Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Power to Overcome Victim Beliefs and Values

"I am Greater Than the I that I Created"

Whenever we are unwilling to accept the Greater Power within us, then we continue to seek it from outside sources. And as long as we do, we will continue to depend on others to interpret the meaning of life for us.

We enter into  victimization by accepting and depending on others, who define us according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education. This misinformation becomes the cornerstone of creating a life dominated by toxic beliefs and values.

During the development of our awareness-of-being (the toxic self), we dim our minds with toxicity and are no longer able to distinguish the differences between inside and outside power. We have now imprisoned ourselves in a self-created prison of illusions where nothing is what it seems.

It is in this toxic environment that we learn to give power to others while devaluing ourselves into a state of powerlessness. While in this darken intellectual dungeon, time and space become our enemies, and we have little of both.

Many of us have learned  to live in this cesspool of toxicity, and claim it as our awareness-of-being. We have created different cultures, religions, intellectual institutions, and so forth to try and escape from our self-imprisonment in toxicity. Unfortunately, most of us have adapted to this way of life.

Nevertheless, we continue inexorably on our journey, armed with blurred toxic visions, searching for power and clarity. We cannot let go of the illusions telling us that the Greater Power  is outside

I am reminded of the powerful prose from the great book on Enlightenism,"Seeds From the Ashes." I continue to embrace and find solace in the powerful insights from this book, which inspires us to awaken and accept the Greater Power with us:

         "The vision to change how you think and live is available to anyone who perceives himself or herself  as weak, powerless, and a victim. Unfortunately, many individuals don't recognize they are victims until they reach very low points of emotional pain and suffering.

        "When you hit the emotional bottom of your life, you are ready to change. This feeling might last for only a few hours or days, so it's important to take action immediately to overcome the problems causing you the pain and suffering. This means you must search for the not-so-obvious-methods--those that exist within you--to change the way you think and live."                                                                                            ---Seeds From the Ashes

Whenever we reach a low point in our lives, a point where we feel powerless, this is the time for us  to believe and trust that the Greater Power is within us. It is the time for us to discard our toxic beliefs and values, and accept that Enlightenism is the Greater Power.

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