Saturday, May 27, 2017

I am the Master of my Mind

Many of us suffer from the victimization-powerless syndrome  We don't believe we are victims or powerless because we don't fit the societal profile.

Nevertheless, whenever we feel powerless, we seek power from wherever we can find it. During these temporal moments of despair, we frequently seek relief from the many spiritual references available to us.

When we do turn to our spiritual teachings for power, we do so by admitting to ourselves that we don't possess the requisite power to solve our own problems. This means the greater power we seek is beyond our awareness-of-being and outside of our mastery.

The moment we desire changes in our lives is the moment we acknowledge, whether we're aware of it or not, the need to access a greater power. Unfortunately our judgments on the conditions of our lives come from the illusory inculcation of toxicity that are responsible for our judgments.

When we feel inadequate, we desire to correct our inadequacies by using a model of societal normalcy to guide us in our work. During each step or action we evaluate our progress to ensure we are becoming the person that resembles the model-person we are working to become. 

Similarly, during the stressful and painful periods in our lives there are moments when I remember the powerful insights from the book, "Seeds from the Ashes."

"The self-doubts in your life today represent all the things -- beliefs about yourself and your position in the world -- that you have acquired up to this point in your life. The measure of your success and failure in life is manifested within your thoughts about where you are today. If you don't like what you have produced in life, you have the power to change your life by producing something different. If you do like what you have produced in life, then you may not have an intense desire to make a commitment to change your life."
Some of us have discovered a new way to think of power. We accept that we are the masters of our minds and that all power flows from our awareness-of-being a master. We are aware that nothing happens in our lives without our participation; either active or passive, known or unknown.

We have discovered within us the greatest power of all: EnlightenismEnlightenism is the awareness-of-being itself in a colorless, faceless, and formless existence. It is this existence where we claim our rightful place in the world as masters of our minds.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Power of Enlightenism

Most of you haven't heard of Enlightenism. You probably believe it's the same as what you've heard about enlightenment or what it means to become fully awaken.

There are some of us --  those who have discovered consciousness as the ultimate power --  who are sharing a different meaning of Enlightenism. We are the forerunners for propagating  this powerful new holistic philosophy that redefines consciousness as the greater power within you. 

Many of us have never been taught to think of inner-mind power outside the context of societal  power. We were taught to believe that power can only exist within us in the manner that others have defined it for us.

Similarly, these illusory beliefs and values have retarded our inner-mind growth and rendered us dependent on others for our clarity and power. We conditioned our minds with toxic beliefs and values, which caused us to be afraid  to question others.  This reticence stopped us from beginning the self-discovery work necessary for us to understand the development of our minds.

Nevertheless, the starting point for changing our lives begins first with our understanding  the development of our minds. This understanding is crucial for our accepting that we were born into a toxic world created from the minds of others.

When we begin our self-discovery work, we must approach this work with a intense commitment to not shy away from the truth. This truth is represented by our beliefs and values. What we see and hear is the truth about  our awareness-of-being. Unfortunately, our current awareness of being limits our power to discover the truth outside of toxicity.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the essence of the universal truth that enlightens you to know that consciousness is the truth without toxic distortions from your beliefs and values. This is the level of clarity where you're able to see yourself as whole, perfect, and complete.

This powerful awareness-of-being confirms that you are consciousness. It also imbues you with clarity to see yourself with the power to change the way you think and live.

For many of us power is always expressed in our actions to achieve our goals. So as we strive to achieve a greater, deeper understanding of the power within us, I am constantly reminded of something I wrote several years ago in "The Road to Empowerment":

         "It's a strange feeling knowing that you have to do something for yourself
when you have  reached the crossroads between success and failure; a
place (awareness) of inaction. It's a place where your ideas are your enemies
because they express your present state of awareness. So If you are presently
in pain, despair and poverty, then your ideas of change will also contain images
of these beliefs. This will, undoubtedly, cause you to become afraid of yourself
and unsure of which road to  take. That's the way I felt the day I began to change
and look inward for my power."  ----The Road to Empowerment