Tuesday, July 12, 2022

How to Prepare the Mind to Meet new Challenges

 What's happening with your mind? Are you prepared to meet new challenges?

The power of clear imagination prepares the mind to meet new challenges. Enlightenism is clear imagination. 

Enlightenism is all the power you need to meet new challenges. You were born with this power. It exists within as unconditioned Consciousness.

When you stop searching for power outside, you discover it's inside. You discover Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the clarity to perceive life outside toxicity. When you perceive life beyond toxicity, the self-imposed limitations disappear. The mind is free. 

Some have discovered the free mind is Enlightenism.  The Enlightenism mindset is authentic inner-mind power.    

On the other hand, many believe the toxic mindset is authentic power.  Well, it's not. You overcome toxicity with an Enlightenism mindset.   

The path to clarity is within. There's no other way to find a toxic-free mind.  

When you discover this truth, you stop following others. You revalue yourself.

Whatever challenges you're facing, you can overcome them. You must first condition the mind to accept you as master.  You must also prepare the mind to obey you. 

Preparation is the key to freedom. You must prepare the mind for freedom.    

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