Friday, April 25, 2014

Powers of Mind Enlightenment off the Crowded Road

The path to enlightenment begins with a single desire. And if we desire to know our purpose for being, then we must seek and discover the Powers of Mind or the I Am in us.

Some of us are smitten with the current results in our lives. We feel that we have arrived at a place of comfort and security. We measure our lives by our accomplishments and how they compare to others.

Most of our suffering comes from the toxic beliefs and values we are using to evaluate our lives. And unfortunately, in many cases, most of us feel inadequate because of these toxic evaluations. We use them to devalue ourselves, to make us feel inadequate, and to keep us off balance in our decision making process.

All of our problems with who we are come from the toxic belief and values we are using to travel on the crowded road. We believe this illusory journey will reward us with the security it has promised. Unfortunately, we cannot discover enlightenment, nor can we achieve security, on this metaphorical road.

We can, however, get off the crowded road and discover that Powers of Mind is the only security we can ever know. It is not only the essence of our awareness of being, but the completeness we are searching for from others.

Many of us find it difficult to get off the crowded road. We have been taught to believe that on this path, one paved with desires for wealth, status, fame, security, religious fulfillment, and so forth, we will discover our true purpose for being in this world.

Nevertheless, on the crowded road, we remain in a constant flux of insecurity. We can never get enough things to satisfy our insatiable desires for security or completeness.

So we must ask ourselves why we stay on this path? Why are we unwilling to let go of our toxic desires? For many of us, the answer is simple: We don't know or trust anything other than what we have been taught.

Whenever we desire to explore the unknown light shining brightly within our Powers of Mind, we become of afraid of it. We actually don't know how to trust our Powers of Mind.

Similarly, this level of understanding about our awareness of being is not found on the crowded road. It is on the narrow, very narrow, path in our minds beneath the toxic desires causing us to feel incomplete.

The path to Powers of Mind enlightenment requires a commitment from those who are willing to get off the crowded road. This lifetime commitment must be an unwavering one that's unaffected by the vicissitudes of security and insecurity.

"I am that person that I am aware of being"

Friday, April 18, 2014

A New Powers of Mind Perspective

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

In many instances, we become powerless because we have always believed we came from powerless conditions. This unnatural way of thinking is responsible for our dependency on others to liberate our minds of toxic beliefs and values. 

We can change our lives at any time. Regardless of age, race, color, education, religion, or income, we have the power to create a new, more enlightened life for ourselves.

Our current conditions are nothing more than illusions created from our toxic beliefs and values. And these illusions, which we have given life to, exist because we have devalued our own Powers of Mind. This means our problems or illusions are products of our toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, whatever conditions we have in our lives today, we can do something about them. And it begins by reclaiming our power of creativity. We have within our Powers of Mind the limitless power to create an infinite number of lifestyles.

Similarly, there are too many of us who continue to devalue our power. We have become stuck in the psychological mud of powerlessness.

Meanwhile, we have to ask ourselves: Were we born with the power to live freely and successful in this world? Obviously, we were but we are unaware of the existence of this power. Many of us believe it exists only in those we have read or heard about.

One thing we must all remember is that Powers of Mind exists in each individual. And, contrary to popular beliefs and values, this power cannot come from another person.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Friday, April 4, 2014

Awareness of Being

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

Many of us don't like who we are when things are not as we planned. We become depressed with thoughts of failure and regret. So much so that we try to pray or meditate our problems away.

In many situations it's likely that prayer and meditation will self-motivate us enough to rely on ourselves to solve our own problems. Then, and only then, will some of us understand that prayer and meditation, if used effectively, become the source of a new awareness of being.

Whenever we stop feeling sorry for ourselves or wallowing in self-pity, we undoubtedly will perceive ourselves with sufficient power to overcome the beliefs and values responsible for our awareness of being powerless. Unfortunately, too many of us don't believe that prayer and meditation exist only in our individual minds.

Nevertheless, we are always aware of being something or someone. Most of the time our awareness of being is distorted by the toxic beliefs and values we are using to define ourselves.

The road to our awareness of being enlightened is in our intuitive unconditioned consciousness. This is the awareness of being that provides us with  the clarity to know that we're already enlightened. 

When we say that we're already enlightenment, it is our way of saying that we were born with enlightenment. And our enlightenment birthright has been squandered on toxic beliefs and values.

It is important for us to remember that Powers of Mind is not power of the toxic mind. It is the awareness of being I AM.

This state of enlightenment consciousness is not limited to the teachings from parents, society, and experience. It is the light we discover after we understand how we created the current conditions in our lives.

Whenever we accept our awareness of being powerless, we continue on the path of searching outside of ourselves for solutions to the conditions in our lives.  

Powers of Mind is an inside search. It is the awareness of being that defines our enlightenment. .