Saturday, June 6, 2020

Toxicity is an Existential Threat to Your Power

"Enlightenism is "A New Way to Think and Live"

There are many days when you doubt that you'll ever overcome your problems. These are your powerless days, the ones when you feel the intense challenges of changing your life.

Nevertheless,  if you're willing to face your doubts and the challenges to your power, you will perceive these moments as opportunities to discover the power to create "A New Way to Think and Live."  This power is discovered in a sacred place within you where victim feelings don't exist. It's a sacred place reserved for those willing to accept Enlightenism as the Greater Power.

Enlightenism empowers your mind to create "A New Way to Think and Live."  This new philosophy is the system of thought that provides the clarity for you to know you're powerless because you believe in the sense-certainty of toxicity. Toxicity is a system of thought that empowers others to keep you dependent on their beliefs and values.

Toxicity is the cause of victimization. It limits the scope of your mind to imagine something other than what's available to you in society.  This limitation to imagine something greater than that which you are currently using is the cause of your dependency on toxicity.

Similarly, as a victim of toxicity, when you visualize something you think is new, it's actually something others are already using. This means the concepts of economics, religion, race, civil rights and so on, are systems of thought that you can modify, but not eliminate.

Enlightenism, on the other hand, is the power to eliminate  toxic concepts that victimize your mind to believe you cannot overcome what others taught you. Enlightenism overcomes this victim-thinking paradigm by providing you with the clarity and power to overcome toxic interpretations that limit your mind to conceptualizing toxic images of yourself.

When you desire freedom from toxicity, you must first change your proclivities to seek  solace in a self-imposed sanctuary in your mind that sustains victimhood. This sanctuary is the system of thought reserved for ideas that promote victimization as a virtue. These ideas are used to justify your struggles to perceive life from the prism of one fighting to change others rather than yourself.

Similarly, when you understand and accept there are no painful and doubtful days in Enlightenism, you can refrain from retreating into a victim system of thought permeating your mind with toxic beliefs and values. This is the work required of you if you desire to expand your mind to imagine and  visualize yourself existing without toxic systems of thought.

Meanwhile, when you remove the threat of toxicity from your mind, you can replace it with a new system of thought that is whole, perfect, and complete. You can use this clean, clear, and usable philosophy to create "A New Way to Think and Live." This is Enlightenism.

"You have the Power to help yourself with Enlightenism"

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