Friday, November 25, 2016

Enlightenism is a New Prescription of Power

When we become aware that everything begins and ends in us, we will have discovery the way out of toxicity. The road that leads out of toxicity is within you.

When we feel ill, we seek medical attention. When we are powerless, we seek a prominent position in toxicity. We seldom, if ever, seek power within us to heal ourselves.

  • Enlightenism is a new prescription of power. This is our confirmation that within our consciousness is a power greater than the one we have been using, We are empowered to write our own prescription to heal ourselves of toxicity.  As someone said, "Physician heal thy self."

There is a powerful passage in the great Enlightenism book, "Seeds From the Ashes," that sheds some light on the inner-mind power available to you in your desire to free yourself from toxicity.

     "Whenever you feel powerless to do something that you want to do, stop and ask yourself why. Why don't you have the power to achieve the things you desire to have?
     "The obvious answer is that you don't believe you are strong enough to achieve them. If this is the case, then the solution to your problem is attaining the necessary strength or power to solve your power." --- Seeds From the Ashes

After you reflect on the passage for a few minutes, it will become clear to you that your desire for power comes from your awareness-of-being powerless. You can always change your awareness-of-being to one of you with power.

What power do we have today to write ourselves a prescription to heal our minds of toxicity? Here's another passage from "Seeds From the Ashes" that will assist us with the answer.

"...For you to begin to acquire the power you need to change your life, your exercise program must begin now with you acting as your own personal trainer.
     "As a trainer, you assume expert status as someone who is eminently qualified to guide you during you mind-conditioning training. This type of thinking requires you to assume two roles: first, as someone who knows what you need, and second, as someone who is willing to listen.
     "The two roles occur within your mind as your intuitive consciousness (Enlightenism) and your victim consciousness (toxicity).The former is free of the illusions that victimize the latter." -- "Seeds From the Ashes"

Meanwhile, we have the power to do a self-diagnosis on ourselves and then write a new prescription to heal our minds of toxicity.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tne Greatness Within You

Do you believe you are greater than the way others have defined you?

When we go beyond the excuses and misinformation on our power, we will have reached the point in our lives that we're willing to commit ourselves to working on unlearning toxicity. The process of unlearning what we have been taught begins with the desire to accept ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

Within each of us is the power to believe or not to believe in people and things outside of us. This awareness-of-being is awaken in us when we accept responsibility for our beliefs and values. We discover this new perspective on power when we decide to search beneath the layers of toxic beliefs and values distorting our awareness-of-being powerful.

Similarly, we have the power to imagine and create from our imagination a person with power. This acceptance of our creative power translates into knowing that we are greater than what others have taught us about our power. 

Nevertheless, after years of living in toxicity, we become accustomed to accepting mediocrity and   powerlessness. Whenever we feel this way, we don't question that our beliefs and values are responsible for our feeling this way.  Unfortunately this lack of awareness of what's responsible for our suffering keep us dependent upon others for answers.

Meanwhile, in the darkness of toxicity there is little light for us to see ourselves with inner-power. The faint images flickering in the darkness of our consciousness only confirm our acceptance of powerlessness. We are totally unaware of any other perspective on power other than the one we have used to conditioned ourselves into accepting powerlessness.

Some of us have become aroused from our toxic sleep enough to seek another perspective on power. During our search within for the light of clarity, we have followed the path that leads out of toxicity.  This path led us to Enlightenism.

We discovered Enlightenism to be the power of clarity.  Enlightenism is the colorless, faceless, and formless unconditioned consciousness that has the power for us to be born again without conditioning our consciousness with toxicity.

This new awareness-of-being exists in a realm of consciousness that's far removed from toxicity. The newly discovered realm of consciousness is within us. It is the greatest power the toxic world has ever seen.

When we recognize that our consciousness is the only authentic power that we will ever possess, we end our search for power in toxicity. Then we clearly know that  at the Enlightenism level our power is limitless. This discovery of Enlightenism confirms the existence of power outside of toxicity.

Similarly, we know that the light shining brightly, deep within the depths of our desires, is the one we use to guide us on the less-traveled road out of toxicity. It is on this  road that we learn how to trust and depend on our  invisible consciousness.

We know that as long as we trust ourselves, remain committed to Enlightenism as our goal, and refuse to return to toxicity, we will continue to receive more and more insights on how to achieve and use our limitless power.

For us to accept the greatness within our consciousness, we must remain resolute in our work to overcome toxicity.  When we do, then we will clearly know that Enlightenism is greater than all the power in toxicity.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Discover How Enlightenism is an Alternative to Toxicity

How do you free yourself from toxicity? 

All of us were born into toxicity. For most of us, this is difficult to really accept. We place so much faith in the beliefs and values taught us by our parents and society.

We feel uncomfortable in questioning what they taught us. It feels like we are degrading them for teaching us how to become human beings.

Whenever anyone suggests that our parents and society are responsible for teaching us toxicity, we automatically become defensive. We don't want to hear it.  Rather than face this truth, we would prefer to believe that they did the best they could raising us.

Nevertheless, what we were taught by others are now our own beliefs and values. We are descendants of toxic beliefs and values. And whether we like it or not, this is all that we know..

Similarly, it is our current awareness-of-being that's perceiving life from the prism of toxicity. Unfortunately, what we actually perceive is distorted by our beliefs and values. So we never see ourselves and others the way we are, but the way we have been taught.

In toxicity, we have been taught to perceive ourselves according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status. These are the beliefs and values that imprison us into an illusion created from toxicity.

Meanwhile, the depth of all of our suffering and unhappiness come from our beliefs and values. This dependency upon human knowledge to determine what works best for all of us only imprisons us into a dungeon of illusions.

The surgical-like skill that detached us from our original awareness-of-being enlightened caused us to marvel at the wonderment of the surgery rather that the aftereffects of lifelong pain and suffering.

Some of us who have worked to free ourselves from toxicity have discovered that before you free yourself of toxicity, you must first fully understand it. This means you must determine, on your own, that you are in an illusion solidified by your toxic beliefs and values.

Enlightenism is found within you. However, you cannot discover Enlightenism by continuing to depend on toxicity. While the desire for Enlightenism is felt in toxicity, it exists outside of toxicity.

Similarly, the other realm of consciousness, your unconditioned consciousness, is where you will find Enlightenism. It is the colorless, faceless, and formless consciousness that is greater than all of your awareness-of-beings. This consciousness is simply you without toxicity.

Who are you without toxicity?  You are an awareness-of-being that's free of all societal labels. You are the source of your own power. This means you are the creator of all your awareness-of-beings. .

This unknown existence in you is real. It is Enlightenism; your unconditioned consciousness. It is what connects you to all life. With this power, you transcend all your awareness-of-being powerless.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

A New Way to Think and Live With Power

When we reach the unbearable place within us, the one that contains our pain, we try to run away as fast as we can. We have been running from this part of ourselves for all of our lives. It's the place our Guides told us not to stay very long because it would make us feel depressed.

For as long as we can remember, we have always been afraid of this hidden place within our minds. And on each visit, we add another layer of toxicity to trick ourselves into believing we have moved on; far away from our feelings of intense pain and suffering.  .

Many of us believe that when we quickly leave our pain, then it no longer exists in our lives. We don't believe it's still with us as we move on into new relationships and experiences . And, after awhile, we convince ourselves that we have overcome the pain. It's behind us.

Nevertheless, every chance we get, we continue inexorably to run away from our pain. And we're always reminded that regardless of how many times we move forward, this place in us reminds us that we can never fully escape from our toxicity.  Furthermore, our toxicity is always lurking in the darkness of the cul-de-sac in our minds.

Similarly, we have been taught by others to never tarry too long with feeling our pain. They taught us not to feel our anger, to submerge our feelings in the notion of moving on and not dwelling on the beliefs and values responsible for our anger.

Meanwhile, during those moments when we were quarreling with our siblings by slinging verbal darts into them, our parents intervened and told us to hug and make-up. This was the beginning of the way we would handle our feelings from disagreements throughout our lives.

For us to overcome our fears of facing how we feel during painful moments in our lives, we must discover a new perspective on power. This new power will  provide us with the clarity to unlearn what others have taught us about addressing our feelings.

Many of us don't know how to sit, feel, and understand our pain. We have practiced the principles of toxicity for so long that we don't dare trust ourselves. Yet at some point, we have to admit to ourselves that what we feel is our pain. It belongs exclusively to us. 

Nevertheless, when we take the time to sit and feel our pain, we inevitably discover the power to conquer the pain. This is the moment we enter into the unlearning process, which will lead us to the Enlightenism that exists beyond the pain.

Enlightenism is the unconditioned consciousness in us that is colorless, faceless, and formless. It's the power in you that's greater than your current awareness-of-being powerless.

Some of us have discovered that Enlightenism is a  new way to think and live with power. We found that Enlightenism exists at the end of our work on unlearning toxicity. In other words, you become one with your Enlightenism only after you free yourself from toxicity.

For us to transmute toxicity into Enlightenism, we must accept that we have the power to create a new way to think and live.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Power That's Greater Than Toxicity

 "Who are you aware of being today?"

 Most of us never fully understand  the source of our power. When we think of power, we believe our toxic beliefs and values represent the only power available to us. And if there's any other power, it must exist in another realm of consciousness that's unavailable to us.

We have conditioned ourselves, by depending on toxic beliefs and values, into powerless individuals.  This acceptance of ourselves as powerless becomes the prism that we perceive the existence of ourselves and others.  Unfortunately our perceptions of what is, is distorted by what is not, which represent our illusion.

It is our inability to understand that we're living in a man-made, make believe world that distorts what we think of ourselves with power. The realness of the illusion limits our imagination to create a new perspective of ourselves with power.

Many of us are unaware of the process we used to conditioned ourselves into powerless beings. We thought it was a growth process: One where at each level of absorption of toxicity we were increasing our level of power. It never occurred to us that the opposite effect was happening to us. 

The learning process for creating powerlessness seems innocous to us. We accept the toxicity and, over time, we claim it as our own. In other words, we become individuals born of toxicity.

Similarly, we give very little, if any, thought to the information defining us according to our race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status. We accept ourselves according to what others taught us.  And most of us believe it's  impossible for us to ever perceive ourselves without our societal labels.

Many of us stop searching for inner-power and accept inner-power to mean what others had taught us about it. In other words, it exists in us in a manner that we believe is something achievable only by believing it actually exists outside of us.

Our beliefs in inner-power are merely distortions from our toxicity. Toxicity had already taught us to think of ourselves as powerless. Consequently, we had been taught to believe authentic power existed in the universe far above us. This spacious existence outside of us only reinforced our powerless beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, when we decide to let go of our dependency on others, by unlearning what they taught us, we will inevitable enter into a new process of change that leads us to Enligthenism,   Enlightenism is a born-again holistic philosophy that represents a new way to think of power.

Enlightenism, is the colorless, faceless, and formless unconditioned consciousness in you that is greater than the toxicity you're currently using to seek power. It is the end of all of your searches for power and fulfillment.

Many of us don't believe in the existence of something outside of the toxic world. We are comfortable living in toxicity and accepting ourselves as powerless. The thought of a power in us that's greater than what we have been taught by others is lunacy.

For us to free ourselves from toxicity, we first must recognize that we're in toxicity. The process for achieving freedom is affected by what we accept as our awareness-of-being. All change and transformation is determined by our awareness-of-being.

When we condition our awareness-of-being into a powerless person, we then believe power can only exist outside of us. And in this delusional state of awareness, we forget that Enlightenism exists within us.

Meanwhile, if we continue to unlearn our toxic beliefs and values, then we will discover that Enlightenism is the power that's greater than toxicity.  

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Enlightenism is the Power Beyond Confusion

During moments of great pain and intense suffering, we struggle to find the power to escape from the darkness of our illusions. Deep within us we feel some unknown awareness-of-being waiting patiently to be awaken.

These are the moments we know that there is a power in us that's greater than the one we're using to define ourselves. Even though we only experience this feeling for a few moments, we know that it's there, in us, and if we want to find it, we must be willing to trust and depend on ourselves.

Most of us are unwilling to trust ourselves. We have created a Self that distrusts its inner power. This is the perspective we use to sustain our beliefs and values that power exists outside of the Self. 

This type of thinking about power is the starting point for all of us. We all begin our journey in this world by submitting ourselves to others to teach and guide us on how to live in the world.

Unfortunately, they teach us to believe that what we're being taught is reality. They fail to teach us in clear terms that we're being taught to live in a make-believe world, an illusion.

Nevertheless, it is in this self-made illusion that we will devote our lives searching for something outside of us to make us feel whole, perfect, and complete. The conditioned Self, our awareness-of-being, is now imprisoned in an illusion without the power to free itself from itself.

Many of us try to create a Self with comforts in the illusion. We cloak ourselves with things of value and prestige. Then we give power to the things so that they become greater than the Self.

After awhile, the illusions becomes everything to us. We then rely on illusory beliefs and values to define our awareness-of-being. At this point in our development, we distrust ourselves and any others who attempt to provide us with unfamiliar beliefs and values.

Similarly, our conditioned I, the Self we created from the beliefs and values of others, believes lack, limitation, and struggle are virtues bestowed on us to ensure we remain loyal to the teachings of others. The only freedom available to free us from our suffering are  our beliefs in the existence of an after-life.

Nevertheless, there is another way to free ourselves from the illusions. We have within us our unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism, which is greater than our illusions.

This is a power that provides us with the clarity to recognize that everything we have been taught came from the beliefs and values in the illusion. And for us to be free, we must be willing to stop depending on others for our power.

When we decide that we've had enough pain in our lives, and we're tired of searching for power outside of ourselves, then we are in a state of awareness to search for the Enlightenism within us.  We begin this search with  "I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

This first step of accepting responsibility for having created the conditioned I, the Self, releases us from blaming others for what's happening in our lives. We are now working from the inside of our consciousness, not from inside of the illusions.

Meanwhile, when we work on discovering the Enlightenism in ourselves, we understand that our attachment to our beliefs and values prevent us from trusting the invisible power within us that is Enlightenism.