Thursday, March 21, 2019

Why I am not a Victim

Whenever I think of victimization, I remember a quotation from The New African American Man,        
"My name is Malcolm Kelly, aka "slave," "coon," "n....r," "darkie," "colored," "Negro," "black," and "African American." My introduction is not important nor is my name or the names given me by society. What I am attempting to do is describe, in a limited, pictorial sense, the process of development whereby one changes from a victim to an empowered person."

When I wrote The New African American Man, I was beginning to wake-up from my self-created illusion of victimization. While I didn't realize it then, my waking-up was based on having conditioned my consciousness to accept toxic interpretations of my awareness-of-being.

Nevertheless, for those in positions similar to mine, it's important to know that the desire to overcome victimization comes from years of enduring pain about who you really are without toxicity. This desire comes from the brief glimpses into the unknown regions of your consciousness where you know you're greater than your current awareness-of-being.

This is the unconditioned consciousness that's unknown to victim consciousness. It's free of thoughts of victimization and powerlessness and is only aware of being whole, perfect, and complete.

Similarly, when you have accepted yourself as a victim for all your life, then it's difficult to switch gears and accept that you're not. So before you can change, you must first determine the level of your victimization. This is accomplished by your willingness to let go of the sense-certainty defining you as a victim existing in a toxic illusion.

I am defining illusion as "Toxic beliefs and values from others that one uses to interpret himself or herself and one's relationship with the external world. A man-made world created for one to accept as reality."

Meanwhile, the illusions defining you by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education imprison you in a web of powerlessness and victimization. So when you try to free yourself from this web, you struggle with beliefs and values of   lack and limitation. Moreover, you become disoriented and question the legitimacy of your actions.

This distorted interpretation of your awareness-of-being prevents your discovery of a new toxic-free one. However, it is the discovery of the toxic-free awareness-of-being that sets you free of victimhood.

I think this quotation from the book Enlightenism clearly defines why I am not a victim.

     "It's important to understand that accessibility to Enlightenism requires a cleansed mind. You gain access to this great power by accepting yourself as a creator. This is the awareness-of-being you you achieve after you unmask toxicity, and perceive it as an illusion. You cannot enter into Enlightenism with toxic beliefs and values from your former awareness-of-being. Your new awareness-of-being contains its own beliefs and values."

Meanwhile, the freedom from victimization is achieved by creating a new awareness-of-being. This new awareness-of-being must come from a toxic-free consciousness. And to achieve a toxic-free consciousness, you must unlearn all that you have been taught by others.
   Enlightenism by Malcolm Kelly, Spiritual Freedom Philosopher

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Power of Consciousness

The greater power is your consciousness. It's colorless, faceless, and formless. It can be conditioned to express an infinite awareness-of-beings.

In my work with consciousness, I have discovered it to be whole, perfect, and complete in its unconditioned natural state.  On the other hand, I discovered that, in its conditioned state, it's victimized by lack, limitation, and struggle.

Whenever you muster the will and courage to explore how your consciousness works, you will discover that you must work alone. This is initially difficult to accept, because of your dependency on others to tell you what to do.

Nevertheless, after working alone for awhile with your consciousness and creating a bond of trust with it,  you will clearly understand why you're the only one qualified to do the work.  You're the only one that know your fears, doubts, and the depth of the victimization you're working to overcome.

Similarly, it is from this work that you achieve the clarity to understand the causal relationship between  consciousness and your awareness-of-being. You now understand your current awareness-of-being is the source of your problems.

This clarity illumines you to understand that all actions begin and end within your awareness-of-being. Moreover, you also understand your current awareness-of-being was conditioned  with beliefs and values from parents and society.

In other words, your parents, acting as Society's surrogates, taught you to trust and accept they knew what was best for you. And without you realizing it, they were training you to become dependent on the trustworthiness of their teachings as well as others in responsible positions in society.

Fortunately, there is a formula you can use to overcome what they taught you. It's an  Enlightenism formula that has the power to recondition your consciousness.

You can use this formula  to cleanse the consciousness of the illusions distorting your awareness-of-being. The Enlightenism formula  is effective in transmuting powerlessness into power. And with daily use, it reconditions the consciousness to detach itself from all toxic beliefs and values.

The cornerstone of the formula is expressed in four freedoms.
1. The Freedom to Create.
2. The Freedom to Embody.
3. The Freedom of Acceptance.
4. The Freedom of Discipline and Action.

These four freedoms cleanse the consciousness and illumine it with the clarity to envision a toxic-free awareness-of-being. In other words, it provides the power of imagination to create a new, toxic-free, person.

Meanwhile, all that's required of you to recondition your consciousness is a clear, clarified, desire to understand the origins of your current awareness-of-being. It is from this single desire that you begin the process to unlearn and free your consciousness from its dependency on others.
                 "Enlightenism" by "Brother Malcolm" Kelly, Author and Spiritual Freedom Philosopher