Saturday, November 21, 2020

Create a Powerful Mind

 "You have the power to help yourself"

When we recognize power as consciousness, we can change it ourselves and solve our own problems. All problems are created by the one with the problems. So, this means we are the source of our problems whether we believe it or not.   

Many fail to recognize the power of the mind to impact the condition of our consciousness. It is during these moments of mindless actions that we ignore our dependency on others and try to blame them for teaching us how to think and act like victims. 

Nevertheless, we can do something about overcoming victimization. We can experience mindfulness and create a powerful mind to replace the powerless one affirming our victimization. This type of change is available to all who desire to let go of toxic interpretations about who we are aware of being. 

On the Enlightenism journey, we learn how to unlearn what others taught us. We discover the power that's unknown to the victim's mind.  This is the power of freedom and clarity.

We can no longer ignore the power of the mind to change our consciousness. At some point, we must accept that this power exists internally, and not externally. When we are willing to accept this awareness of being, we can overcome any problem and do it on our own. 

Meanwhile, it's time for victimization to end. So, let's end it by affirming that we have the power to use a new system of thought to change how we think and live. 

There's nothing complicated about this new system. The primary difference between the new system and the old one is that you are now the creator. 

Similarly, as a creator, we are not only responsible for the condition of our mind, but the actions coming from it. As a creator we're no longer observers of what's happening in our lives, we are now participants.  And as participants, we're mindful of the impact our actions have on us and others.

My mission is to uplift myself from the darkness of victimization and into the light of Enlightenism. To share my insights with as many people that are willing to embrace "A new way to think and live philosophy." Brother Malcolm Kelly 

Friday, November 6, 2020

The Power of Enlightenism Consciousness

"We have the power to help ourselves."

Enlightenism is not magical; it requires work to know the self.  We have to work to overcome our victim identity. It begins with our willingness to overcome toxic beliefs and values defining us by race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education.

Enlightenism is a new system of thought.  The focus of this system is accepting consciousness as the greater power and understanding we can change it to create a new way to think and live. This new way of thinking and living overcomes our reliance on others while focusing on the power we have to help ourselves.

There is a way out of victimization. We discover this truth when we dissolve the beliefs and values assuring us of the sense-certainty that we must accept our fate as victims. 

Similarly, with a new system of thought, we have the power and clarity to unlearn what our Guides -- parents, teachers, and society -- taught us about power and freedom as it relates to us. This new system of thought is diametrically different than the one used to victimize us.

The search for freedom is an inner one. We first must understand the system of thought we're using to self-victimize ourselves. This system is the one we're accustomed to. It's the only one we know.

When we desire to discover the unknown reservoir of clarity within our consciousness, we can create a new system of thought to free ourselves from the one used to victimize us. 

The awakening of the mind begins in earnest when we can accept the new system as the power to overcome victimization. This is the moment we affirm our commitment to Enlightenism as the way to achieve freedom. 

The power of consciousness is freedom. This is where we can accept our origins as colorless, faceless, and formless beings. 

"Change your Consciousness, change your life."