Friday, January 17, 2014

Powers of Mind is Consciousness of Being

"I am always aware of being, even when I am aware of just being without being something."

Who are we aware of being today?

Many of us believe we are of a certain gender, race, color, country, status, religion, nonreligious, and so on. This awareness of being exists only in our minds, and is totally dependent on our toxic beliefs and values for sustenance.

Many of us continue to fight with ourselves and others in defense of our awareness of being such and such a person. We use the toxic distortions provided by our parents, society, and experience to defend this awareness of being. 

After years of confirming our identities, we succumb to the teachings of others. This acceptance of the definitions confirming our existence becomes the darkness from which we are now seeking escape.

When we decide to go beyond the darkness of our toxic beliefs and values and work on our Powers of Mind, we discover that we are always greater than the current conceptions we have of ourselves. It's with Powers of Mind that we learn how to trust ourselves to know the truth about our existence.

The truth that comes from our Powers of Mind is the clarity of I Am. This is the awareness we need to understand being, without being something.

Nevertheless, with Powers of Mind when we decide to become something, we are cognizant of the power we are giving to this new person or awareness of being. When we reach this level of awareness, we know that the power creating is greater than its creation.

This is our power to become one with our creations and yet remain greater than all of them. In other words the Powers of Mind conceiving a new image or being  is greater than its conception or creation of this image.   

When we use our Powers of Mind, we can become whatever we imagine or envision ourselves to be. And without Powers of Mind doing the creating, we are  conceiving  images of ourselves in vain attempts to become someone greater than the current conceptions we have of ourselves.

Meanwhile, it's this craving to be something -- doctor, lawyer, politician, leader, husband, wife, father, mother, educator, and so forth -- that keeps us tied to the limitations of our creations. This toxic quagmire of powerlessness and confusion is replete with illusions

Similarly, many of us limit ourselves to illusory images of greatness. We seek to become like others whom we value to be greater than our awareness of being. This desire to become something other than who we are, is the source of all of our problems with consciousness of being.

Nevertheless, with Powers of Mind we have the power to understand that we created the conditions in our lives and we have the power to change our awareness of being in these conditions.  

"I am always aware of being, even when I am aware of just being without being something."

Monday, January 13, 2014

Powers of Mind Transcends our Resolutions

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

Unfortunately, at this time in our lives, many of us continue to play the New Year's resolution game. We make all types of resolutions at the beginning of the year, and watch painfully and sorrowfully  as they dissipate into our habitual toxic beliefs and values.

Nevertheless, even with this repetitive toxicity, we once again have the opportunity to begin this year with the clarity that we are responsible for the current conditions in our lives. This awareness is the starting point for all of us who desire to transcend our toxic beliefs and values.

When we accept responsibility for everything that is happening in our lives, we are able to understand the roles we have decided to play. And with this understanding comes the clarity to recognize that we play many roles during our lifetime.

Some of us have created roles that make us unhappy. We don't particularly like poverty, obesity, unemployment, indebtedness, alcohol and drug addiction, and the rudderless perspective we have on life.

In other words, we are dissatisfied with our current conditions, but have not gained the understanding that we created them. It seems to us that our conditions were created by others or some unknown force punishing us for our actions.

Similarly, most of us want to change the conditions in our lives, particularly those we abhor. Unfortunately, our desires are more wishful than wisdom based. Consequently, our roles are determined by our awareness or lack of awareness of Powers of Mind. 

It's important for us to remember that Powers of Mind is the source of our clarity to perceive ourselves and others without our toxic beliefs and values. This limitless power is greater than all of the roles we will ever create for ourselves. Moreover, while it can create an inexhaustable number of roles, it remains greater than all of them.

Whenever we make resolutions to change our habits, we must be mindful of the source of power we are using to make them. If we are consumed by toxic beliefs and values, then our results will undoubtedly create more toxicity in our minds rather than enlightenment.

On the hand, if we have worked on self-discovery, the inner-mind search for Powers of Mind, then we are fully aware that resolutions are created from a lack of understanding about the creator of the conditions in our lives.

Meanwhile, now is a good time to embrace our Powers of Mind. This power is free and unconditional. We don't have to ask another person  for permission to use it.

"I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and values."