Saturday, February 1, 2020

A Legacy of Freedom

"Before victimization, there is the freedom not to be a victim"

A life without pain and suffering is one of freedom. Those who desire freedom must be willing to do the work of cleansing our minds to achieve the clarity to know that freedom is found in our Consciousness, not in our toxic achievements.

During the Enlightenism era, we know how to change our consciousness and change our life. This phenomenon comes from our understanding that Consciousness is changeable.

It's not as difficult as it might seem to change our Consciousness. We can change our Consciousness by a burning, unrelenting, desire to understand our Awareness-of-Being.

We must have a strong determination and unwavering commitment to unlearn what others taught us about the sense-certainty of remaining powerless in a self-created illusion. The prevailing notion among those victimized by our beliefs and values is that we cannot transcend what others taught us.

Unfortunately, we accepted the sense-certainty of toxicity and resigned ourselves to living in a dungeon shackled by chains of powerlessness and victimization. While living this way all of our lives, we began to believe and accept this lifestyle as the best we can ever hope for ourselves. And  even more debilitating to our power of freedom is accepting that we lack the power to ever free ourselves from the vicissitudes of pain and suffering.

Nevertheless, we can now use Enlightenism to free ourselves from the toxic misinterpretations responsible for our pain and suffering.  The Enlightenism philosophy of "A New Way to Think and Live'" is sending powerful shock waves throughout toxicity. Those who desire to remove the chains of toxicity and embrace freedom are feeling this philosophy resonating within them as insights of freedom.

The Enlightenism philosophy of freedom is the light we need to go beneath the pain and suffering and understand what's really happening to us. Regardless of our reluctance to face the pain and suffering, we must do so if we desire to  discover the causes of these beliefs and values.

In other words, we are required to go deep into our Consciousness to discover and transcend the frightening causes we're too afraid and unwilling to accept responsibility for creating. Yet that which we fear within us is the freedom we are seeking from others.  

Similarly, our desire and willingness  to let go of victim legacies of pain and suffering will lead us to the place within us where we can understand and accept that we must free ourselves from these legacies. This means we must create a new toxic-free legacy ourselves.  It must come from a Consciousness that accepts itself as whole, perfect, and complete.

Our new legacy of freedom is created by our acceptance of the power of transcendence. When we accept our power to transcend what we have been taught, we can also accept our power to condition our Consciousness with new beliefs and values.

When we accept our power of transcendence as Unconditioned Consciousness, we can no longer accept a lifestyle of victimization that's built on lack, limitation, and struggle.  This new perspective of a more powerful Awareness-of-Being is the foundation for our Legacy of Freedom.

Meanwhile, this new legacy of freedom will provide us with the power and clarity to pass on to others. This great power is individualized. We must each discover it for ourselves.  Then, and only then, can we accept that we already have the freedom we're searching for in toxicity.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life." "A New Way to Think and Live."

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