Saturday, June 20, 2020

The African-American Enlightenism Mind

"You have the power to help yourself with Enlightenism"

The 21st century is turning out to be society's reintroduction to racism, violence, murder, and mass protests.  Many seem shocked that we're still dealing with these problems. They had such high hopes and dreams that this was the century where we could live freely without discussing African-Americans' victimization by police officers. 

I wrote a twentieth-century book, "The New African-American Man," that defined the process for creating "A New Way to Think and Live." I wrote it to share insights with African-Americans on how to use Empowerment (Enlightenism) to overcome the type of victimization we're witnessing now. Twenty-three years later, I believe the book is more relevant now than it was then.

"When I became conscious of being a victim, about the time I graduated from high school. I developed a dislike for those who aided this process. I longed to be free from this weight of ignorance that had been placed upon me by others. I wanted to get as far away from them as possible. I wanted equality. I was now on the crowded road with millions of other African-American victims fighting to become equal to European Americans. I was screaming to the world, 'I am somebody. I am equal and treat me the same as a white man.'

"My dreams of empowerment became visions of achieving the success that European Americans have decreed to all Americans. Success was based solely on obtaining material wealth, power, and recognition -- all of which were controlled by European Americans. In a real sense, I dreamt of becoming a person who would be acceptable to European Americans. Like many others, I desired to become more like European Americans than true to my African American heritage.

"In my heart, I was not working to become a victim. I wanted to be an acceptable African American who could live within a system that was not designed to empower me. As a bona fide victim, my dreams of success involved obtaining a job, with some status, buying a fancy car, living in a big house, and receiving recognition for my work.

"All around me, I saw other African Americans fighting to change the way European Americans administered the institutions so that blacks were afforded the basic rights to eat, sleep, work, and enjoy the pursuits of happiness enjoyed by other Americans.

"To me, the fight for civil rights was interpreted by European Americans as a fight for acceptance and recognition rather than a fight for empowerment. However, the victim's fight is a misguided one that places him or her in conflict with his desires to be free and accepted by society, the latter of which made him a victim in the first place.

"Victims are incapable of developing a strategy to fight for anything. Before they can fight for freedom, they first must acknowledge that society taught them how to be a victim. Once this acknowledgment  has been made, then they are capable of understanding the methods used."

Excerpts from "The New African-American Man" by Malcolm Kelly

Enlightenism is the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live."

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Power to Create a Toxic-Free Mind

Enlightenism is "A New Way to Think and Live." It is the power to overcome powerless beliefs and values.

Enlightenism is the light to see what's beneath your feelings of being victimized by others. When you remove this veil of darkness from your mind, you can see the myriad beliefs and values causing you to feel this way. You also see that you have the power to overcome these feelings.

Enlightenism is the clarity to perceive power without toxic limitations placed on your mind. You can imagine with Enlightenism a power greater than the one you're using to victimize yourself. This new clarity affirms that you have the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live."

Toxicity, on the other hand, is the absence of clarity.  This means Enlightenism is the Consciousness where only clarity can exists, while toxicity is the one where it cannot exist.

Similarly, generations of powerless-thinking individuals have toiled in the darkness of toxicity. Many desired clarity, but few, if any, ever achieved it. Yet they remained committed to this toxic system of thought in their pursuit of clarity and power.

Nevertheless, after much pain and suffering, many believed clarity was rewarded to those willing to endure the pain and suffering. Unfortunately, clarity is not given to those who don't seek it outside of toxicity. The Seeker must be willing to cleanse the mind of toxic beliefs and values and replace them with ones from Enlightenism.

The power of Enlightenism exists within the unconditioned Consciousness that's free of the toxic beliefs and values victimizing your mind. This Greater Power has dominance over the toxic mind. It's the power to be born-again with a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being

The legacy bequeathed you from previous generations of powerless-thinking individuals is one that keeps you thinking your are a powerless victim. This legacy is one filled with great hope, but  lacks a clear vision for you to equip the mind with toxic-free beliefs and values to overcome this toxic system of thought.

When you let go of this pernicious legacy, you can see the immutable truth that you are powerless because you have been taught by others to think of yourself this way. Moreover, you will know why it's so difficult for you to wake-up and create "A New Way to Think and Live."

Meanwhile, you are responsible for doing the work to unlearn what others taught you. This work of cleansing your mind of toxic beliefs and values keeps you on the path to Enlightenism Consciousness. When you return to your home in Enlightenism, you will discover an Unconditioned Consciousness that's whole, perfect, and complete.

When you live in Enlightenism, you live without struggle. This is the home where all things are possible for you to express in your life.  It's the only "home-going" available to those who seek peace, clarity, and power while you're alive.

"You have the power to help yourself with Enlightenism"

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Toxicity is an Existential Threat to Your Power

"Enlightenism is "A New Way to Think and Live"

There are many days when you doubt that you'll ever overcome your problems. These are your powerless days, the ones when you feel the intense challenges of changing your life.

Nevertheless,  if you're willing to face your doubts and the challenges to your power, you will perceive these moments as opportunities to discover the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live."  This power is discovered in a sacred place within you where victim feelings don't exist. It's a sacred place reserved for those willing to accept Enlightenism as the Greater Power.

Enlightenism empowers your mind to create "A New Way to Think and Live."  This new philosophy is the system of thought that provides the clarity for you to know you're powerless because you believe in the sense-certainty of toxicity. Toxicity is a system of thought that empowers others to keep you dependent on their beliefs and values.

Toxicity is the cause of victimization. It limits the scope of your mind to imagine something other than what's available to you in society.  This limitation to imagine something greater than that which you are currently using is the cause of your dependency on toxicity.

Similarly, as a victim of toxicity, when you visualize something you think is new, it's actually something others are already using. This means the concepts of economics, religion, race, civil rights and so on, are systems of thought that you can modify, but not eliminate.

Enlightenism, on the other hand, is the power to eliminate  toxic concepts that victimize your mind to believe you cannot overcome what others taught you. Enlightenism overcomes this victim-thinking paradigm by providing you with the clarity and power to overcome toxic interpretations that limit your mind to conceptualizing toxic images of yourself.

When you desire freedom from toxicity, you must first change your proclivities to seek  solace in a self-imposed sanctuary in your mind that sustains victimhood. This sanctuary is the system of thought reserved for ideas that promote victimization as a virtue. These ideas are used to justify your struggles to perceive life from the prism of one fighting to change others rather than yourself.

Similarly, when you understand and accept there are no painful and doubtful days in Enlightenism, you can refrain from retreating into a victim system of thought permeating your mind with toxic beliefs and values. This is the work required of you if you desire to expand your mind to imagine and  visualize yourself existing without toxic systems of thought.

Meanwhile, when you remove the threat of toxicity from your mind, you can replace it with a new system of thought that is whole, perfect, and complete. You can use this clean, clear, and usable philosophy to create "A New Way to Think and Live." This is Enlightenism.

"You have the Power to help yourself with Enlightenism"

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