Friday, October 29, 2021

Heal Yourself to Reveal Yourself

The time for change is now. The victim in you survives because of you. Now is your opportunity to discover the power of Enlightenism.

Many find it difficult to let go of long-held beliefs and values. The purpose of Enlightenism is to provide you with the light to create a new mindset. 

This new mindset is free of traditional interpretations about inner power.  With this power, you can free yourself from illusions.

Enlightenism provides you with a victim-free lifestyle. You can use it to heal your mind and reveal yourself as whole, perfect, and complete. 

If you are afraid, remove the doubts causing you to feel this way. If you are complacent, envision a  new awareness of being.

If you are a critic of new ideas, involve yourself in understanding why you are. If you are apathetic, become engaged.

Meanwhile, you have limitless power to stop thinking of yourself as powerless. When you enlighten your mind with Enlightenism, you have all the power you need. 

"I am greater than the I that I created."

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Involve Yourself to Resolve Yourself

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

The more you complain about your life, the less power you have to change it. So, it's time to stop complaining and do the work to change how you think of yourself. 

You can change your life by changing your consciousness. This change begins with you unlearning what others taught you.  

Many are paralyzed by the seemingly daunting task of unlearning what they have learned. Yet, it's not daunting at all.  

It's important to know that all power comes from your mind. This means all the work happens in your mind. 

Similarly, the unlearning of beliefs and values must come from a cleansed mind. You can cleanse your mind with a single desire to overcome victimization.

For this to happen, you must do the work to create a new Awareness-of-Being.

"The qualities you need to create a new Awareness-of-Being are ones contained in your Enlightenism vision.  When you begin your work to create a vision of a new person, you're also creating new beliefs and values for the person.

"In other words, you're letting go of victim beliefs and values by assuming ownership of the Enlightenism ones.   

"Your Awareness-of-Being must originate from within a consciousness where you accept yourself as being whole, perfect, and complete.  This is the consciousness free of lack, limitation, and struggle.

"That's why it's necessary to take the time and energy to unlearn toxicity.  This will assist you with the embodiment of a new way to think and live.  

"Otherwise, your new Awareness-of-Being will not contain toxic-free beliefs and values of yourself as colorless, faceless, and formless.  These are the essential qualities you need to create a new Awareness-of-Being."

Meanwhile, you must be an active participant in changing your life. When you involve yourself to resolve yourself, you create a victim-free mind.

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Formula for Healing Your Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

The power to visualize makes you powerful. This is the power you need to heal the mind of victimization. 

For you to have this power, you need to see clearly.  Unfortunately, you have blurred vision from living in an illusory world. This means you cannot see yourself or others from the prism of a victim-free mind. 

For you to see clearly, you must cleanse your mind of victimization. You must be willing to stop thinking and acting like a victim. 

Many victims struggle because they believe they have to. It's difficult for them to know they're in an illusion. The illusions of race and color imprison their minds in a web of victimization.

Similarly, the victim's mind is always seeking something externally. Regardless of the pain, you seek ways to live with it.  Unfortunately, this is the victim's mindset.  

There is a solution to this mindset. It is Enlightenism. 

Enlightenism is all the power you need to solve your problems. An Enlightenism mind is free and powerful. It is all the power you need to live a victim-free life.

The victim-free mind comes from the Enlightenism Formula. This formula heals the mind of its proclivities to embody a powerless victim mindset. In other words, it overcomes your victim training.

On the road to Enlightenism, we learn to accept ourselves as creators. A creator is responsible for maintaining a victim-free mind.

Nevertheless, to change, we need power and clarity, Our power and clarity exist in our minds.

"On your journey to achieve enough power to change your life, you must continue to search for it within your mind., which is where your intuitive consciousness is found. This power must not be confused with illusionary powers found in societal positions such as the president of a country or a major corporation.

"A victimized mind is a wasted life that pays homage to the illusions of the world. When you feel like a victim, you act like one.

"As a victim, you marvel at the power of the illusions expressing themselves as governments, organizations, and economies of the world. These are the powers that weaken your resolve to trust the great power within your mind." "Seeds from the Ashes"

Insights from the books "Seeds from the Ashes" and "Enlightenism."  You can buy them by clicking the image on the blog.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

The Power of a Toxic-Free Mind

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

You are always greater than who you are aware of being. You are greater because all your power comes from your mind. 

The source of this power is imagination and visualization. The power to conceptualize an idea and transform it from the mind and into the visible world is priceless. 

Similarly, with this power, you can stop thinking of yourself as a powerless victim.  You can now think of yourself with an Enlightenism mind. 

Meanwhile, the journey from victimhood to Enlightenism is traveled by those seeking a new way to think and live. If you are searching for this type of lifestyle, then discover Enlightenism. 

Enlightenism is a healing philosophy. With this great power, you have a toxic-free mind. 

When you have a toxic-free mind, your power is limitless. You have the power of thousands.

The insights from the powerful, thought-provoking book, "Enlightenism," awaken your mind to imagine a toxic-free existence. 

"The desire to change your life is the first freedom in the Enlightenism formula.  This desire motivates you to begin your work to discover Enlightenism and create your first visualization.

"The goal of your visualization is to free you from the pain victimizing you. 

"To achieve this freedom, you must listen to and trust the silent intuitive ideas within you. When you do this, you can create a boundless flow of new ones that unleash the limitless power of Enlightenism within you. 

"These new ideas contain within them the cleansing power to create a toxic-free mind." 

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