Friday, November 25, 2016

Enlightenism is a New Prescription of Power

When we become aware that everything begins and ends in us, we will have discovery the way out of toxicity. The road that leads out of toxicity is within you.

When we feel ill, we seek medical attention. When we are powerless, we seek a prominent position in toxicity. We seldom, if ever, seek power within us to heal ourselves.

  • Enlightenism is a new prescription of power. This is our confirmation that within our consciousness is a power greater than the one we have been using, We are empowered to write our own prescription to heal ourselves of toxicity.  As someone said, "Physician heal thy self."

There is a powerful passage in the great Enlightenism book, "Seeds From the Ashes," that sheds some light on the inner-mind power available to you in your desire to free yourself from toxicity.

     "Whenever you feel powerless to do something that you want to do, stop and ask yourself why. Why don't you have the power to achieve the things you desire to have?
     "The obvious answer is that you don't believe you are strong enough to achieve them. If this is the case, then the solution to your problem is attaining the necessary strength or power to solve your power." --- Seeds From the Ashes

After you reflect on the passage for a few minutes, it will become clear to you that your desire for power comes from your awareness-of-being powerless. You can always change your awareness-of-being to one of you with power.

What power do we have today to write ourselves a prescription to heal our minds of toxicity? Here's another passage from "Seeds From the Ashes" that will assist us with the answer.

"...For you to begin to acquire the power you need to change your life, your exercise program must begin now with you acting as your own personal trainer.
     "As a trainer, you assume expert status as someone who is eminently qualified to guide you during you mind-conditioning training. This type of thinking requires you to assume two roles: first, as someone who knows what you need, and second, as someone who is willing to listen.
     "The two roles occur within your mind as your intuitive consciousness (Enlightenism) and your victim consciousness (toxicity).The former is free of the illusions that victimize the latter." -- "Seeds From the Ashes"

Meanwhile, we have the power to do a self-diagnosis on ourselves and then write a new prescription to heal our minds of toxicity.