Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Clarity to Distinguish Between Illusion and Reality

 The illusion of victimization imprisons the mind in a cycle of endless pain. We are constantly searching for answers to overcome our pain. Most of us never find the answers. We give up and accept pain as part of our culture.  

Some search within for answers. They discover we are not divinely created as victims. 

We are divinely created whole, perfect, and complete. We are created with Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is the clarity to distinguish between illusion and reality.  With clarity, we let go of past generations' beliefs. We stop relying on others to define who we are.

When we rely on others, we intrinsically distrust ourselves.   Distrust of inner-mind power is the cause of powerlessness. 

Powerlessness is victimization. Victimization is a disease of the mind. And as victims, we feel helpless to overcome the pain of never-ending powerlessness.

When we feel powerless, we lose our clarity to distinguish between illusion and reality. We perceive life from a prism of eternal darkness. 

When the darkness prevents you from overcoming pain, trust Enlightenism to guide you. Enlightenism overcomes pain with clarity. 

When the darkness disappears, the victim seeks a new sanctuary. The victim's beliefs die in the light.

Many try to keep the victim alive with victimization. Victimization is the only philosophy they know. 

There is another philosophy other than victimization. This new philosophy is Enlightenism.

Enlightenism is a philosophy of direct knowledge and clarity.  Enlightenism is a philosophy for overcoming generational illusions. 

Enlightenism is a new spiritual awareness.

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