Monday, June 7, 2021

The Enlightenism Revolution

 "I am greater than the I that I created."

When you have moments of doubts about your power, it's time to answer the ever-present question: "Who are you aware of being?" The Enlightenism answer is always the same that I am whole, perfect, and complete. 

Today, some in our society are experiencing a revolution of the mind. We choose to not remain silent victims of victimization. We have discovered the inner-mind power of Enlightenism. This is all the power we need to free ourselves of victim beliefs and values.

It's time to evict victim consciousness from our minds.  We have been renting space to this system of thought for all of our lives.  It occupies too much space in our minds.

The Enlightenism revolution is a new system of thought that empowers the mind to locate, identify, and remove victim consciousness.  This highly innovative system goes beyond the game of toxic disenfranchisement and leads us into the realm of Enlightenism.

 Enlightenism is available for those overwhelmed with intense pain, but don't know where to look for solutions. The place to look is within your mind. It is there where you have the power to help yourself. It is in your mind where the insights from the great book "Enlightenism" will overflow your mind with clarity and power.

"One of the primary misinterpretations about how to change your life is believing that it takes too long, and you don't have enough time and power.  When the desire is strong enough and the commitment firm, then you always have enough time and power.

"To take the first step to change your life, you must first believe you can do it. The belief in yourself confirms that you have the time and power to overcome the conditions in your life.  

"It's important to remember that time is a relative term used to place you in a niche of complacency and mediocrity.  Your life is only time-based because of your beliefs and values on permanence and your desire for security.

"When you are creating a new person from Enlightenism consciousness, then the time has no power over you.  It doesn't matter how old you are today or what type of condition you are in, you are still alive, which means you can change your awareness-of-being."   "Enlightenism: 21st Century Solutions for Overcoming Pain"

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