Thursday, August 17, 2023

"Seek, and you Shall Find"

 "I am greater than the I that I created." 

Working in the mind is challenging for most of us. Many judge the mind's power based on what's in it. In other words, how much we know about Psychology, Philosophy, and other fields of knowledge determine our power. 

When our pain becomes unbearable, we distrust our powers to overcome it. When this happens, we typically seek solutions from someone we believe is more knowledgeable about how the mind works.

Sometimes we try to run from our pain.  "Move on." "Forget about it." Regardless of how hard we try; we cannot forget what we learned in toxicity.  

Generational toxicity, passed on to us by our parents and society, taught us to seek pleasure and ignore pain. They taught us that focusing too much on understanding our pain will cause depression. Depression causes us to seek refuge in drugs, alcohol, anger, and other illusory toxins. 

Most of us are victims of generational toxicity and don't realize it. We pretend that toxicity is harmless because it comes from a history that excludes us. In other words, we were not slaves or slaveowners. 

Regardless of our beliefs, toxicity is deadly. It kills power and clarity. Toxicity reinforces beliefs about running from pain and seeking pleasure from new people, places, and things. Some examples of this toxic mindset: We seek pleasure from unhappy jobs with vacations, we buy new houses, jewelry, expensive clothes, and begin new intimate relationships in efforts to make us feel better.   

The benefits of working in the mind are invaluable for achieving power and clarity about how to use Consciousness to overcome toxicity.  Consciousness is self-acquired intuitive knowledge. Self-acquired intuitive knowledge frees the mind of toxicity and our dependency on it as the primary source of power.

Generational toxicity is the source of our pain, but it's not the freedom from it.  Enlightenism is the freedom we seek from toxicity. With Enlightenism Consciousness, we are empowered with unstoppable power and clarity. At this level of Consciousness, no one can stop us from expressing freedom in all aspects of our lives.

When we elevate our Consciousness with self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we know that what we seek is within our minds. We also clearly understand the statement, "seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened unto you." 

Many believe this statement is a metaphor for seeking God and asking him to let us into the special place he has prepared for us to live pain-free lives.  We want something magical to make our pain disappear from our minds. 

When we go beyond the metaphorical interpretations with self-acquired intuitive knowledge, we discover why we try so hard to run from our pain. We also understand why we're afraid to go deeper into the mind. 

Many who work in the mind, continue to use toxic beliefs to try to go deeper into the Consciousness of Truth. They, unfortunately, don't understand that toxicity cannot enter into the Consciousness of Truth.    Toxicity keeps us searching for the door, but never finding it. 

When the mind is cleansed of generational toxicity, the metaphorical door will open without a knock because we have the Self-acquired Intuitive Knowledge key that opens it. 

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