Saturday, October 19, 2019

Power to Move Mountains

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

It's understandable that we believe we lack the power to move a mountain. It's also understandable that many feel the same about lacking the power to overcome toxicity. We feel that it's impossible, so we give-up, stop, without ever believing we can move toxicity from our lives.

Most have very few  doubts about the pernicious effects toxicity have on our Awareness-of-Being. We experience its impact every time we kowtow to the masters of toxicity. These are the moments when we accept whatever they teach us as sense-certainty.

We're not only willing to accept whatever they teach us, but we become advocates for postulating their illusions to others. We offer no resistance to toxicity. We kneel in awe and respect those we have exalted by devaluing ourselves.

Meanwhile, we remain imprisoned in a toxic illusion to those exalted teachers who hide behind the mountain of toxicity. We cannot perceive them in their organic state because of our own toxic delusions about who we are.

Similarly, our blindness to the truth about the origins of our Awareness-of-Being make us dependent on others to guide us to clarity and power.  Yet the truth we seek so desperately is something we already possess.

Regardless of what we think of ourselves or the conditions in our lives, we possess Unconditioned Consciousness.  This is all the power we need to achieve the clarity and power to express whatever we discover in this Consciousness.

Some have been willing to accept Consciousness as the Greater Power, while many refuse. Those who refuse are convinced that the Greater Power exists as others taught them. This is why it's important for us to clarify how Enlightenism is the Greater Power.

 The one and only thing we can change is our Consciousness. Consciousness is colorless, faceless, and formless in its organic composition. We change its composition with beliefs and values that are either from others or from ourselves.

When we accept Enlightenism as the Greater Power, we can use toxic-free beliefs and values to change our Consciousness. These new beliefs and values are what we use to condition our Awareness-of-Being to accept itself as the Greater Power rather than toxicity.

Nevertheless, the metaphor for the power to move mountains pertains here to toxicity. We have the power to move toxicity from our lives and send it back to its Creators.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Death of Toxicity

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

When we decide to truly change our lives, we can then no longer rely on toxicity. If we want to live, then toxicity must die. This means we must let go of our current Awareness-of-Being and claim the one that's unknown to us.

Similarly, when someone dies, we mourn their loss. We feel the same about toxicity, because it's been with us all our life. Yet to live freely, we must bury toxicity and move on to a better life that's free of illusions.

If we truly desire to achieve a better life, then we must be willing to travel on the inward journey. It's on the inward journey that we experience freedom and clarity. This is where we learn how to live without toxic distortions and illusory sensory interpretations.

Whenever we accept the loss of a loved one, we eventually understand that we have to let go and live without their companionship. This doesn't automatically mean we have completely let go of our attachment. It does, however, mean we cannot continue trying to revive dead toxic beliefs and values and giving them life in our Awareness-of-Being.

Nevertheless, after we let go of toxicity, we can dwell in limitless states of consciousness. And in each Consciousness, we experience freedom. These awareness-of-beings confirm that we have the power to live without toxicity.

Some accept their freedom as a born-again awareness. We experience such exhilarating feelings that we don't want them to ever end.  We now want to feel this way all the time.

All things are possible on the inward journey to Enlightenism.  Enlightenism is the greater power of unconditioned Consciousness. When we claim this power for ourselves, we can transform toxic energy into clear Consciousness.

Many believe toxicity is permanent, and that we  must endure it for as long as we live.  That's why many constantly struggle to live with it.

Meanwhile, on the inward journey we use the Enlightenism Formula to free our Consciousness of toxicity. We can now transmute toxicity into clarity by creating a new Awareness-of-Being. This new Awareness-of-Being doesn't remember toxicity.

After the death of toxicity, and our mourning its loss, we can leave the past behind us. This means we stop trying to revive toxicity and giving it dominion over us. We can now live in the present where we're free of past and future toxic distortions.

It is in the present moment that we can change our Consciousness, our Awareness-of-Being. This is the clarity and power to understand that, without toxicity, we can accept ourselves as being whole, perfect, and complete.

"I  accept that I have everything I will ever need for the Journey. My Journey is Enlightenism and that is the Journey home."

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"