Friday, April 24, 2020

You Have the Power to Help Yourself

"Change your Consciousness, change your Life"

You have to be willing to change before you can change. When you discover the indefatigable power of Enlightenism is within you, then you can change your life.

This change is different from the endless toxic modifications you have been using to change your life. What makes it different is that you are no longer using toxic beliefs and values designed to make you powerless.

Nevertheless, it is only when you search within your Consciousness that you will discover Enlightenism. It's with Enlightenism that you experience a new clarity to perceive and accept yourself existing without  lack, limitation and struggle. This is all the power you need to completely unlearn what you have learned from others.

Similarly, it is during the unlearning process that you become aware of a previously ignored desire for freedom. You now recognize that this insatiable burning desire for freedom has always be part of your Awareness-of-Being.

Unfortunately, when you modified your Awareness-of-Being to accept toxic beliefs and values, you also modified your desire for freedom. You changed it to something to be sought rather than something you already possessed.

It's important to know that whenever you ignore this desire for freedom, you lower yourself into an abyss of psychological dependency on others to tell you what to think and do.  You become victimized by the illusory changes and then believe you're born this way.

You were not born a victim, you became one based on your beliefs and values. You can, however, free yourself of this temporary state of awareness if you're willing to change your life.

You must make this decision for yourself. There are no reference points in toxicity that you can use to create this new foundation in Consciousness. All toxic reference points to freedom must remain in toxicity. You cannot take any of them into your new Consciousness.

When you drop one Awareness-of-Being, you cannot continue to hold on to it by mitigating the power of the new one by using the toxic beliefs and values that you're letting go. The new Awareness-of-Being has it own beliefs and values. Your new reference points come from the clarity that you are whole perfect, and complete.

The embodiment of new Enlightenism beliefs and values creates within you the clarity to accept that you are the creator of your unwillingness to go beyond your current limitations. And conversely, you accept that you have the power to help yourself.

When your unwillingness to change is transformed into willingness, you can no longer think of yourself as a victim or powerless. You now know that you're greater than your current Awareness-of-Being. And as a Creator, you're always greater than that which you create.

Meanwhile, all that's required of you is to trust your desire for freedom as coming from the Greater Power within you. You must be willing to use the light from this desire to guide you through the darkness of toxicity and into the freedom of Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is always your final destination. This is the Consciousness where you "accept that you have everything you will ever need for the journey."

"You Have the Power to Help Yourself"