Saturday, November 19, 2022

How to Overcome Illusions

We are not divinely created as victims. We learn from others how to be victims.  We are divinely created with power.

When you accept your divine birthright, you let go of powerless beliefs. The divine truth is you are created whole, perfect, and complete. 

You have the power to express your divine purpose. You are divinely unstoppable.

When you think of yourself as unstoppable, you are unstoppable. Enlightenism makes you an unstoppable power. 

Enlightenism restores the mind to its original divinity. When the mind is cleared of toxicity, you perceive life without limitations. 

When you let go of self-imposed limitations, you accept yourself as a creator. 

When you think of yourself as a creator, you rely on a new system of thought. You release the doubts dogging you about who you are. Ones caused by a powerless mind.  

A powerless mind belongs to a victim. A victim believes in illusions. 

Illusions distort your ability to perceive yourself as the creator of pain. They represent the scope of your knowledge about powerlessness and freedom.

It takes time for the illusions to victimize you. It also takes time to free your mind of these beliefs. 

Time is an illusion. When you discover time is an illusion, you can do something about it.  

When you focus on Enlightenism, time is an ally. You have the time to change.

Enlightenism is an asset, not a liability. 

You cannot overcome illusions without mastering your time. 

You cannot free the mind without mastering time. 

You must be willing to devote the necessary time to restore your mind to its divine wholeness. When you do, you will know that you are greater than illusions. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2022

How to Overcome Generational Victimization

 When you learn how to survive with a victim’s mindset, the desire to struggle is a way of life. 

Those taught generational victimization believe the victim’s lifestyle is worthwhile.  

Generations of victims believe victimization is an honorable system of thought. One that must be preserved at all costs. They trust it absolutely and defend it against all others.

When you have the courage to let go of victimization, you discover there’s a new system of thought. 

The new system of thought is Enlightenism; the inner-mind power that’s greater than toxicity.

Enlightenism contains the desire for freedom. 

Desire is a seed that produces freedom. A freedom that is diametrically different than the one pursued by victims.

When you follow victims' methods for achieving freedom, you remain a prisoner of their generational victimization beliefs.  

It is only when you let go of victimization that you perceive freedom; one that is unknown to victims.

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