Monday, December 16, 2013

Powers of Mind Creates a Classless Society

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

Many of us are victimized by our status in society. We believe we belong to a certain socio-economic class or race. We further believe that we must work harder to uplift ourselves into a higher class. In most instances, this means the middle- or upper middle-class.

While we strive to uplift ourselves to a higher class in society, we must remember that class distinctions are the source of our toxicity. They enslave us to illusory machinations that keep us dependent on others to revalue our lives.

The focus or purpose for our lives is much greater than the classes we seek to claim for ourselves. Unfortunately, our purpose in life is lost in the confusion of the class we identify ourselves with or seek to achieve.

Regardless of the class, we are tricked into believing we are somehow better off than we were before reaching this new class. And usually, because of the increase in capital and material possessions, we believe we are better than those we left behind in the lower class.

Similarly, the more money we get, the more we begin to like and accept the class system. We then believe  the solutions to our problems are found in the illusions empowering us with money and material possessions.

After awhile, we feel so good about the new class that we never want to lose it and descend to a lower one. We are willing to do anything to preserve our class status. After all, we believe we are so much better off than those in the lower classes.

When we accept toxic beliefs and values that define us one way or another, we distort who we really are, and inextricably tie ourselves to psychological and spiritual powerlessness. In other words, we become victimized by our own toxic beliefs and values.

 Nevertheless, this information doesn't stop many of us from believing we become better people by working hard to achieve a higher class status.  The higher the class, the better we feel about ourselves. Conversely, the lower the class, the worse we feel about ourselves.

When we discover how to successfully use Powers of Mind to overcome our confusion about class distinctions, we will have freed our minds of a major distortion. And with Powers of Mind as our guide, we have the clarity to understand how we developed our minds to believe in class distinctions. 

Powers of Mind enlighten our minds to perceive ourselves as colorless, formless, and faceless. In other words, we are able to perceive ourselves without societal definitions. This is all the power we need to change our beliefs and values on class.

Meanwhile, many of us continue to believe we must spend our lives trying to fit into something that causes us to feel inadequate or accept mediocrity. We believe this is the way things are, and we have to accept it until we are able to uplift ourselves to a higher class.

Nevertheless, when we trust our Powers of Mind for the clarity to understand how we created our toxic beliefs and values, we are able to discover the power we need to overcome our current conditions.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."

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Monday, December 9, 2013

How to use Powers of Mind to see the Illusions Clearly

"I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."

When we tire of blaming others for the conditions in our lives, then we are ready to accept responsibility for what's happening in our lives. For many of us, it's difficult to accept that we created the current nightmares in our lives.

Even though our nightmares are nothing more than illusions, we continue to empower them to make our decisions.  And the more power we give to the illusions, the greater our suffering and the more difficult it becomes for us to see what's really happening in our lives.

Some of us believe that familiarity with information means we know how to use it. When we hear someone remind us that we have the inner-power to solve our problems, we agree with the information but are unable to use this power.

Powers of Mind is simple, basic information. There's nothing secret or complex about it. It's so simple and basic that most of us believe we are already using it.  Our toxic beliefs and values teach us to devalue basic and simple information and pursue information that's considered more valuable and acceptable by society.

We have been taught by others to believe that our Powers of Mind is hidden somewhere in a university, a religious organization, or in a prophetic holy person. We cannot bring ourselves to accept that this great power has been in our minds all the time we have been searching for it somewhere else.

Moreover, we have been taught that the search for power and information begins with the premise that we must search outside of ourselves for it. That's why most of us develop our beliefs and values from the outside to the inside.

Similarly, after we fill our minds with toxic beliefs and values, we then believe whatever others teach us about enlightenment is true and divine. We have forgotten that this information comes from the illusions.

Nevertheless, we are born into a world of human illusions. These illusions seem real because we have accepted them as so. Unfortunately, what we have been taught about enlightenment are generational distortions preventing us from perceiving ourselves and others clearly. 

Meanwhile, when we are ready to  learn how to use Powers of Mind to clear our minds of toxic beliefs and values, we then place ourselves in the position to revalue our lives with enlightenment.

"I acknowledge that my beliefs and values created the conditions in my life."