Saturday, April 22, 2023

Self-Acquired Knowledge Overcomes Powerlessness

We are divinely created with the limitless power of imagination. The indefatigable power of imagination can transform powerlessness into power. 

Who are you aware of being? Do you believe you possess limitless power or that you're powerless to overcome what others taught you? 

Regardless of your answer, there are millions powerless in our society. They are hidden from us. They live in the places (mind) where we are afraid to go. So, we never see them face-to-face. We only see them as they want us to. 

Who are these people? How did they become powerless victims?

Most powerless victims are in denial and don't understand powerlessness. They believe powerlessness is determined by race, education, religion, and status. These are beliefs passed on to them from previous generations.

We don't pay much attention to how these beliefs impact us, because we now claim them as our own. Similarly, it's difficult for us to criticize our parents and others for teaching us these beliefs.

When we desire to change, we must first understand we are responsible for our own powerlessness. We cannot blame our parents and society for powerlessness. They taught us what others taught them. 

The primary thing we can do for ourselves is to let go of these toxic beliefs. We can stop believing in illusions and giving them power to keep us powerless. 

Illusions of racism, poverty, illiteracy, self-hatred, and so on, cause you pain. Our fate is determined by these beliefs. When we change our beliefs, we create a new fate. 

Whatever the mind creates, the mind can uncreate. The key to understanding how to create new beliefs begins with dissecting the mind. 

Dissecting the mind is not magical. Dissecting the mind requires knowledge and clarity. The knowledge and clarity that comes from a self-acquired philosophy of Enlightenism. 

Enlightenism is a philosophy of direct knowledge and clarity of the Self. 

Enlightenism exists in a realm of consciousness that's free of powerlessness. So, regardless of what others taught you, you can overcome these beliefs with Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the knowledge and clarity you need to overcome powerlessness. 

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