Friday, September 26, 2014

Spiritual Transmutations of Consciousness

Regardless of the current conditions in our lives, we have the power to overcome them. This invisible Powers of Mind is limitless and provides us with the clarity to envision beyond time and space.

For us to accept the existence of this power within us, we have to be willing to change how we perceive ourselves viz a viz power. We must be willing to revalue ourselves to feel worthy of having and using our Powers of Mind.

When we gain the confidence to imagine things previously unknown to us, we're able to transmute poverty to wealth, powerless to power, and religion to spiritual enlightenment. All of this is possible with a change in our beliefs and values.

This simple change in consciousness allows us to discover a new perspective to perceive ourselves and others.When we can embody a new perspective, a new awareness of power automatically flows from this perspective.

Powers of Mind is the undiscovered prehensions of fourth dimensional consciousness. It's in this consciousness that we learn to transmute power from one source to another. This sagacious illumination reveals the existence of consciousness as the fourth dimension.

Most of us struggle with the acceptance of this concept of existence. We're too deeply invested in our toxic beliefs and values  to accept another perspective, like unconditioned consciousness, as the fourth dimension.

Even though we're immersed fully in dogmatic illusions, it's important for enlightenment seekers to know that we have  power over the illusions. And we must use this power to unlearn what we have been taught by others.

This means we must understand the power our spatiotemporal perspectives have on the way we interpret our relationship with time and space. Even though we have the power to imagine a power -- for many of us it's God -- existing beyond our three dimensional world, we don't fully understand how, where or what's our actual relationship with God.

We continue to develop and accept many theories and philosophical and theological arguments to convince ourselves and others of the existence of a God, who's greater than all of us, but is unknown to us. Most of us ignore that we lack the knowledge or enlightened awareness to know or understand the existence of God. 

We continue to try and transmute ourselves to exist with God by having faith in what others have taught us.  This transmutation of religion into spirituality or vice versa fails because it lacks the awareness of the fourth dimension of Powers of Mind

Similarly, for many of us the transmutation of spirituality to religion is limited to ancient  ontological explanations of God's existence. Unfortunately, these explanations do not clearly define how, why, and where God exists.

Moreover, this reliance on others to define the existence of God only further separates us from our own existence.  This is the consciousness that limited  God's existence to Heaven. 

Many of us have forgotten that our unconditioned consciousness is actually Heaven, and that this consciousness exists in all of us. This means God exists in all of us as our unconditioned consciousness.

We have the Powers of Mind to transmute our current world into a Heaven. This consciousness doesn't come from our parents, society or from our experiences. It comes only from our unconditioned consciousness, which exists in our limitless awareness of being.

Nevertheless, if we believe God exists with limitless powers, and we were created from this power, then we must discover why we believe this power is hidden from us. This discovery process can only begin after we disrobe our dogmatic minds of its illusions.

Powers of Mind is not hidden from us. It is yet-to-be-discovered by us in the deepness of our consciousness, far beyond the powers of our current beliefs and values.  When we decide to search within our Powers of Mind, we will discover the less traveled road to enlightenment. And it's on this road that we will discover the truth about our relationship with God.

It is on the enlightenment road where we gain the power to not only transmute lead into gold, but the power to transmute our three dimensional world into a four dimensional one.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reconstruction of our Minds

Many of us cannot seem to ever escape from our beliefs and values. We are credulous victims of our parents and societal limitations.

We carry their psychological, emotional, and spiritual baggage in our efforts to navigate the heuristic methods for happiness, freedom, and spiritual fulfillment.

Whenever we get caught up in the fervor of finding happiness, freedom, and spiritual fulfillment, we imbue our minds with massive dosages of the same beliefs and values that prevented our parents and society from discovering these elusive states of mind.

The more we search for the things given to us by others, the more we discover, as they did, that the things we are searching for are illusions. They do not exist in the way we have been taught to believe they do.

Similarly, most of the things (beliefs and values) we are working hard to achieve are illusions. They are self-creations from those who desire to create a social coherence that immerses us in a perpetual cycle of searching for things to make us feel complete.

Most of us understand this human quagmire. We can rationally deduce that our beliefs and values came from our parents, society, and confirmed by our experiences. Our problem is we don't know of anything else.

The illusions prevent us from creating another perspective that excludes them. So in a certain sense, at least axiomatic, we assume that the illusions are valid or true.

This means we accept them without question and use them to create what we believe are new beliefs and values. Unfortunately, if the axioms (beliefs and values) are invalid, then so is everything that follows.

Some of us desire to stop relying or accepting as true the beliefs and values taught us by others. We have discovered the consciousness of being that is greater than what we have been taught.

Powers of Mind is the categorical awakening of consciousness that fulfills our desires for completeness. This consciousness awakening represents the new axioms for us to use in reconstructing our minds.

For us to accept Powers of Mind, we must first be willing to let go of the beliefs and values causing us to search for things outside of us. The Powers of Mind search and discovery is inward.

This search begins and ends in our unconditioned consciousness. Our unconditioned consciousness is the fail safe in us that allows for us to overcome whatever we choose.  It provides us with limitless selections to choose from. 

The Powers of Mind consciousness reminds us that we are greater than all of our actions. This means we don't have to choose to be powerless and remain blinded by the illusions defining our realities of self and others.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Powers of Mind is the Consciousness of Transcendence

The illusions we create to define ourselves come from a reality created by others. Our lives begin in the darkness of others' beliefs and values. And for most of us, they end in the same darkness.

Many of us accept whatever we have been taught about ourselves and others. We unknowingly allow others to encapsulate our minds with powerless beliefs and values. We even accept the societal labels of race, religion, gender, knowledge, status, and so forth to determine our worthiness and value as individuals.

Nevertheless, after we embody our labels, and accept them as our awareness of being, we begin to distrust our invisible unconditioned consciousness. We are unaware that this power is all we need to create a new awareness of being enlightened.

Our Guides, the others, and us, define this power according to different interpretations and modifications that have passed from one generation to the next. And unfortunately for them and us, none of us have ever seen the original, unmodified and uninterpreted original documents.  

A good illustration of this is The Scriptures of the various religions. Most of us know they have all been modified and reinterpreted by others. Yet, even with this knowledge, we accept them as factual and divinely inspired.

This willingness to trust what others teach us is responsible for our powerlessness. We devalue our own power by disowning our Powers of Mind. And by doing this, we have chosen to live in the darkness created for us by others.

Many of us know, but don't actually believe, that  Powers of Mind exists in us. We choose to rely on information that teach us that this power exists somewhere else. Unfortunately, we devalue our own transcendence by choosing  to live within the illusions of race, poverty, hatred, religion, status, and so on.

We also know that our awareness of being is transcendent. This means our lives are not limited to poverty, a ghetto, abusive parents, status, or any other wretched conditions.  We can choose at any time to transcend these conditions by embracing our Powers of Mind.

In other words, where we were born or whatever our societal label, we don't have to let this experience determine our transcendent choices. With Powers of Mind our awareness of being is transcendentally expressed in enlightenment.

When we transcend others' beliefs and values, we awaken in us the desire to be "born again" in the consciousness of Powers of Mind.

For us to become "born again" we must understand that this transcendence is not a ritualistic one. It is the transcendence of the beliefs and values we were taught by others. 

The consciousness of transcendence means our awareness of being is determined by our Powers of Mind.