Saturday, May 2, 2020

Accept Yourself as a Creator

"You Have the Power to Help Yourself"

There is no greater power in the world than unconditioned Consciousness. This Consciousness in its natural state is whole, perfect, and complete. It exists within you to provide you with the power to overcome whatever conditions you face in the world.

Regardless of the magnitude and duration of the current pain in your life, as well as the confusion and doubt, you have the power to overcome these conditions. You can do this by creating a new perspective of yourself with the power to do what you desire to do.

You can change your perspective by using insights from Enlightenism. Enlightenism is a holistic philosophy that uses insights from  unconditioned Consciousness. These insights  create a paradigm shift in your conditioned Consciousness.  You're enlightened with the power and clarity to create a "A New Way to Think and Live." 

Similarly, Enlightnism becomes your power of transcendence. This is the light that guides you on your journey to restore wholeness to your Awareness-of-Being. It's your Awareness-of-Being that determines not only what you think of yourself, but the actions that confirmed what you think of yourself.

When you create a powerless Awareness-of-Being, you limit your power to overcome what others taught  you about who you are, and your ability to change yourself. In other words, you victimize yourself by embodying toxic interpretations defining  you by race, color, gender, age, religion, education, and status.

Nevertheless, if you desire to overcome these labels, then you must discover a Greater Power than the one you're currently using to victimize yourself with these beliefs and values. In your present state of being, this might seem impossible, but it's not. You can easily accomplish this transformation with the Enlightenism formula.

The Enlightenism formula provides those victimized by toxic beliefs and values with the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live." This also means creating a new Awareness-of-Being.

The Enlightenism formula on how to create a new Awareness-of-Being is clearly described in the book "Enlightnism." You can clearly discover why you believe you're powerless, but you also discover how to overcome powerless perceptions of yourself. If you're willing to use the formula to change your life, then the formula is available for your use.

When you decide it's time for you to change, you will find the formula useful in assisting you with making the change. It provides you with  the power and clarity to cleanse your mind of toxic beliefs and values so you can accept yourself as a Creator.

In other words, you accept that you are the beginning and end of all that happens in your life. This means if you believe you're powerless, then your Awareness-of-Being will accept it and express powerlessness in all your actions. On the other hand, if you believe you're a Creator who is whole, perfect, and complete, then your Awareness-of-Being will express actions consistent with its master and creator.

The purpose of Enlightenism is to overcome the sense-certainty that you were born powerless and must remain this way all of your life. This power shines light for you to see that your current Awareness-of-Being is the one victimized by powerless beliefs and values. And this is where you must focus your work.

Meanwhile, you have the power to help yourself. You can help yourself by changing what you think of yourself and the power you give to others. You can reclaim your power with Enlightenism. And all that's required of you is a strong, unrelenting desire to restore wholeness to your Awareness-of-Being.

"You Have the Power to Help Yourself"

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