Saturday, July 14, 2018

Cleansing the Victimized Mind

Some days it's difficult to believe and accept ourselves as the greater power. These are the ones when we feel victimized by problems of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Many of us have conditioned our minds with toxic beliefs and values that render us powerless to overcome our problems. We have become so victimized by societal definitions that we believe it's fruitless to trust our minds to unlearn the information responsible for our problems.

Similarly, as victims of others' beliefs and values, we believe the way out of pain and suffering is contained within the spiritual, psychological, and historical interpretations, which rendered us victims in the first place. It is from this victimized perspective that we search for power by depending on the teachings from others.

Nevertheless, there are some of us who are unwilling to accept ourselves as victims of the beliefs and values of others. We have discovered Enlightenism as the Greater Power within our minds. We are now committed to cleansing our minds of victim beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, the work to cleanse the victimized mind begins with understanding how our minds became victimized by others' beliefs and values. We must now stop defending toxic beliefs and values as the truth about who we are.

The societal truth exists only within our awareness-of-being. This means our beliefs and values determine the truth according to our awareness-of-being. Unfortunately, it is from this self-created awareness-of-being victims that we search for the truth with victimized minds.

Similarly, there is a new holistic philosophy of Enlightenism that cleanses the mind of victimization and dependency on toxic reference points in history for our clarity. This new philosophy is described in clear, concise, readable language in the book "Enlightensim."

The following excerpt from "Enlightenism" describes a formula for "Cleansing the Victimized Mind."

      "When you can no longer tolerate the never-ending pain, this is the moment to focus on the mindfulness required to change your beliefs and values. You begin this work by understanding how you frequently act without any clear connection to the person you're aware of being. These actions produce results that appear to have no connection to you. They seem to have magically created themselves to appear as pain in your life.

     "For you to understand the creator of your actions, you first must know that the person you're currently aware of being is the creator. The vision you're working to express into the world is inextricably tied to mindfulness. This understanding of causation information is crucial to your work to remain mindful of the beliefs and values you're using top create a toxic-free awareness-of-being."


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