Saturday, March 7, 2020

How to use Enlightenism to Overcome Coronavirus Fears

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs and values, many feel our faith is being tested by the coronavirus. It seems that each day we're slipping away from long-held beliefs about God, faith, and divine protection, and falling into the depths of cowardice, panic, worry and fear.

The never-ending news reports predicting the spread of the coronavirus are causing us to believe in the inevitability of our becoming its next victim. So now we're waiting and hoping for the news report that says, "There's no need to worry, we have everything under control."

For many, we're wondering why we're afraid in the first place. Somewhere, deep within us, some now feel spiritually exposed for abandoning their faith in God and placing in it medicine to protect them from unknown calamities.

Nevertheless, at least we now know that our faith in medicine is greater than our  faith in God. .  This awareness of ourselves confirms the work we must do to restore our wholeness.

Perhaps we have always been playing with ourselves when it comes to our faith in God or divine power. There's a thin demarcation  between faith and rational responses to our fears about  pernicious viruses.

It's important to understand that the distinctions between the two are nothing more than interpretations. The interpretations are based on what others taught us about the power of faith and medicine to protect us from calamities.

Most have already concluded that we obviously don't have the faith to move a mountain. That's why we have resigned ourselves to create things to move it for us.

Nevertheless, there's a new way to think of faith rather than the one others taught us. This new way is Enlightenism:  a 21st philosophy based on  "A new way to Think and Live."

When we accept Enlightenism Consciousness as the Greater Power, we reclaim our power of having been born whole, perfect, and complete. And it's within this Consciousness that we discover how to free ourselves from sense-certainty.

Enlightenism exists as unconditioned Consciousness that's available if we choose to discover it for ourselves. This power specifically addresses the unique suffering of the one who discovers it.

Enlightenism provides the powerless with the power of : Imagination, Embodiment, Acceptance and Action. These are the tools, when woven together, that provide us with the clarity and power to overcome calamities and protect us from infectious illusory beliefs and values.

Meanwhile, by using the Enlightenism formula, we can let go of our fears of the unknown calamities and accept ourselves as the Greater Power and say: "I am Greater than the I that I created." In other words, before science and medicine, there is Consciousness. And when they no longer exist, there will still be Consciousness.

"Change your Consciousness, Change your Life"

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