from dependency on others. It is the Powers of Mind perspective of unconditioned consciousness. This is the power we need to free us of the traditional patterns of behavior producing beliefs of lack, limitation, and struggle.

At each stage of our development into powerless beliefs and values, we have basically followed a traditional pattern of behavior that's consistent with what we were taught by our parents and society. This means depending on others for our enlightenment.

Our Guides -- parents and society --  are not responsible for our current conditions. Even though they  taught us to the level of their own awareness-of-being, they didn't have the power to create our consciousness. Our consciousness belongs exclusively to each individual. 

Nevertheless, our psychological dependency on others makes it easier for us to blame them for our problems. It's unfortunate, but many of us continue the blame-game throughout our lifetime by expanding it to include society, spirituality-religion,  and those in positions of power.

Whatever spirituality-religious beliefs we hold,  many of us interpret them to either be responsible for creating the problem or for solving it. Unfortunately, problem-solving has nothing to do with our religious beliefs, except our beliefs give us the inspiration and motivation to do something about solving the problems.

Nevertheless, at the core of our awareness-of-being is denial: a fixation on not listening or exploring other perspectives. We firmly believe our way, our current awareness-of-being, is the right one. All other unknown awareness-of-beings are wrong or questionable.

Whenever we embrace our Powers of Mind as the enlightenment gateway, we understand that we have the power to solve all of our problems. We change the current conditions in our lives when we change our awareness-of-being to someone with power.

Meanwhile, we are the creators of all of our problems. While others taught us, we have the responsibility to unlearn or transcend what they taught us. This is done by trusting our Powers of Mind.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Consciousness Beyond Dependency on Others

All of us have been conditioned to accept our awareness-of-being according to how Society has defined us by color, race, religion, status, and so forth.  This mind-conditioning process is responsible for how we perceive ourselves and others.

So when we immerse our Self into these societal labels, we're actually accepting our awareness-of-being according to the labels. This acceptance makes it difficult for us to discover another perspective of ourselves that's independent of what we currently think of ourselves.

Similarly, whether we're aware of it or not, our awareness-of-being is the consciousness of now. This means we are always aware of being someone that's defined by color, race, religion, status, gender, and so on.. And it's this awareness-of-being that we're using to make all of our decisions.
This means our current awareness-of-being is filled with desires to overcome lack, limitation, and struggle. This constant desire to become something other than our current awareness-of-being is what gives us the motivation to search for other perspectives.

The enlightenment principle: "I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life" is the cry of freedom. It is the recognition that we are the creators of our own awareness-of-being. This is the first step toward understanding how to use our Powers of Mind to create other awareness-of-being.

When we take this first step in Powers of Mind discovery, we enter onto the enlightenment path. This is the path where we're able to free our minds of the toxic beliefs and values and  create a new awareness-of-being with the limitless power of clarity.

Those of us who have been willing to travel on the Powers of Mind enlightenment path are experiencing a clarity unknown to us on the crowded path.  We are able to clearly see the beliefs and values responsible for the confusion in our lives.

We have discovered on the Powers of Mind path that consciousness is the source of our awareness-of- being. And that when we clean our consciousness of its dependency on toxic beliefs and values, we're able to perceive ourselves without the societal distortions.

We know that the enlightenment we seek is found within our own Powers of Mind consciousness. This is not the consciousness created by society, but the unconditioned consciousness within each of us that remains unchanged by our awareness-of-being.

When we remember the words of the enlightened one, The Christ, who said, "The Kingdom of God is within you...and there are many mansions in my father's house..." we are able to understand the spacious nature of consciousness.

The house (consciousness) he referred to is our unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness has limitless spacious (mansions) awareness of being.

For us to truly understand consciousness, we must be mindful of the fact that Eastern writers used words to express ideas different from Western interpretations. So in many instances, our ;literal  interpretations of the Eastern Biblical symbolism vitiates the original clarity.

Nevertheless, nothing is hidden from our unconditioned consciousness. This transcendent force is dependent only on  itself for clarity, regardless of what others teach us.

Powers of Mind is the power of transcendence. It's apotheosis presence in our awareness of being provides us with the spiritual substance of clarity.

Meanwhile, there are no excuses for our willingness to rely on others for our spiritual fulfillment  We are responsible for our own awareness-of-being. We made the choices to accept the societal labels and embody them as our own awareness-of-being.

I am that person that I am aware of being.