Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Other Way to the Greater Power

Have you ever asked yourself if there is another way to achieve Greater Power other than the one you're currently using?

Some of us have discovered that the way to Greater Power is found in our consciousness. It is our consciousness that determines our awareness-of-being, which also determines  our powers.

Our work begins with cleansing our minds of toxicity, and freeing ourselves from depending on others for power. The cleansing of our minds means detaching ourselves from the beliefs and values defining us by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

When our desires for freedom from toxicity become more intense than our willingness to remain powerless, we can create the intuitive space to search within our consciousness for the solutions to our problems. The solutions to all of our problems come from the creator of the problems, which is our awareness-of-being such and such a person,

The Greater Power is Enlightenism, which exists within us as unconditioned consciousness. This is the consciousness where we can perceive ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

It is from this awareness-of-being that we conceive ourselves from the perspective of being colorless, faceless, and formless. This is our original authentic awareness-of-being before our Guides -- parents and society -- taught us their beliefs and values.

Similarly, since consciousness can be conditioned to accept whatever beliefs and values we receive from others, it can also condition itself to accept the ones created by Enlightenism.  In other words, we can condition our consciousness to accept ourselves as someone that's born outside of toxicity.

Many of us are unable to distinguish between what we have been taught and that which we are capable of teaching ourselves. This interpretation of our awareness-of-being means we have accepted the toxic beliefs and values as our own creations.

Nevertheless, we claim the toxic distortions from others' beliefs and values as our own because, in most instances, this is the only awareness-of-being available to us. We create and embody an illusion that others know what's best for us. This bond of trust is never broken until we decide to stop trusting others as the source of our Greater Power.

In the meantime, when we accept responsibility for the conditioning of our  minds, we're able to search for and discover the Greater Power to be within us. When we can understand that we have access to the Greater Power, we can no longer search for it in others.

When we decide to wake-up and discover the Greater Power within us, we then know that there  is another way out of toxicity. The way out of toxicity is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the Greater Power that awakens us to not only accept responsibility for the conditions in our lives, but to know that we can use this power to overcome them.