Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tearing Down the Walls of Victimization

"Before Victimization, we have the power not to be a Victim"

Many victims don't believe we have the power to overcome victimization during our lifetime. This willingness to accept ourselves as victims -- whose only source of power is to complain about how we're treated by others -- can no longer be the model or excuse for the way we think and live.

We have the power to create a new way to think and live a victim-free life. This new way is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the unconditioned Consciousness we can use to restore our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're whole, perfect, and complete. And with this power, we can change our current Consciousness by using toxic-free beliefs and values.

Those who feel the realness of pain and suffering, and seek relief by complaining about it,  can now stop complaining and change the one thing we can change, which is our Consciousness.  Consciousness is changeable, and we are the only ones who can  change it. However, the changes must occur within our Consciousness, not by fighting with others to change their beliefs and values.

Some are using the Enlightenism philosophy to tear down the walls of victimization and restore their Consciousness to its wholeness. When we restore our Consciousness to its natural, organic state, we  reclaim dominion over our Awareness-of-Being.

When we embrace and accept Enlightenism as unconditioned Consciousness, we can then accept  ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. This is the Awareness-of-Being where we don't have to fix anything, because we already possess that which we seek in people, places, and things,

The light from Enlightenism shines brightly on the illusory beliefs and values encapsulating our Awareness-of-Being to believe we're victims living in a  dungeon of pain and suffering. This light reveals that our dungeon is an illusion that's overwhelming us with intense fears and doubts about our power to overcome it.

Even though victimization is an illusion, we're too afraid to go beneath the illusion and discover this for ourselves. This is why many accept the death sentence of victimization imposed on us by others.

We have been taught by others to believe the illusory walls shield us from the  unimaginable pain and suffering that comes from freedom. So, we believe it's to our advantage to remain a victim. As a victim, we can  continue to seek freedom from others and believe we cannot achieve it on our own. In other words, we're willing to suffer rather than free ourselves.

Victims of toxicity lack the clarity  to free themselves from the sense-certainty that victimization is caused by what's outside, rather than what's inside. We are the victims, but we believe others are responsible for our victimization.

We have tricked ourselves into believing that others are responsible for our victimization. They forced their beliefs and values on us. Unfortunately, we did use others' beliefs and values to become victims, however, this does not prevent us from unlearning what we were taught.

Similarly, when we accept that we conditioned our Consciousness by using others' beliefs and values, we understand that we're personally responsible for overcoming our own victimization. Our Awareness-of-Being is the source of our pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we can overcome our pain and suffering by creating a new Awareness-of-Being that's free of dependency on others' beliefs and values. This new Awareness-of-Being is created with beliefs and values from the unconditioned Consciousness existing within us as whole, perfect, and complete.

When the walls of victimization come down, we stop living a nomadic life of searching for freedom within the darkness of victimization. Our  search for freedom ends with the clarity to understand that Consciousness is our freedom. Consciousness is all the power we need to overcome victimization and create a new way to think and live.

Meanwhile, with Enlightenism, we have the clarity and power to understand victimization as an illusion created from toxic beliefs and values. This means we have the power to change our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we're always greater than victimization.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Going Beneath our Problems

"Before Victimization, we have the power not to be a Victim"

We have the solution for the problem of victimization. Regardless of the intensity or magnitude of our problems, the solution begins with understanding the problem. Where did it come from? Who created it? Who's responsible for solving it?

The answers to these questions must be answered by those with the problems. And contrary to what we have been taught in toxicity about group-thinking victimization, our problems are personal and unique to our Awareness-of-Being.

Most problems are just misinterpretations about our power to create and solve our own problems.  Unfortunately, our misinterpretations about who we really are determine how we respond to our problems.

The transformation from misinterpretations about who we really are begins with changing our Consciousness. When we accept that Consciousness is changeable, we can then change the beliefs and values that created it.

Enlightenism is unconditioned Consciousness existing within us as whole, perfect, and complete. This Consciousness is who we really are without toxic beliefs and values. It is also the Consciousness we use to create a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being: One where we're greater than our problems.

Similarly, with Enlightenism as our guide, we can go beneath our problems and discover that we actually created them.  Our desires for people, places, and things are responsible for our deep-seated beliefs of victimization and powerlessness.

When we go beneath our problems to the place where  the victim is hiding, we understand that the victim is an illusion. This illusion of victimization exists because of the sense-certainty we have about the power of toxic beliefs and values, and our own powerlessness.

Nevertheless, when we go within our Consciousness to the realm that's free of victimization,  the place where we're colorless, faceless, and formless, and to the place of extraordinary fecundity and blissfulness, we arrive at a place where there are no problems, only solutions. This is Enlightenism.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

A Legacy of Freedom

"Before victimization, there is the freedom not to be a victim"

A life without pain and suffering is one of freedom. Those who desire freedom must be willing to do the work of cleansing our minds to achieve the clarity to know that freedom is found in our Consciousness, not in our toxic achievements.

During the Enlightenism era, we know how to change our consciousness and change our life. This phenomenon comes from our understanding that Consciousness is changeable.

It's not as difficult as it might seem to change our Consciousness. We can change our Consciousness by a burning, unrelenting, desire to understand our Awareness-of-Being.

We must have a strong determination and unwavering commitment to unlearn what others taught us about the sense-certainty of remaining powerless in a self-created illusion. The prevailing notion among those victimized by our beliefs and values is that we cannot transcend what others taught us.

Unfortunately, we accepted the sense-certainty of toxicity and resigned ourselves to living in a dungeon shackled by chains of powerlessness and victimization. While living this way all of our lives, we began to believe and accept this lifestyle as the best we can ever hope for ourselves. And  even more debilitating to our power of freedom is accepting that we lack the power to ever free ourselves from the vicissitudes of pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we can now use Enlightenism to free ourselves from the toxic misinterpretations responsible for our pain and suffering.  The Enlightenism philosophy of "A New Way to Think and Live'" is sending powerful shock waves throughout toxicity. Those who desire to remove the chains of toxicity and embrace freedom are feeling this philosophy resonating within them as insights of freedom.

The Enlightenism philosophy of freedom is the light we need to go beneath the pain and suffering and understand what's really happening to us. Regardless of our reluctance to face the pain and suffering, we must do so if we desire to  discover the causes of these beliefs and values.

In other words, we are required to go deep into our Consciousness to discover and transcend the frightening causes we're too afraid and unwilling to accept responsibility for creating. Yet that which we fear within us is the freedom we are seeking from others.  

Similarly, our desire and willingness  to let go of victim legacies of pain and suffering will lead us to the place within us where we can understand and accept that we must free ourselves from these legacies. This means we must create a new toxic-free legacy ourselves.  It must come from a Consciousness that accepts itself as whole, perfect, and complete.

Our new legacy of freedom is created by our acceptance of the power of transcendence. When we accept our power to transcend what we have been taught, we can also accept our power to condition our Consciousness with new beliefs and values.

When we accept our power of transcendence as Unconditioned Consciousness, we can no longer accept a lifestyle of victimization that's built on lack, limitation, and struggle.  This new perspective of a more powerful Awareness-of-Being is the foundation for our Legacy of Freedom.

Meanwhile, this new legacy of freedom will provide us with the power and clarity to pass on to others. This great power is individualized. We must each discover it for ourselves.  Then, and only then, can we accept that we already have the freedom we're searching for in toxicity.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life." "A New Way to Think and Live."

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A New Way to Think and Live for Oppressed People

Enlightenism is a 21st century philosophy that defines Consciousness as the Greater Power. We define Unconditioned Consciousness as the Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete. This is all the power and clarity we need to overcome toxic beliefs and values.

The Enlightenism philosophy addresses the unique suffering of African-Americans and others oppressed by embodying toxic beliefs and values. While this philosophy focuses on the unique suffering of African-Americans, it also is effective in overcoming the pain in others lives as well.

The work of unlearning what others taught us is universal. This means it applies to everyone, It also means that we cannot unlearn as long as we believe in the sense-certainty of toxic beliefs and values.

Similarly, when we deny that the Greater Power is Consciousness, we cannot discover a new perspective to free us from dependency on others for our clarity. The Enlightenism philosophy is the new perspective that sheds light on a new way to think and live a life free of self-condemnation and suffering.

There's nothing more important to African-American people than understanding through Enlightenism that we can overcome the pain and suffering caused by our allegiance to toxic beliefs and values. When we accept we're greater than our self-imposed suffering, we will have discovered  the causal relationship between our actions and the Consciousness responsible for them.

 When we understand that suffering is an interpretation made by the suffer, we can now focus on changing the suffer. This illumination means that events and actions are not in and of themselves responsible for our suffering. Our suffering comes from a conditioned Consciousness that accepts suffering as a natural or divine way of living.

We can, nevertheless, choose not to suffer. We can choose to recondition our Awareness-of-Being to accept that we are greater than our toxic interpretations of pain and suffering.

The Enlightenism philosophy is one that frees the mind to accept that we are the one responsible for the interpretations describing our actions as pain. These interpretations are responsible for our self-victimization and powerlessness. In other words, what we think of ourselves determine our power to overcome what we think of ourselves.

The Enlightenism philosophy is a new way to think and live, and the clarity to cleanse our Consciousness of self-condemnation interpretations of victimization and powerlessness. This philosophy is a paradigm shift in Consciousness that transforms our interpretations to become one with a new, toxic-free Awareness-of-Being.

We can change our Awareness-of-Being to accept that Consciousness is the Greater Power. This power is both unchangeable and changeable. We can remain prisoners of toxicity and never change or we can change our Consciousness and free ourselves from this toxic illusion.

"Change our Consciousness and we change our interpretations of the power we possess"

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Enlightenism Era

"Change your Consciousness, change your Life."  "I am greater than the I that I created"

Now that all our resolutions have been made, we can add to this list by declaring that  we have the opportunity to wake-up and free ourselves from toxicity. This awakening requires some serious work on our part. It begins with understanding why we have remain imprisoned for so long in a man-made illusion.

When we desire to go beyond our self-imposed  limitations, we discover another way to think of ourselves. This new way is the Enlightenism way: A new way to think and live.

For millions of African-Americans and other oppressed people, we can uplift and expand our Consciousness to discover how to reconnect with our Unconditioned Consciousness. This is the Consciousness where we find limitless power to overcome the sense-certainty we have about what others taught us.

Enlightenism is a holistic philosophy that was created for this time period to address the uniqueness of our pain. It addresses the pain created from embodying toxic beliefs and values, and then believing they accurately described our oppression and victimization.

Enlightenism is the light and clarity that goes beneath our pain so we can  see what's really happening to us.  When we desire to understand  what's really beneath our pain, we begin the process of understanding we created our feelings of victimization by using toxic beliefs and values to create our Awareness-of-Being.

The Enlightenism era is a sanctuary for oppressed people to understand the importance of Consciousness and how it affects how we think and live. The loud voices crying, praying, and pleading for change can now find it within the stillness of our Consciousness.

Many yearn for freedom, power, and spiritual completeness, but until now had no idea where to find it. This is our time to discover it for ourselves. This means we have the power to refrain from self-victimization and accept that by changing our Consciousness, we can change our lives.

For those who are unaware of this life-changing  Enlightenism philosophy, it's important to understand that it focuses on achieving  individual power and clarity. This means that each of us are required to make a paradigm shift in our Consciousness to free ourselves from our toxic selves.

Freedom in the Enlightenism era is Consciousness. We focus less on what others are doing to run the world, and more on what we are doing to free ourselves from dependency on their beliefs and values.

Similarly, we understand and accept that Enlightenism has always been available to us. It exists within  our organic Awareness-of-Being whole, perfect, and complete.

We are born with this Consciousness. Unfortunately, we trusted our Guides -- parents and society -- to teach us how to live in a toxic illusion without clarity and power. Enlightenism frees us from this illusion and provides us with clarity to reconnect with our authentic Awareness-of-Being.

Meanwhile, we are the vanguard of Enlightenism  sharing insights from our journey into the deeper realms of our Consciousness.

"Change your Consciousness, change your Life"