Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Enlightenism Mindset

There are many living with the victim mindset but few with independent minds.  The goal of Enlightenism is to overcome this mindset. 

The Enlightenism system of thought is the mind cleansing process that frees you of victimization. When you use this process to cleanse the mind, you achieve clarity. 

The truth about me is I am whole, perfect, and complete. This is how I think of power with a victim-free mindset.    

Nevertheless, the victim's mindset exists in a hellhole. I am on the Enlightenism path because I can no longer accept this way of life. 

On the Enlightenism path, I can create a new mindset. However, I must first let go of the toxic one. When I do, I  change how I think and live.   

Similarly, I know that the greater power is a cleansed mind. When we cleanse the mind of its toxic proclivities, we enter into a new realm of consciousness. 

In other words, we enter into Enlightenism consciousness. The consciousness where desires contain the power of expression. 

The desire for freedom must originate in a cleansed, independent mind.  And with an independent mind, you have the power of imagination.  

The power of imagination is limitless. I encourage you to use it to change how you think and live.

The Enlightenism mindset requires a commitment and work on your part. You no longer can rely on wishful thinking or vacuous desires to solve problems. 

   "The desire and commitment to overcome toxicity is a powerful force that you must reckon with if you truly want to change your life.  The unknown power-producing your desires to change connects you with the Greater Power of Enlightenism.

   "If you continue to search for this power within you, you will find it.  And it will not only transform your life, but it will also lead you to Enlightenism: a place where all things are possible."

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Friday, December 10, 2021

Power to Create a Healthy Mind

 A healthy mind is a gateway to Enlightenism.  Enlightenism is where you experience a clean, clear, and usable system of thought. It personifies the unmasking of toxicity. 

When you spend a lifetime embodying victim beliefs and values, it's difficult to realize you've created an unhealthy mind. The inner-mind work that leads you to Enlightenism also unmasks the deleterious illusions for you to see clearly what's beneath them. 

When the mind is clear, you think and act as a creator. When it's not, you think and act as a powerless victim. 

There are many reasons to change the victim's mindset. The primary one is to free the mind of its unhealthy proclivities.

Today, many feel powerless because of the condition of their mind. You don't have to feel this way. You can use Enlightenism to create a new way to think and live.

The Enlightenism formula cleanses the mind of toxicity. If you follow the guidelines, you will create a healthy mindset.   

For you to change from a victim mindset to an Enlightenism one requires work on your part. This work is dedicated exclusively to cleansing the mind of toxicity. 

When you conceive a new Awareness-of-Being, you embody a new victim-free mindset.  You now have an independent mind.  This is all you need to overcome the sense-certainty about the efficacy of toxicity. 

The Enlightenism philosophy is freedom. It's your freedom from the pain and suffering of feeling victimized by others. 

"The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula. It is this desire that motivates you to discover Enlightenism and create your first visualization. 

"The goal of your visualization is to free yourself from the pain victimizing you. To achieve this freedom, you must listen to and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you.

"When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones that unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to free your mind from the clutches of toxicity."

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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Power to Overcome Generational Victimization

 "I am greater than my problems."

The greater power is in your mind. It exists within you as unconditioned Consciousness. It is  Enlightenism.  

Enlightenism is free of victimization.  Enlightenism is all the power you need for the journey. 

Enlightenism illumines the mind to remain committed to overcoming victimization.  It empowers the mind to trust that Enlightenism is the greater power.

The power of the mind creates change. When you change your mind, you change the beliefs system you inherited from previous generations. 

Similarly, when you rely on beliefs from past generations, you continue the cycle of victimization.  Nevertheless, you can do something about this mindset. You can break it by creating a victim-free belief system. 

The Enlightenism mindset is the path to freedom. This is the mindset you need to become an independent thinker. 

Regardless of how much you want freedom, it first must be achieved in your mind. The mind must be free of the past.  It must stand on its own and exist in the present. 

You must do the work to cleanse the mind of its reliance on beliefs from others. The cleansing process leads to Enlightenism. 

     "I enter into this day awakened to the greater power of Enlightenism existing within me.  I am a fearless warrior without doubt, anger, fear, and worry.  I am freed of lack, limitation, and struggle. 

     "There are no problems greater than my awareness of being whole, perfect, and complete.  I command all the illusions to disappear into the nothingness from whence they came. 

     "I am committed in this day to not accepting the pain and suffering from anyone I interact with as my own.  I share my light of Enlighenism with all beings and encourage them to seek the greater power of Enlightenism to give them succor.

     "I affirm that my thoughts will be fully focused on the greater power of Enlightenism before I enter a temporal state of sleep. 

     "I end my day accepting I am the greater power."

Affirmations from the book "Enlightenism." You can purchase the book by clicking the image on the blog.