Thursday, July 26, 2012

Enlightenment Objectives

This blog is devoted to discussing ideas that might make some of us feel uncomfortable. And when we feel this way, it's a great opportunity for us to explore new ways of expressing the enlightenment within our minds.

We frequently become obsessed with the means we use to achieve enlightenment. And it's this obsession that causes us to worship people, engage in rituals, and forget that they are only the means or tools we use to accomplish our ultimate objective of enlightenment.

Nevertheless, some of us find it difficult to trust our inner-mind power. We are constantly searching for enlightenment outside of our minds. Unfortunately, this is all part of the conditioning of our minds by society, our parents, and confirmed by our life experiences.

Meanwhile, there is some valuable information in Seeds from the Ashes that opens our minds to perceive  other ways of liberating our minds of toxic beliefs and values. The following quotes from the book are shared for your illumination:

"Whatever you think about your present living conditions, one thing is absolute: You are what you think of yourself. If you don't like your present lifestyle, you have the power to create many different ones.

"Today, you are strong enough so you don't have to accept mediocrity as your goal. All that is required of you is to know you have all the power you will need to change your life whenever you choose to do so.

"To develop your mind to express great power, you must first repair the estranged relationship between your illusions-ridden mind and your freethinking mind. Anyone who has become victimized by the illusions feels powerless to think of himself or herself as being greater than the illusions.

"The illusions of lack, limitation, and struggle are very powerful when they interfere with your actions to change the way you think and live.

"The moment you conquer the illusions in your life, you immediately change the way you act. These new actions reflect a new person. This type of behavior is is similar to what some people say is being 'born again.' And in a certain sense, at least consciously, you are birthing a new person into the world.

"The new person you are creating will no longer think of himself or herself as a victim of unforeseen circumstances. Once you free your mind of the illusions, you will be able to see clearly where you are going."

We must always remain mindful that books are only tools to stimulate our minds to go deeper into our intuitive-unconditioned minds. They are, however, valuable tools to assist us with understanding different viewpoints on beliefs and values and enlightenment.

Friday, July 20, 2012

From Powerless to Freedom 2

As we continue our discussion from my last blog, it is important to remember that many of us deeply and firmly believe what we have been taught by others. So it's not easy to let go of this information and search for solutions in our own minds.

The book, Seeds from the Ashes, challenges our minds to read ideas that make some of us feel uncomfortable. This feeling comes primarily from our being too accustomed to reading books that only confirm our own beliefs and values.

Similarly, some of us even place pre-conditions on the type of information we will expose ourselves to. In other words, we eschew ideas and points of view that we find objectionable. So we listen to viewpoints that we believe confirm our own.

Nevertheless, for us to go beyond where we are now, we must open our minds to discover the great powers we have to remain empowered, even when we listen to or read things that might cause us to examine our own beliefs and values.

The following information from the book, Seeds from the Ashes, will provide us with ideas that came from the mind of a writer who had been conditioned to think and live as a victimized person in this country. And it will illumine our minds to understand the powers of our minds, and how this power can liberate us from believing we are powerless.

"To search for a great power somewhere in the sky or from another individual is to deny that you have the power within your mind to solve your problems. The freedom to think beyond societal restrictions is not found in an abstract, unknown universe, but in your mind.

"One method to use to free your mind of restrictive thoughts is meditation, prayer, or visualization. While you are in a prayer-meditative-state of consciousness it is easy to envision yourself as a colorless, faceless, and formless being.

"When you remove the limitations of color and form from your life, you open your mind to go beyond the illusions creating all the pain and suffering in your life.

"Remember: when you pray, you are seeking a solution to your problem from a higher source, which must respond in such a way that your mind can receive and interpret the answer.

"If you write on paper the dialogue occurring in your prayers, it might assist you with understanding that everything you say and do is occurring in your mind."

The powers of mind information in Seeds from Ashes are mind stimulants to arouse the mind to become curious about life.

This stimulation assist us with committing ourselves to believing and knowing that we were created from a source of power that endowed us with everything we need to succeed in this world. And that our pain and suffering, even our failures, come from the beliefs and values we learned after we arrived in this world.

The freedom to know more is contained in our minds.

All power comes from our minds.  Seeds from Ashes

Monday, July 16, 2012

From Powerless to Freedom

It's very difficult for us to accept that most of us are powerless. We try to manipulate our minds to convince ourselves that our work in jobs, ones we dread going to, is actually empowering our lives. 

It's easy for many of us to forget that our beliefs and values tie us to powerlessness. And this is  also  responsible for our searching outside of ourselves for our power and freedom. 

Let's face it, we want to be happy, successful, and have all the other things we believe will make us feel good about ourselves. So it's not uncommon to see some of us besieged by low self-esteem attempt to claim our freedom by believing we have been given special powers from the Creator that others do not possess.

Some of us do  these things because we cannot accept the fact that we cannot empower ourselves in this world by any other means.

Meanwhile, our minds keep us powerless by confirming our lack, limitation, and struggle. This type of thinking keeps us feeling incomplete and in search of something outside of ourselves. We limit our minds by believing we don't already have everything we need to express the great power we were born with.

A powerful, insightful, and thought-provoking exposition on understanding the powers of mind and the freedom we have to perceive ourselves as being whole, perfect, and complete is in the book Seeds from the Ashes.

"...When the pain in your life becomes unbearable, you will try just anything to help free yourself from it. Since religion is an acceptable source of power to assist those with seemingly insoluble problems, it is what many people use to overcome their problems.

"The point here is not for you to rely solely on religion so that you don't take the necessary action to solve your own problems. Religion is just one source for you to use. There are many others. The bottom line is: your problems must be solved by the actions you take. Where you get the inspiration and motivation to act is not as important as the actions.

"The freedom to think means you have the power to act. The problems in your life were created by your actions and your actions alone. This means you cannot turn your them over to religion or someone else to solve for you.

"When you create outcomes in your life that you don't particularly like, you must accept the responsibility for your behavior. Why as Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius or any other deity to solve your problems when you have the power to solve them yourself? The power you give to someone else must also be present in you. If you perceive others to be greater than you, then how do you perceive yourself?

"For you to think of yourself as being less than someone else is to demean and belittle your own great power. In other words, you burglarize your own power and give it to someone else. This type of thinking reduces you to a common burglar who robs yourself of power in order to please others."

All power comes from our minds!    Seeds from the Ashes

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Power of Clarity

After many years of self-condemnation, it's easy for us to forget that we were not born this way. So it is important for us to remember that we were born fully awaken, whole, perfect and complete. And what's causing us so many problems are our beliefs and values, which are responsible for the illusions distorting our perspective of ourselves and the outside world.

Unfortunately, too many of us contine to search for answers outside of our minds. We are constantly going hither and yonder searching for the next miracle. And until we accept that the search for power is in our minds, we will continue to be victimized by the illusions.

We are responsible for our own beliefs and values regardless of where we got them. The more we ignore this fact, the more we condemn ourselves for having to struggle for freedom when it's not necessary for us to do so.

For some of us, our greatest fear is to examine the origins of our beliefs and values. To go deep into our minds and understand that the beatings, abuse, all sorts of molestations, and self-condemnation originally came from others. Unfortunately, when we claimed them as our own, we forgot the powers of mind we have to remove whatever we allow into our minds.

Similarly, some of us choose to remain victims of our illusions. We are too busy running away from ourselves to spend the time understanding the great power we have in our minds.

We want books, people, history, ancestry, and visual information to liberate our minds. Unfortunately, only we can liberate our own individual minds.

It's important for us to remember that our time on this planet is all that we have. We cannot add to our time. So we must use our time to unleash the power in our minds so we can see ourselves, and others without our toxic beliefs and values.

The things -- money, fame, and power -- we are chasing with our time cannot provide us with the clarity we need to see ourselves without our toxic beliefs and values.

Things only take us further away from our already awaken and completed mind. We become prisoners or slaves to our beliefs and values because we believe they make us feel like we are somebody.

As slaves or victims of toxic beliefs and values, we are always searching for answers outside of our minds. In other words, we want someone to liberate or remove the suffering caused by our own unwillingness to accept ourselves as already complete.

All we need to do to express our awareness of completeness is clarity of mind. We must commit ourselves to doing the work to remove the toxic distortions about who we really are, and unleashing the limitless powers of mind within us.