Saturday, May 1, 2021

Enrich your Life with Enlightenism

 "I am Greater than the I that I created"

"Set your thoughts on the Vision and think of nothing else.  Relax your consciousness to accept that you were born colorless, faceless, and formless.  Accept that you are the Greater Power and when your vision is manifested into the world, it will be the new you the world sees."

We have the power to change our beliefs and values. The power to change comes from Unconditioned Consciousness.   

Similarly, when we believe in Consciousness as the greater power, we understand that this is all the power we need to enrich our lives.  This is the mindset we need to create a new beliefs and values system to change how we think and live. 

Meanwhile, the time to change is now. It's not next week or month. It happens when we become fed-up with living illusory lifestyles devoid of clarity and reality. 

We cannot depend on others to enrich our lives with a toxic system of thought. Enlightenism is the pure, authentic, and clear reality of individual power and transformation. This is our birthright.

On the road to Empowerment and Enlightenism, we discover how to search within Consciousness for the power and clarity to overcome powerlessness and helplessness.  And when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems, we use this power to overcome them. 

We can always enrich our lives with power and clarity as long as we accept ourselves as the Greater Power. When we believe others control our enrichment, we must seek succor from them. Unfortunately, this action only moves us further away from our wholeness.    

The goal here is to overcome the current conditions in our lives by embodying a new system of thought. This new system frees our minds of victim proclivities. We can then accept that we are whole, perfect, and complete. 

"Enlightenism and Empowerment are the power and clarity to create a "New Way to Think and Live."

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