Thursday, December 7, 2023

Overcoming the Trauma of Generational Toxicity

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

There are millions of African Americans and others in this country suffering from the trauma of generational toxicity. Most of us are too busy trying to "make it" in society than believe we have been severely traumatized by depending on generational beliefs. 

Regardless of whether we recognize it or not, the trauma of generational toxicity impacts us in ways we don't realize or understand. We find it difficult to identify trauma on our own. It seems causally untraceable to any known problems facing us. 

Most of us live with trauma without ever identifying it as a problem. Nevertheless, it is as life-threatening as COVID-19. It kills the freedom in us. 

Meanwhile, unlike COVID-19, we don't prioritize it as an illness. We believe the symptoms of violence, anger, poverty, self-hatred, dependency, and so on, exist because of race and color and environmental issues. 

Whenever we seek answers for overcoming our societal behavioral problems, trauma is not identified as a problem.  We believe our current problems are not new because we have been dealing with these types of problems for generations.  So, like previous generations, we seek solutions from others, rather than ourselves.  

Many African Americans, and others suffering from generational trauma, are in denial about the pernicious effect it has on how we think and live. We are also waiting on others to tell us it is a problem, before we treat it as one. 

Most of us believe psychology, psychiatry, and theology can effectively treat our trauma. We, unfortunately, cannot depend on traditional science and religion to cure our trauma, because they deal with generalized trauma.  

We must cure ourselves with treatments that focus directly on overcoming our attachment to the trauma of generational toxicity.  There is an inner-mind philosophy treatment that focuses on African Americans, and others taught beliefs of generational toxicity. 

Enlightenism is the new inner-mind philosophy of self-acquired intuitive knowledge. The power of the mind to discover Unconditioned Consciousness.     

Unconditioned Consciousness is both universal and individual. It is the power and clarity to recognize our dependency on past beliefs as the cause of our trauma. And to understand how to overcome these beliefs and stop embodying them as our own. 

When we understand the Consciousness within, we can perceive ourselves and experiences without relying on others' interpretations. We know we created our trauma by identifying with past experiences of trauma and imagining ourselves experiencing the same trauma.

What we think about who we are and our relationship to others determines our trauma. When we use Enlightenism to change the way we think and live, then our trauma will no longer exist.

To learn more about Enlightenism Consciousness and the power of the mind, I recommend you read my books "Enlightenism" and "Seeds from the Ashes."

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