Thursday, November 2, 2017

Freedom of Mind

"I am greater than the I that I created."

There are times in our lives when we want to give up. These are the doubtful times. The ones when we cannot seem to overcome difficult problems.

Nevertheless, it is during the difficult and challenging times that we get glimpses  of a place where we're free. This place is in another realm of awareness within our minds. And if we're willing to trust ourselves, this is where our strong and clear desires for freedom  will guide us.

Whenever we feel powerless, it comes from  distrust in our power to overcome the conditions in our lives. This distrust in the Greater Power creates dependency on others for solving our problems..

Many of us desire freedom from the social and spiritual emasculation endured for years by accepting toxicity as the Greater Power. Although we have tried all our lives to free ourselves from the pain and suffering in toxicity, we haven't found the answers to our powerlessness.

Similarly, the more we search for answers within toxicity, the more miserable we feel accepting that there isn't a way out of this self-created nightmare. We tell ourselves over and over again that we have enlightened our minds and awakened to the truth, only to discover that our minds are playing tricks with us.

The illusions in toxicity are constantly changing their appearances and duping us into believing they are what they appear to be. We can never fully grasp their purpose, or where they come from, because we're too busy accepting everything as the truth.

Meanwhile, after years of struggling to free ourselves from the illusions, some of us discovered that our freedom already exists within our minds. And if we are willing to let go of our dependency on toxicity to define the  truth, we can create a new truth.

We discovered this new truth as Enlightenism:: The unconditioned consciousness within us that's greater than the illusions. We also confirmed and accepted that everything -- beliefs and values -- begins and ends within us.

Enlightenism provides us with the clarity to understand that the Greater Power exists in the acceptance of ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete. It is from this awareness-of-being that we free ourselves by perceiving ourselves from a colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being.

"The victimized mind is unable to free itself from the effects of toxicity (powerlessness). To overcome victim beliefs and values, you must first overcome the beliefs and values that cause you to think you are a victim and live a victim's lifestyle. This means that everyone living in a neighborhood must first empower (enlighten) their minds to think and live beyond the self-imposed victim beliefs of lack, limitation, and struggle, It also means that one person can begin this process of enlightenment . That one person's actions will have an immediate impact on his or her family members, which will have an impact on those who interact with each of the family members.

"While all change begins with an individual, changes takes on a greater meaning and significance when it involves other people, particularly other people who seek to change the way they think and live. The whole purpose of changing your life is for you to interact with others with an enlightened mind."                                                          ---Seeds From the Ashes

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Enlightenism is the Greater Power

"I am greater than the I that I created."

Do you believe there is a Greater Power in you? If you do, then what is this power? How do you discover this power and use it to overcome the conditions in your life?

The answers to all of these questions must come from our own discovery of this power. Our self-discovery work begins first with a strong and clear desire to wake-up and free ourselves from toxicity. 

Our desire to wake-up and search within ourselves for a Greater Power ultimately gives us  the clarity to understand our origins in toxicity.  And with this clarity, we can clearly perceive toxicity as a human-made illusion. 

It is from our desires to attain a greater power, one greater than the one we're using in toxicity, that we can understand our participation in our own pain and suffering. This clarity is sufficient for us to relinquish our resistance to accept personal responsibility for the conditions in our lives. 

After we accept and understand our responsibility for the actions that produced these conditions and problems, we can now begin our work in consciousness to free ourselves for our self-created prison. .

Moreover, even before we can reach the point in our lives where we can acknowledge personal responsibility for our problems, it's important for us to understand that we already possess the Greater Power of Enlightensm: This Greater Power exists within us as unconditioned consciousness. It is our awareness of being whole, perfect, and complete.

The Greater Power of Enlightenism frees us from toxicity and our dependency on the interpretations of others for our clarity. This is our clarity to perceive ourselves beyond societal distortions defining us according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, education, and status. 

Similarly, Enlightenism is not a person or being outside of us, nor one that comes from toxic beliefs and values within us. This awareness-of-being is who we are without our faith and trust in the beliefs and values from others.

The path to Enlightenism runs through our minds.  And while we may not know where to find this path, we must accept that we are the ones who will create it. In other words, we create our own way out of toxicity based on our acceptance of the Greater Power within us.

     "It is common practice among people who have lived powerless lifestyles to seek approval from others. If you are working on a project, you want your supervisor or colleagues to compliment you for your work. In those instances when you don't receive their compliments, you probably feel like they don't appreciate your hard work.

    "On this Enlightenism journey, you must move beyond the need for others When you remove the thoughts you have about success and failure, you automatically overcome the need to seek acceptance or approval from others.
                                                                ---- Seeds From the Ashes

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Power to Overcome Victim Beliefs and Values

"I am Greater Than the I that I Created"

Whenever we are unwilling to accept the Greater Power within us, then we continue to seek it from outside sources. And as long as we do, we will continue to depend on others to interpret the meaning of life for us.

We enter into  victimization by accepting and depending on others, who define us according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education. This misinformation becomes the cornerstone of creating a life dominated by toxic beliefs and values.

During the development of our awareness-of-being (the toxic self), we dim our minds with toxicity and are no longer able to distinguish the differences between inside and outside power. We have now imprisoned ourselves in a self-created prison of illusions where nothing is what it seems.

It is in this toxic environment that we learn to give power to others while devaluing ourselves into a state of powerlessness. While in this darken intellectual dungeon, time and space become our enemies, and we have little of both.

Many of us have learned  to live in this cesspool of toxicity, and claim it as our awareness-of-being. We have created different cultures, religions, intellectual institutions, and so forth to try and escape from our self-imprisonment in toxicity. Unfortunately, most of us have adapted to this way of life.

Nevertheless, we continue inexorably on our journey, armed with blurred toxic visions, searching for power and clarity. We cannot let go of the illusions telling us that the Greater Power  is outside

I am reminded of the powerful prose from the great book on Enlightenism,"Seeds From the Ashes." I continue to embrace and find solace in the powerful insights from this book, which inspires us to awaken and accept the Greater Power with us:

         "The vision to change how you think and live is available to anyone who perceives himself or herself  as weak, powerless, and a victim. Unfortunately, many individuals don't recognize they are victims until they reach very low points of emotional pain and suffering.

        "When you hit the emotional bottom of your life, you are ready to change. This feeling might last for only a few hours or days, so it's important to take action immediately to overcome the problems causing you the pain and suffering. This means you must search for the not-so-obvious-methods--those that exist within you--to change the way you think and live."                                                                                            ---Seeds From the Ashes

Whenever we reach a low point in our lives, a point where we feel powerless, this is the time for us  to believe and trust that the Greater Power is within us. It is the time for us to discard our toxic beliefs and values, and accept that Enlightenism is the Greater Power.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Other Way to the Greater Power

Have you ever asked yourself if there is another way to achieve Greater Power other than the one you're currently using?

Some of us have discovered that the way to Greater Power is found in our consciousness. It is our consciousness that determines our awareness-of-being, which also determines  our powers.

Our work begins with cleansing our minds of toxicity, and freeing ourselves from depending on others for power. The cleansing of our minds means detaching ourselves from the beliefs and values defining us by race, color, gender, age, religion, status, and education.

When our desires for freedom from toxicity become more intense than our willingness to remain powerless, we can create the intuitive space to search within our consciousness for the solutions to our problems. The solutions to all of our problems come from the creator of the problems, which is our awareness-of-being such and such a person,

The Greater Power is Enlightenism, which exists within us as unconditioned consciousness. This is the consciousness where we can perceive ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

It is from this awareness-of-being that we conceive ourselves from the perspective of being colorless, faceless, and formless. This is our original authentic awareness-of-being before our Guides -- parents and society -- taught us their beliefs and values.

Similarly, since consciousness can be conditioned to accept whatever beliefs and values we receive from others, it can also condition itself to accept the ones created by Enlightenism.  In other words, we can condition our consciousness to accept ourselves as someone that's born outside of toxicity.

Many of us are unable to distinguish between what we have been taught and that which we are capable of teaching ourselves. This interpretation of our awareness-of-being means we have accepted the toxic beliefs and values as our own creations.

Nevertheless, we claim the toxic distortions from others' beliefs and values as our own because, in most instances, this is the only awareness-of-being available to us. We create and embody an illusion that others know what's best for us. This bond of trust is never broken until we decide to stop trusting others as the source of our Greater Power.

In the meantime, when we accept responsibility for the conditioning of our  minds, we're able to search for and discover the Greater Power to be within us. When we can understand that we have access to the Greater Power, we can no longer search for it in others.

When we decide to wake-up and discover the Greater Power within us, we then know that there  is another way out of toxicity. The way out of toxicity is Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the Greater Power that awakens us to not only accept responsibility for the conditions in our lives, but to know that we can use this power to overcome them.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cleansing Our Minds of Toxic Beliefs and Values


Regardless of the road you're traveling on today, all roads lead back to you. So it doesn't matter what you're doing with your life, at some point, you will have to deal with the results from your actions today.

We have been taught by others to condition our minds to exist in a realm of self-distrust. In this realm of consciousness, we are unaware of our power to think independently.

This distorted identification of who we are, creates a computer-like atmosphere in our minds. We believe our minds are similar to computer programs. It's from this state of awareness that we produce the kernel (mind-frame) to build our lives.

Many of us don't recognize the kernel part of our mind: the foundation that we condition our minds with the toxic beliefs and values from others. Frequently, we're unaware of the tools (beliefs and values) that we're using to create our current awareness-of-being.

During the different stages of conditioning our minds (software) to satisfy our kernel consciousness, we forget the origins of the kernel. This causes us to focus on identifying and repairing the viruses disrupting our software, rather than creating a new system.

Many of us are so busy repairing the damage to our toxic operating system that we're completely unaware that we need a new system: A new kernel that's greater than the one we're currently using to enlighten our minds to the greater power within.

Some of us are now reconditioning our minds with Enlightenism, which is a more efficient and powerful operating system.  Enlightenism is the new kernel that operates from the awareness-of-being whole, perfect, and complete. It is from this awareness-of-being that we're conditioning our minds to express the greater power of Enlightenism.

Most of us never change our operating system, because we're unaware of where to locate the kernel that's responsible for our beliefs and values. We work to get virus-protection from the societal programs created from our race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education. These are the programs we are most concerned with protecting from the light illuminating our minds with Enlightenism. .

Whenever we understand that our toxic mind-operating-system is responsible for the pain and suffering in our lives, then we're able to search for a new system of beliefs and values to operate our lives. This is the moment we give-up on toxicity as an effective operating system, and cleanse our minds of it, and install a new system of Enlightenism.  In other words, this mind-cleansing process is  similar to the way one  erases all the data on a computer and install a new system..

After the data is gone, we have a new system, a new kernel with new software programs (beliefs & values) to operate our life. This means our new system will be virus-free of the toxicity we used to define ourselves according to our race, color, gender, religion, age, status, and education.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Power to Create our own Mind

Consciousness precedes spirituality, which produces this: "I am Greater than the I that I created."

During moments of great doubt, and feelings of intense powerlessness, we are in the best position  to change. Whenever we reach the low moments in our lives, the ones where we seek the greater power, this is when we're willing to listen to our thoughts.

Most of our problems are created from our unwillingness to listen to or trust our inner-mind powers. The realness of our problems overwhelm us to believe our problems created themselves. We trick ourselves into believing that we didn't create our own problems, and then give them power over us,

Similarly, during moments of great doubts, we understand how vulnerable we are to the powers of toxicity. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with the toxic beliefs and values from others as our guide.

Regardless of how much pain we're in, we always return to the rational-thinking beliefs and values for assistance. Whether we're confronted with mountainous debts, failing health, unemployment, spousal problems, and so on, we have no other perspective on power except what we have been taught.

We can do something about this type of toxic behavior. We can embrace our inner-mind power of Enlightenism and discover a new perspective on power.

Meanwhile, before we are able to claim this great power, we must first cleanse our minds of the toxic beliefs and values causing us to feel powerless to our creations. Our beliefs and values are the barriers blocking our clarity to perceive ourselves from the perspective of being whole, perfect, and complete.

Nevertheless, when we stop fighting to defend our complacency, we're better equipped to understand that our inner-mind is consciousness. Our consciousness contains within it the colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being, which empowers us with the greater power to overcome our problems.

Enlightenism is unconditioned consciousness. It is the faceless, formless, and colorless consciousness of clarity. This clarity shines light on the darkness imprisoning our minds in an illusion of intense pain and suffering.

The light from Enlightenism continues to shine brightly with each step we take on the Enlightenism road. And it is on this road where we wake-up and accept that the greater power is within our minds.

Whenever we can see life clearly, our journey in  Enlightenism takes on a new meaning of power. Our interactions with others change. This means we stop worshipping others and understand they are sharing information because of having travelled further on the Enlightenism road.

These enlightened travelers are in our lives to offer us insights, encouragement, and to reinforce our commitment to accepting ourselves as whole, perfect, and complete.

"Whenever you hear someone say something about inner-mind power, do you really understand what it means or what it feels like beyond the sound of the words? The search for inner power is a continuous process that involves you working to overcome the problems in your life. This involvement requires you to go beyond the meaningless words and learn how to embody the greatness within you.

"One way to begin this process is to free your mind to communicate with your higher consciousness (Enlightenism). This method of communicating will allow you to ascribe voices and attributes  to your thoughts. You can illustrate this practice by creating a dialogue between your lower self (victim consciousness) and your higher self (Enlightenism) or your Sage).
                                                                                                --- Seeds From the Ashes

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Powers of the Mind

"I am greater than the I that I created."  "Everything begins and ends with me."

When we reach the point in our lives where we  accept ourselves as  whole, perfect, and complete, we will have found the clarity to free our minds of toxicity. This is the level of awareness where the greater power of Enlightenism exists. .

Unfortunately, the Enlightenism awareness-of-being is elusive for many of us. We live our entire lives in the darkness of toxicity, never able to achieve clarity  Our fate is predetermined by our willingness to accept what others teach us as being the only clarity possible for our use.

Similarly, the vast powers within our mind remain dormant in a state of secrecy and detachment.  And unbeknownst to us, the only way for us to ever partake of this great power within us is to release our attachment to others' beliefs and values.

Regardless to what we think of our power, it's always greater than the conditions in our lives. We remain the creators of the thoughts and actions that produce the conditions. So our creative powers are always greater than whatever we create.

Unfortunately, we frequently forget how our actions -- small and large -- create mosaic expressions of our seemingly unique actions functioning as separate entities completely disconnected from the ultimate results of lack, limitation, and struggle.

Nevertheless, whether we can accept it or not, we are the creators of the pleasant  and unpleasant conditions in our lives. Some of which appear in the forms of a nightmare.

 Even though we find it difficult to accept that we created our own nightmares, unfortunately that's what we did and continue to do whenever we're depending on toxicity to free us from toxicity.

Many of us cannot wake-up from our nightmares so we continue to live in a cycle of brief moments of inspiration that's followed by longer moments of feeling trapped in the pain of an unrelenting nightmare, which we cannot seem to wake-up from on our own.

Whenever we believe we're in a nightmare, imprisoned in a hopeless situation, we must remember that it's just an illusion. This means it's something we can change with our powers of mind.

Some of us have discovered a way to wake-up. We have found that the power to wake-up exists outside of the beliefs and values causing to have nightmares.

Meanwhile, whenever we feel dissatisfied with our lives, this is the time for us to reflect on the causes for how we feel. I recall a powerful and poignant expression from the book, "Seeds From the Ashes," that I believe will enhance the clarity of the words here:
  • "The victimized mind is unable to free itself from the effects of powerlessness. To overcome victim beliefs, you must first overcome the beliefs that cause you to think you are a victim and live a victim's lifestyle. This means that everyone living in a neighborhood must first empower (enlighten) their minds to think and live beyond the self-imposed victim beliefs of lack, limitation, and struggle. It also means that one person can begin this process of empowerment (enlightenment).That one person's actions will have an immediate impact on his or her family members, which will have an impact on those who interact with each of the family members."   --- "Seeds From the Ashes"

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I am the Master of my Mind

Many of us suffer from the victimization-powerless syndrome  We don't believe we are victims or powerless because we don't fit the societal profile.

Nevertheless, whenever we feel powerless, we seek power from wherever we can find it. During these temporal moments of despair, we frequently seek relief from the many spiritual references available to us.

When we do turn to our spiritual teachings for power, we do so by admitting to ourselves that we don't possess the requisite power to solve our own problems. This means the greater power we seek is beyond our awareness-of-being and outside of our mastery.

The moment we desire changes in our lives is the moment we acknowledge, whether we're aware of it or not, the need to access a greater power. Unfortunately our judgments on the conditions of our lives come from the illusory inculcation of toxicity that are responsible for our judgments.

When we feel inadequate, we desire to correct our inadequacies by using a model of societal normalcy to guide us in our work. During each step or action we evaluate our progress to ensure we are becoming the person that resembles the model-person we are working to become. 

Similarly, during the stressful and painful periods in our lives there are moments when I remember the powerful insights from the book, "Seeds from the Ashes."

"The self-doubts in your life today represent all the things -- beliefs about yourself and your position in the world -- that you have acquired up to this point in your life. The measure of your success and failure in life is manifested within your thoughts about where you are today. If you don't like what you have produced in life, you have the power to change your life by producing something different. If you do like what you have produced in life, then you may not have an intense desire to make a commitment to change your life."
Some of us have discovered a new way to think of power. We accept that we are the masters of our minds and that all power flows from our awareness-of-being a master. We are aware that nothing happens in our lives without our participation; either active or passive, known or unknown.

We have discovered within us the greatest power of all: EnlightenismEnlightenism is the awareness-of-being itself in a colorless, faceless, and formless existence. It is this existence where we claim our rightful place in the world as masters of our minds.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Power of Enlightenism

Most of you haven't heard of Enlightenism. You probably believe it's the same as what you've heard about enlightenment or what it means to become fully awaken.

There are some of us --  those who have discovered consciousness as the ultimate power --  who are sharing a different meaning of Enlightenism. We are the forerunners for propagating  this powerful new holistic philosophy that redefines consciousness as the greater power within you. 

Many of us have never been taught to think of inner-mind power outside the context of societal  power. We were taught to believe that power can only exist within us in the manner that others have defined it for us.

Similarly, these illusory beliefs and values have retarded our inner-mind growth and rendered us dependent on others for our clarity and power. We conditioned our minds with toxic beliefs and values, which caused us to be afraid  to question others.  This reticence stopped us from beginning the self-discovery work necessary for us to understand the development of our minds.

Nevertheless, the starting point for changing our lives begins first with our understanding  the development of our minds. This understanding is crucial for our accepting that we were born into a toxic world created from the minds of others.

When we begin our self-discovery work, we must approach this work with a intense commitment to not shy away from the truth. This truth is represented by our beliefs and values. What we see and hear is the truth about  our awareness-of-being. Unfortunately, our current awareness of being limits our power to discover the truth outside of toxicity.

Meanwhile, Enlightenism is the essence of the universal truth that enlightens you to know that consciousness is the truth without toxic distortions from your beliefs and values. This is the level of clarity where you're able to see yourself as whole, perfect, and complete.

This powerful awareness-of-being confirms that you are consciousness. It also imbues you with clarity to see yourself with the power to change the way you think and live.

For many of us power is always expressed in our actions to achieve our goals. So as we strive to achieve a greater, deeper understanding of the power within us, I am constantly reminded of something I wrote several years ago in "The Road to Empowerment":

         "It's a strange feeling knowing that you have to do something for yourself
when you have  reached the crossroads between success and failure; a
place (awareness) of inaction. It's a place where your ideas are your enemies
because they express your present state of awareness. So If you are presently
in pain, despair and poverty, then your ideas of change will also contain images
of these beliefs. This will, undoubtedly, cause you to become afraid of yourself
and unsure of which road to  take. That's the way I felt the day I began to change
and look inward for my power."  ----The Road to Empowerment

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reconditioning Our Mind With a New Power

Regardless of what we do, all roads lead back to us. We are the beginning and ending of everything that happens in our lives.

When we transform what we think of ourselves, then we transform our lives.. The conditioned self, the one we created from toxicity, perceives itself as powerless and then perceives others from a powerless perspective.

Nevertheless, we have the power to recondition our minds. We have within us the unconditioned consciousness of Enlightenism. Enlightenism is the colorless, faceless, and formless awareness-of-being all the power we need to be "born again" into a new person.

Similarly,the struggle to accept ourselves as powerless, and to live in a permanent state of struggling for survival, prevents us from searching for an alternative power within ourselves. When we redefine power to be within our awareness-of-being, we give up our fruitless search for power in toxicity.

For us to redefine inner-mind power to reflect a new way to think of individual power, we first must discover that the power we're using  from the teachings of others is the cause of our powerlessness. This self-awareness of being that's based on our beliefs and values is the starting point to begin working to free ourselves from toxicity.

Some of us have discovered that the path to suffering and struggling begins with our acceptance of toxic beliefs and values. We found our awareness-of-being to be a social construction of a toxic self that's totally dependent upon others for our power.

During moments of intense pain and suffering, we try to escape from our feelings by placing our attention on a greater power that's outside of us. This power that we believe exists outside of us is an illusory web of complex distortions.

Most of us have faith in what we have been taught by others. We are so enamored by our faith in toxicity that we forget it's nothing more than human make-believe. Nevertheless, we believe toxicity is the source of our faith in a higher power.

Whenever we think of a greater power than ourselves, we think of it being outside of us. We believe this because that's the way our parents and society taught us.

Many of us find it difficult to accept that what we have been taught by others is actually responsible  for our powerlessness. So we continue to depend on our teachers to teach us how to free ourselves from life's struggles for a power that's greater than the one we're currently using.

Unfortunately, this information doesn't exist in toxicity. This means we must discover a new perspective, and a new alternative to toxicity, for our power. .

"Enlightenism is the greatest power that will ever be known to us."