Thursday, February 24, 2022

Defying Expectations

What do you expect in life? Success? Failure? Mediocrity? 

The purpose of Enlightenism is to heal the mind of this mindset. Enlightenism is a self-healing philosophy. It's a new way to think and live.

When we forget who we are, we devalue ourselves. When we devalue ourselves, we lower our expectations. 

With this mindset, we expect problems. We expect powerlessness.  

When we feel powerless, Enlightenism uplifts our expectations to a higher level.  We know that regardless of others' expectations, we expect greater ones. 

Enlightenism teaches you how to act with power. Impossible becomes possible.  Lack becomes self-sufficiency. Limitations become limitless. The struggle becomes freedom.

When you discover Enlightenism, your expectations change.  You know Consciousness is the greater power. 

You know Consciousness is changeable. You know Enlightenism is where you stop struggling to be you.

Enlightenism raises your expectations. Enlightenism overcomes self-imposed limitations. With Enlightenism, you stop thinking and acting like a victim. 

Enlightenism transforms powerlessness into power.  When you let go of powerlessness, Enlightenism is there for you. 

Defy your expectations and join me on the Enlightenism journey. 

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Life-Changing Tools

 We have the power to change how we think and live. The only power stopping us is our mind. 

We first must cleanse it of toxicity. We need the right tools, the right mindset, to do it. 

It seems incredulous that people cannot take care of themselves. Somehow we believe in powerlessness because it's what we're accustomed to.

There is a new philosophy of Enlightenism to free the mind of the powerless mindset.  Enlightenism is authentic unconditioned consciousness. 

Enlightenism provides a life-changing formula for treating powerless minds. If you desire to use this formula, the key ingredients are described in the book Enlightenism

1. Toxic-free Beliefs and Values.

2.  Mindful Actions.

3.  Clear Results.

4.  Toxic-free Interpretations and Judgments.

5.  Redefined Desires for Pleasure.

6.  New Awareness of Being.

The process for change begins and ends within the mind. The work focuses on:

*  Creating a new Awareness of Being. 

*  New Toxic-free Beliefs and Values.

*  Mindful Actions and Clear Results.

*  Toxic-free Interpretations of the whole, perfect, and complete.

The formula illustrates the development stages you undergo to free yourself of the powerless mindset. It is proven to work for those with the desire and willingness to overcome powerlessness.

It's also important to know you cannot change your life without first desiring it to happen. You must constantly remind yourself over and over again that Enlightenism is real. You are the only deterrence to its expression in your life.

Purchase my book Enlightenism and learn how to create a powerful mind.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Going Beyond Confusion

 I know a place free of confusion. It is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is unconditioned consciousness. 

Enlightenism is colorless, faceless, and formless. No labels identify you by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

When you doubt consciousness as the greater power, confusion appears in you. When you are confused, you distrust yourself. 

Meanwhile, you restore trust with Enlightenism.  You find it within the mind. This is also where you find clarity. 

 Clarity is the power you need to trust yourself. You need it to understand the results of your actions. 

Whenever you lack clarity, you must rely on others.  Their clarity is not yours. So, you cannot use it to create a new way to think and live. 

If you want the power to create a new person, then discover Enlightenism. It will set you free. 

When Enlightenism is present, the victim disappears. When the victim disappears, you stop asking others for equal rights.

Those who seek freedom must be willing to let go of the powerless mindset. You cannot be a victim and free at the same time. 

The victim has never known freedom. The victim's life is one of searching for it. 

The time for change cries out within you. When you hear the silent sounds, listen. Don't run toward the loud roars of victimization.  

Victimization is a disease of the mind. It's a cesspool of distrust and confusion. The cornerstone of powerlessness. 

The victim's mindset distrusts itself because it's an illusion.  It lacks clarity. 

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the best solution for healing the mind of victimization.

Purchase my book Enlightenism and learn how to go beyond confusion.