Monday, October 21, 2013

Powers of Mind Transformation

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

At some point in our lives we must acknowledge that we are responsible for the way we have lived. All of our decisions from childhood to the present were made by each of us. So this makes us responsible for how we feel about ourselves now, whether we like it or not.

When we accept responsibility for our actions, we enter into a mind-awakening transformation. This is the awareness of self-enlightenment existing in our minds.

When we become aware of this great power existing in our minds, we are able to face the seemingly impossible feelings of doubt, fear, worry, struggle, and so forth causing us to depend on others for our enlightenment. In this state of consciousness, we are no longer afraid to trust ourselves.

The moment when we begin to trust our Powers of Mind or our inner-mind power is the moment we become aware of the power we have to solve all of our problems. It is also the moment when we become aware that our toxic beliefs and values are responsible for the current conditions in our lives.

Nevertheless, even with this new awareness of power, many of us are unwilling to trust our Powers of Mind (intuitive consciousness). We turn from our inner power by clinging to the toxic beliefs and values responsible for the current conditions in our lives. We do so because no one ever taught us how to challenge, doubt, and overcome our existing beliefs and values.

While we cherish the things that make us feel acceptable to others, we do so by denigrating ourselves. Our desires for acceptability cause us to live outside of our Powers of Mind.  Unfortunately, in this outside world we can only know what others have taught us.

Some of us are working on transforming our minds from depending on toxic beliefs for understanding and trusting our Powers of Mind. We are willing to let go of our dependency on toxic beliefs and values.

"I am always that person my beliefs and values say that I am."

Similarly, we become different whenever we change our beliefs and values. This change doesn't represent enlightenment. but the awareness of its existence in our minds.

We exist in the world  according to our beliefs and values.  This means we perceive ourselves and others with distortions created by our trust in them. In other words, we give greater power to things outside of us than they possess.

Meanwhile, with Powers of Mind we have the sagacity to understand that what our toxic minds define as reality are really illusions created from our minds. This awareness empowers us with the clarity to overcome the illusions.

Powers of Mind is the clarity we need to awaken our minds to perceive illusions as illusions. It confirms that reality exists only in our minds.

"I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life."

Monday, October 14, 2013

Powers of Mind Actualizes our Potentiality

 I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life.

It's mind boggling for many of us to believe that we have not yet actualized our potentiality of clarity. Unfortunately, we are still fighting with ourselves for positions of relevancy in the world.

Many of us have chosen to depend on materialism and egoism to express our potentiality. We believe that the more money we have, or the greater our status, will make us more acceptable to others as being successful. 

This mind altering illusion on success and power cause us to close our minds to other perspectives on success and power. It is from this perch of darkness that we begin to believe we are the paradigms of success and power that others should follow.

Similarly, it is from our illusions that we rationalize we must willingly accept intense pain and suffering to achieve money and power. This delusional perspective on life keeps us tied to working to please others at our own expense.

Nevertheless, when we close our minds to all other perspectives on clarity, we live in the darkness of our toxic beliefs and values. It is from within this darkness that we perceive ourselves and others according to the way others have defined them to us.

Yet it is from this darkness that we must seek and use Powers of Mind to enlighten our minds.  Powers of Mind is greater than all the illusions. It is that which has not been taught to us.

This makes Powers of Mind  greater than all the colleges and universities in the world. It is the awareness of our limitless or unconditioned consciousness to express our divine potential.

Powers of Mind is self-enlightenment or autodidact awareness. We must teach ourselves how to  free our minds of the toxic beliefs and values we have used to confuse and distort the limitless powers in our minds.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for the current conditions in my life. 

Whenever we seek clarity from our Powers of Mind, we inevitably discover responsibility and the power to create different results in our lives. This means we are forever being and becoming something according to our beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, there is a price for enlightenment; it is trust in our Powers of Mind. No person can give or teach us how to achieve enlightenment. It is something we must do for ourselves. And contrary to popular beliefs, we cannot use toxic shortcuts to achieve our goal.

So join the Powers of Mind self-enlightenment revolution by believing you're greater and more powerful than what you have been taught by others.

I am whatever I believe I am.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Powers of Mind to go Beyond the Known

I am whatever I believe I am.

We develop our minds according to the way our Guides taught us. This means we are more like our Guides than unlike them. And even if we are unaware of this immutable truth, we continue to express I am according to our toxic beliefs and values.

It's important for our mindfulness to understand that we awaken in a world of confusion and suffering. One that is always in a constant flux of searching for things to ground itself; to make its inhabitants feel like this is the only place they have ever known. And it's this feeling-at-home illusion that's responsible for the way we try to mold ourselves into acceptability.

During our lifetimes we evolve into many images of ourselves. In some of them there are beliefs and values that trick us into believing we are not dependent on others for our clarity. Yet, as we go deeper introspectively, we discover that these images are merely confirming the importance we place on our toxic beliefs and values. 

The I am in us is dormant. It is there, hidden beneath the toxic beliefs and values, awaiting our command to welcome it into our lives. This is the consciousness that knows the truth about our purpose, but it is bound by divine creation to remain dormant until it is activated by our Powers of Mind.

Meanwhile, until we do the work to reunite our consciousness as one, we will continue to feel oppressed by our toxic beliefs and values. These same toxic beliefs and values will continue tricking us into believing we are victims or powerless. 

Powers of Mind is in us to activate the limitless unconditioned consciousness within our non-toxic minds. The road is lonely. The work is arduous. The rewards are unrecognizable by our current beliefs and values.

I am whatever I believe I am.

This irrefutable truth of I am cannot be ignored.  It is present in the murderer, the thief, the preacher, the banker, the teacher and countless others who self-imposed these limitations onto themselves. While in truth, the real I am is so much greater than these limitations.

Powers of Mind is in the world to wake up our minds to discover the real I am in us. This is not something we can teach to others.

One cannot enlighten another. Each of us must make our own decisions to wake up our minds. We are responsible for using or not using the Powers of Mind in us.

Similarly, wherever we are today in our personal lives, the I am in us is also present. We are always confirming our conditions by proclaiming the illusions in our lives are real. We claim debt, sickness, pseudo-spiritual awakenings, and other illusions as our own.

Now we can wake up the mind by using our Powers of Mind. There are no reasons to identify with the illusions when we know they only exist in our toxic beliefs and values.

We were not born with toxic beliefs and values, we were taught them by others.