Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beyond the Confusion From our Beliefs and Values

Those of us committed to Powers of Mind must continue to work on expressing enlightenment in our lives. Regardless of how many people attempt to discourage us, we cannot stop or falter in our commitment to Powers of Mind.

We do this work because we know it's the consciousness of clarity. This is the consciousness where we know that confusion, suffering, and powerless will not go away until enlightenment is born.

In this state of awareness, we understand the folly of embodying three-dimensional consciousness as the source of our enlightenment. It's with Powers of Mind that our awareness-of-being is developed without the aid of others.

Nevertheless, for those who continue to deny the effectiveness of Powers of Mind, this doesn't diminish their desires to express enlightenment. We want to see clearly what's happening in our lives; what's responsible for the confusion and suffering in our lives; and to know that we have the power to change the conditions in our lives.

The challenge for most of us is to stop clinging to our current beliefs and values. This means we must commit ourselves to creating new, non-toxic beliefs and values.  And in doing this, we extricate our awareness-of-being from the illusions creating the confusion in our lives.

Many of us continue to struggle with identifying the illusions in our lives. We are tied too closely to the misinterpretations about enlightenment coming from our illusions.

The illusions teach us that our experiences with epiphanies are proof that enlightenment is experienced in our current beliefs and values.  And even if we haven't been taught or experienced this apotheosis manifestation ourselves, we believe it exists in others.

Our beliefs and values teach us that some individuals are created to be more divinely connected than most of us.  And it's from these individuals that we perceive the apotheosis manifestations.

Whenever we endow others with greater power than ourselves, we do so because of our three-dimensional perspectives on power. In other words, we have forgotten that our beliefs and values come from others limited by three-dimensional consciousness.

Similarly, some of us  have ventured into the fourth-dimension.  And in this unconditioned consciousness we understand that epiphanies and miracles are expressions of our awareness-of-being in fourth-dimensional consciousness.

We understand that our prehensions of a spatiotemporal perspective; one that's beyond our current awareness-of-being in a three-dimensional consciousness, opens for us limitless perspectives of not-yet-seen awareness-of-beings.

In other words, we have accepted our awareness-of-being as existing in a four-dimensional consciousness or unconditioned consciousness. And it's in our unconditioned consciousness that we are able to envision ourselves as colorless, faceless, and formless.

When we access the fourth-dimension, our awareness-of-being becomes one as both Creator and Created. This means we are using four-dimensional consciousness to create an awareness-of-being that's consistent with fourth-dimensional consciousness. 

Meanwhile, our current dependency on language, religion, science, mathematics, and our limited understanding of God, The Creator, prevents us from being willing to go beyond what we currently know about ourselves. Unfortunately, it's our unwillingness to go beyond our current awareness-of-being, with all its limitations, that inextricably tie us to powerlessness. 

Nevertheless, whenever we decide to wake-up, to go beyond our current  limitations, we must be reborn in the awareness-of-being of four-dimensional consciousness. This is the consciousness that precedes the existence of all of our awareness-of-being. 

Most of our confusion about who we are, what is our purpose, and our relationship with a power greater than us, come from a lack of understanding four-dimensional consciousness. We have the power to change this awareness-of-being by becoming autodidact Powers of Mind explorers.

We are the creators and liberators of our own confusion and suffering.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Awareness-of-Being Greater Than our Beliefs and Values

 It's never easy to admit that we choose the actions that create the current conditions in our lives. Even though most of us are unaware of the effects produced from our actions we, nevertheless, are responsible for them.

The current conditions in our lives begin with our awareness-of-being. We believe we are such-and-such a person with certain attributes that make us unique.

We believe it's our uniqueness that empowers us with special qualifications. And this makes us different: a person or individual endowed with special powers from God or a great power outside of this world.

When we recognize and understand that all of us possess Powers of Mind; the unique power of both Creator and Created,  then we will respond differently to others.We will speak to their Powers of Mind rather than the visual effects distorting this power. .

This paradigm shift in consciousness revolutionizes our beliefs and values about how we respond to others' conditions. This new perspective enlightens us to discontinue  creating  programs making us responsible for changing others' conditions.

In other words, instead of creating dependency on others, we are creating awareness of self-responsibility for overcoming the current conditions in our own lives. 

When we change our awareness-of-being, we understand that the alcoholic, drug addict, homeless, unemployed, illiterate, murderer, minister, teacher, and so forth, all share equally in the use of Powers of Mind. This power is not given to special people but to all those who are willing to find it, and use it to overcome their current beliefs and values. 

Many of us remain powerless, victims of hopeless dreams, because we don't know how to create new, non-toxic beliefs and values. Our minds are embedded with toxic perceptions of ourselves that distort who we really are without our beliefs and values.

We have to decide that we want to discover another perspective without toxic beliefs and values. This means our willingness to transcend our self-created paradoxical relationship with whom we believe we are now, and what we desire to become later.

Similarly, we must be willing to acknowledge that the process for creating conditions in our lives is an innocuous one. It's our interpretation of the effects that makes it pernicious.

In other words, the process for creating unwanted conditions works the same as creating happy conditions. We are the creators in both situations. Although we are the creators, we believe we are nonparticipants in creating unwanted conditions.

Conversely, when we create happy conditions in our lives, we believe they come from God or a powerful outside force. We find it difficult in both cases to acknowledge that we are the sole creator of all the conditions in our lives.

Most of us will never totally change from our current awareness-of being unless we search within ourselves for another perspective. This new perspective is Powers of Mind: the one we use to create a new awareness-of-being.

Powers of Mind is our limitless unconditioned consciousness.  This is the consciousness that precedes the existence of all our awareness-of-beings.

When we understand that our unconditioned consciousness is the I AM, then we understand the sagacious teachings of the Enlightened Ones. We will clearly know that all of us  are equipped with both the powers of Creator and Created.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Fourth Dimensional World

There's a place in all of us where we can find freedom. This place is Powers of Mind or the fourth dimension. Most of us never find it because we don't believe it exist within us.

Powers of Mind is unconditioned consciousness. This consciousness exists outside the realm of the three dimensional world.

Many of us are  mired too deeply in our toxic beliefs and values to explore life beyond our self-imposed limitations. We are confident that we are powerless and lack the perspective to discover another realm of consciousness.

Nevertheless, during those moments of intense pain and suffering; the ones where we feel powerless to solve our problems, we pray or meditate to what we believe is a power that's greater than us. These are the moments when we have the opening to discover the fourth dimension of consciousness.

When we decide to pursue life beyond what we know, and what we have been taught, we enter into the realm of fourth dimensional consciousness. This is the realm that frees us from perceiving life from a three dimensional awareness.

In our current realm of consciousness, or our awareness-of-being, our spiritual prehensions are limited by our doubts. We doubt the existence of a fourth dimensional consciousness that's within us. We believe it exists only in special people chosen by God or The Creator.

For most of us living in the darkness of our illusions, the light is far away from us. We have accepted the darkness as our human fate. And like the "Cave" analogy, we believe the darkness within the cave is all that we can ever know.

Even though we are afraid of the darkness, we have learned how to live with our fears. So whenever some  of us gain the the courage to enter into the light of the fourth dimensional consciousness, which exists outside of our current awareness of being, we doubt what they tell us about this consciousness.

Most of us will choose to remain in the darkness, rather than discover this consciousness within us.We, like most prisoners, have discovered how to live as prisoners.  

Meanwhile, we continue to depend on those born in, and of, the darkness to teach us how to find the light within the illusions. We depend on them to interpret for us the meaning for our existence in darkness. Although we see faint images of light, they don't mean anything to us because our leaders haven't explained it to us.

We must remain resolute in our consciousness that the freedom from our darkness is Powers of Mind. It is the fourth dimension: the consciousness that's beyond the limitations of the three dimensional world. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Ways to Think About Power

 Many of us believe we are born devoid of real power. We are born  into a world fully invested in beliefs and values that teach us that limitless power belongs exclusively to a God or divine being.

Unfortunately for us, this divine being was created and taught to us by people without limitless power. In other words, the understanding about God's limitless power originated from those with an awareness-of-being powerless. 

During different epochs, many people have claimed the rights to God's power. They claimed to be chosen by God to share with us beliefs and values that will save us from the destruction of the illusions.

 Many of these individuals who claimed this power remained, like the rest of us, prisoners of the beliefs and values that existed in the world before we were born. Their enlightenment wasn't transferable to the rest of us. So we continued to struggle with the whole concept of power in the phenomenal world.

The phenomenon of power in things -- bombs, guns, medicine, religion and so forth -- prevents us from ever really understanding the nature and existence of power. In other words, we don't understand how power works because we have never experienced it ourselves. 

Most of us have only experienced powerlessness or existence predicated on psychological and spiritual benevolence from those who control us. Our thoughts, beliefs, values, and even our self-awareness are provided for us by others.

Similarly, what we have been taught by others limit us to live our lives in the darkness of a psychological and spiritual world of illusions. And it's from the prism of  these illusions that most of us seek power over our consciousness. 

Nevertheless, power is consciousness or our awareness of being. We are always aware of ourselves as being a certain type of person existing in preconditioned world. And for many of us, this awareness of being is all the power available to us in this world.

Most of us don't possess power because we lack the self-confidence to create another awareness of being This means we are powerless because we choose to be.

If we believe consciousness is capable of expressing limitless power, and we possess consciousness, then it follows that we have limitless power. This means we have the power to create any awareness of being that we choose.  Power in this case is consciousness, not things or people.
Whenever we depend on people and things, the illusions of power, to transform our awareness-of-being, we have less power over ourselves. This is the path of illusions. There's only darkness here, not the light of enlightenment. I

Meanwhile, when we recognize that we have the power to free ourselves from the illusions, our minds become a fecundity of sagacious awareness-of-being. For us to do this, we first must be willing to acknowledge that our beliefs and values are responsible for the illusions. 

When we gain the psychological courage to acknowledge the existence of our beliefs and values as the illusions, we will inevitably discover our Powers of Mind or an awareness-of-being greater than the illusions. This new way of thinking about power frees the consciousness to exist outside the power of the illusions. 

Some of us know that with Powers of Mind, we have an inexhaustible supply of awareness-of-being to enlighten us to perceive existence outside the scope of the illusions.